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  1. Hi, The £4 a day fees are overdraft fees, and are considered claimable, as for your business bundle I would think that the consumer bundle that is available on this site would be sufficent once you remove any references to UTTCR, that is how I understand it I hope someone else can confirm ?
  2. Congratulations, hope you enjoyed your Beamish and burger !
  3. Hi, thanks for replying. I did not recieve an AQ, I got a notice that it was being dispensed with when my case was transfered from the MCOL site, I also got a copy of the banks standard defense at this time.
  4. Hi Scuzziemoo, Yes let`s hope the honourable gentleman is feeling fine on Wednesday As I understand it we are not required or to attend on the day, is that correct? Anyone ... The information recieved from the court says "IT IS ORDERED THAT the claim is stayed untill 27 June to be referred to District Judge Dudley in paperwork on 27 June" Hope someone can advise
  5. Hi, I have worked out what charges are what on my business account but am not dealing with business at the moment want to get personal account sorted first. I got a breakdown of my business accounts total charges from my local branch.
  6. Hi Celicaman The Judge not DG ordered the stay, I think there is quite a few bank charge cases set to be heard the same time, I meant in previous post that I had read other nudge letters that mentioned DG had requested the stay but that does not seem to be the case for me, also I am not sure if I am even expected to turn up on my date as the court order just says "IT IS ORDERED THAT the claim is stayed untill 27 June to be referred to District Judge Dudley in paperwork on 27 June" All I have sent DG is the breakdown of charges and interest after the mcol was served.
  7. Anyone have advice on my previous post pleaseeeee I was thinking of sending this nudge tomorrow. Dear DG Sols As you are aware District Judge Dudley of Southend County Court has ordered for this matter to be referred until 27th June 2007 I am contacting you again in an attempt to open a serious and sincere dialogue with yourselves to get this matter resolved before wasting any more of the court`s and our time. I would be willing to accept £1750.00 as full and final settlement on this matter, I am sure Judge Dudley will approve of us settling before the hearing. Should you wish to pay the money direct into my account, I will notify the courts the matter is closed. I have again included a schedule of charges for your attention.
  8. Time for a long overdue update, all this is regarding my personal account. I sent DG and MCOL a breakdown of charges after the claim was served. DG defended the claim at the last minute and I recieved notice that the case was being transfered to my local court and that an allocation questionaire has been dispensed with. A few days ago I got this order from my local court "Before DISTRICT JUDGE DUDLEY sitting at Southend County Court Upon the courts own initiative IT IS ORDERED THAT the claim is stayed untill 27 June to be referred to District dge Dudley in paperwork on 27 June " I have not sent DG anything apart from the breakdown of charges when claim was served, I added the bit about "discussing overdraft with themselves and the judge in that letter tho. Any advise on what action to take next ? have had a good look around and seen the threads about getting a stay removed becaude DG have requested it but my letter makes no mention of that, just what I have typed above. Am i expected at court on 27th June ??
  9. Yes, the £4 a day OD fee is claimable, in my case the rest are not as they relate to "legit" non claimable charges such as a £3 a month account fee and charges for paying in/out cash cheques and DD
  10. Hi, The overdraft portion of your total charges are claimable, none of the other bits are as far as I know.
  11. I done exactly the same, I phoned the court within a few hours and they stopped the claim and sent me a cheque for £120, I think you have to be fairly quick to get the refund, like before it is served.
  12. With Regards to business acounts only Total Charges as they appear on statements are a combination of overdraft fees and non claimable account activity fees. I got mine after visiting my local branch, they hold the information on their systems and are able to print off copies, tell them that you want a breakdown of the different items that make up the total charges. Edit: Just read your reply, very nice seems like you have things sorted
  13. Finally recieved breakdown of total charges for business accounts so now I can proceed with them Filed MCOL for personal account today with 8% court interest, am I right in thinking that I can now hold out for the extra 8% if HSBC offer to settle ?
  14. Total Charges Saga continues... Visited my local branch end of last week to explain that I had been sent the wrong information last week, they sent an internal mail (which i photocopied) stating that I want breakdown of business account total charges NOT more statements, guess what arrived today ? MORE STATEMENTS !! Went into bank to ask why they are witholding this information with me and I informed them I had made every effort to get this breakdown of charges and that I believed they were purposely witholding the information, it had been 30 days since my original request and I had copies of all communication, end resullt was the mysterious total charge breakdowns appeared on their screens, am returning in the morning as they are supposed to make copies for me by then. Time for MCOL on the personal tomorrow also so gonna be a busy day, oh what fun
  15. Recieved a letter re my personal account from Mr Langdale saying they are looking into it ... yeah right, I resent the lba after adding overdraft interest charges (thanks Vampiress), 14 days till I can file the MCOL... I am having a hard time of getting the breakdown of "total charges" from hsbc for my business account, they sent me copies of statements as I thought they would despite me making it abundantly clear I only wanted the summary of charges breakdown, I have made several attempts to get this info off them, anyone had any luck getting the breakdown off hsbc ?
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