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  1. Evening, Is there an easy way to find out if Sunterra/Diamond Resorts were licensed to advise on finance products. Been looking on internet for some time and do not seem to able to see anything. This does date back to 2006. The last order allowed me 21 days to amend my defence after they submitted the documents. Shall I leave it be, or should I amend to include them being out of time for filing the documents? Colin
  2. Good morning, Do you think that now the documents have been filed I have a case to defend or is it just a case of negotiating with the claimant solicitors? C
  3. It was a personal loan arranged by the Timeshare company for the purchase of timeshare points.
  4. Really sorry makes sense now. This was a Timeshare sold by Sunterra who are now Diamond Resorts.
  5. I am sorry I am probably being really thick Post 40? and WS Stage I assume is witness stage?
  6. Hi, Yes this was for time share that was signed in Tenerife for points which we no longer owned as the Management Fees became far to much.
  7. Afternoon, I contacted the Court today who said that they were a little behind with the work but checked to confirm if a Claimant had indeed sent in a reply to the defence. did find it, but said that it had been received today i.e. 5/7/18. (Date they had to respond by was 4/7/18 at 4.00pm). I did advise that I had not received anything and even so, they had received this out of time. They did say that the Judge would probably allow them to continue. When I got home I indeed had received the reply which is clearly marked on the envelope as posting on the 4th July 201
  8. Afternoon, Received a General Form of Judgement or Order on the 11th June 2018 It says IT IS ORDERED that:- 1. Claimant do by 4.00 PM 4 July 2018 file and serve a reply to the defence. 2. The Defendant may within 21 days of service file and send a copy to the Claimants his amended defence if any. 3. Upon compliance refer to any District Judge for Directions I have not received anything from the claimant so assume that have no documentation. Do I now await to hear from the Court? Colin
  9. Morning, Just had the Mediation and of course this has failed as Howard Cohen confirmed that they have not as yet received a copy of the Agreement. The mediator did say that she would have a stern word with them that as yet they have no evidence that a debt does exist. This has now been passed back to the Courts and I assume that due to my defence that the Judge will not put them to strict proof? Back to a waiting game I assume.
  10. Received this from Small Claims Mediation Service. Now I have not had a reply what so Ever in relation to CCA and CPR 31:14. So advice would be really helpful on what I should be saying. "I thought it would simple be they have not provided the evidence requested but in order for Mediation to go ahead there needs to be some flexibility on both parties? The above parties have all filed a Directions Questionnaire (N180) and have all requested mediation. Provisional Appointment Time & Date The small claims mediation team can offer a one hour telephone mediation appointment-
  11. Evening, Received Letter from Howard Cohen & Co Solicitors Enclosing by way of service a copy of the Claimant's N180 Direction Questionnaire and we confirm that the same has been filed at the Court. Please note that we have asked for Small Claims Mediation telephone appointment and our client will consider any reasonable proposals to discharge the sums claimed in this matter. I am sending my copy of the N180 on Monday recorded delivery along the lines suggested. Date to be received by is the 26th March 2018 I have not received anything in relation to the requests i.e.
  12. Just received this morning a notice from the Court, can you let me know what if anything I should be doing "Notice of Proposed Allocation to the Small Claims Track" "Important Notice - If you do not comply with this notice the court will make such an order as appears to be appropriate. This could include striking out the claim or entering judgement." Take Notice that: 1. This is now a defended claim. The defendant has filed a defence 2. It appears that this case is suitable for allocation to the small claims track. If you believe that this s not appropriate track for th
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