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  1. can I ask for judgment to be set aside since I was made bankrupt and released from any dept last October and make them reaply in just my wife's name as that is where the dept now is. We don't want to spend lots of many, the plan will be for my wife to also apply for bankruptcy, be we cant even find the money for that at the moment, so you cant claim all the fees for that.
  2. We have just received an Application notice for our mortgage company to enforce a judgement. This is in my name and my wife's name. In 2009 the property was repossessed and upon selling the property, there was a shortfall of £27k I was since declared bankrupt on Oct 2010, now discharged, so the dept should no longer have anything to do with me. They have also asked for the application to be dealt with without a hearing. In reality, we have nothing for them to take, we now rent and my wife doesn't work, but we would like to avoid people turning up on the door, especially if they think they can take my stuff too. is there anything we can do before the hearing, ie get them to have a hearing, or send in a proof of no income? Also, are they allowed to peruse this court judgement with my name on it, given that they (MAS) know of my bankruptcy? Thanks in advanced
  3. Thanks guys, not going to make my millions that way then lol
  4. Hi All I have discovered a few old saving account books which never got closed. They only have a few quid in them, but thought I might as well take them in and close them. Does anyone know what you are entitled to in interest on them. I can just see them saying it's only worth the figure in the book, so wanted to go armed with my own figures. Cheers
  5. Thanks, we hadn't though of that and looking at the form, there is a whole host of questions relating to that, so I'm guessing you are right Cheers
  6. Hi We are currently facing eviction from our mortgage company. They got a judgment over 14 months ago and we had agreed to pay an extra £100 on top of the normal payments. We have now fallen behind again and we just can't keep up the payments. We have tried the mortgage rescue scheme, as advised by CAB, but they can't help, as with this and the secured loan, plus the drop in house prices, there is not enough to cover it. We did have an eviction date for last week, but we went to court to have it suspended whilst we look at mortgage rescue and have to go back on 13th May 2010. We are hoping to get a second delay to give us time to find accomodation, if not, I guess we will have 28 days from then to get out. All this we accept, but here's my what I am trying to sort. We have had a an offer to buy the house form someone we know, he has the cash and looks at it as a long term investment. He then wants to rent it back to us, which helps us as we can get housing benifit, so we will be rent free until we get back on our feet. An identical property, 3 doors down, is on the market for £130,000. The Mortgage rescue scheme told us they would value it at £115,000. An estate agent, different to the one for sale, said they would put ours on at £130,000 The first mortgage is £119,000 owning and the secured loan is £10,000. If I wanted to, can I sell the property whilst they are trying to get it repossesed and can I sell it for £115,000 or even £110,000 if someone offered me that? I understand it will leave a shortfall dept, but I need to know if I can do it or would the morgage companies be able to stop me as it's less? Hope someone can help Cheers WT
  7. I would guess at "HSBC", but if you have Internet banking, just go online and look through the statements. they go back exactly 6 years and show all the charges. that's all you will get any way and it's a lot quicker. Worked for me
  8. :o Just had a statement through from HSBC and noticed the Bank Charges have changed. instead of Charges for going overdrawn, there is now an "Arrangement Fee" If you go overdrawn on more than one occasion, they treat it as "An informal overdraft request". If they make the payment then they apply the "Arrangement Fee", if not, then they charge a "Fee for considering the request" Sounds like they are being sneeky as you can't claim back arrangement fees!!! Is that right?
  9. We sent a LBA on 14 March, so they have their 14 days, so asume we don't need to do that again, just reject and claim online as I'm doing with my HSBC account
  10. My wife has had the same from HSBC, but her claim is a lot lower and the difference is only £120 less. Is it worth claiming? (orig claim £475) Also, they are outside of the notice we gave them, so in our reply letter, would we give a further 7 or 14 days or state we are starting a claim now? Thanks
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