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  1. Crikey, four years ago I joined, that is when I would of put my claims in, time flies!!
  2. I have ten different creditors on my credit file, all now closed. Two years or so ago I SAR them all and reclaimed charges on the accounts that had them. I have since destroyed all that paper work as I thought it was no longer relevent and I wanted the space back:-) Anyway, I do recall paying PPI on at least a few of them, but thought nothing of it at the time. So rather than spend £100 sending off SARs again, is it worth sending a letter to them all, along the lines of "Please refund any and all PPI payments I have ever made to your company etc" Thoughts:???:
  3. ....remove my details? I was arrested two years ago for "suspicion of assault" had an interview and my finger prints and DNA taken. Now that was the first time I had ever been arrested and I wasn't even in the same town when the assault on some poor guy happened, an officer came round and told me no action could/would/will be taken against me and I asked if my details would now be deleted as I was innocent, she said no they will stay on there for life. Is this right, can I have them cleared, I dont want a marker on my file that claims i may have assaulted someone, nor do I want the government to hold my very personal details. Anyone got any thoughts on this.
  4. I have just read this.. Bailiffs get power to use force on debtors - Times Online Does this mean my account with HSBC credit card, which I dispute due to them not having a CCA, can now break into my house?
  5. I accept that it is common but i have all the letters booklets that were sent to me at the time and no where does it say they will do this, i paid a lump sum for ten months insurance, thats it. Anyway i did phone them to say i did ring to say i didnt want to renew the policy and they are now claiming there is no phone call recorded. So what do i do now? send a section 10 notice and invite legal action? thanks
  6. Ok i will get onto them tomorrow about that then but are they even allowed to try take money out of my account (the account was closed) and renew my policy without my say so?
  7. I took out 10 months insurance with Admiral last year and paid in full over the internet, this cover finished about 1 month ago, i phoned them and said i dont want to renew. A few days later i receive a letter saying you do not need to to any thing as we have your bank details and it will be direct debited ( I have never set up a direct debit with them! ) from my account, i thought this must of been in error and may have over lapped with my phone call so just left it. A further letter was sent saying that the policy has been cancelled and i now owe £63 (i didnt take a policy out with them, i used another company) Today i recieve a letter from C.A.R.S (creditlink account recovery solutions) saying i now owe £83 and if i do not pay it, Admiral will default me for that amount. Could anyone advise me what i should do as this is just totally rediculus, i pay in full for things these days so i dont get defaults and such like and these are now trying to default me for a policy i didnt want nor need. Thanks
  8. I too recieved one of these cards today, i took it to my local Police station to make a formal statement for harassment, the Police will be in touch with me shortly, i was told! Great stuff!
  9. Experian - Some of my account information is wrong. How do I get it changed? Experian - Who owns credit account information? Experian - How often is credit account information updated? How often is credit account information updated?
  10. Same happened to me, as above you have to repay them, i offered £5 a month which they accepted.
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