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  1. Thanks for the replys. I don't think they would be able to get a debt consolidation loan due to their age and my main question is how will they continue to pay it once they retire (my mum needs to retire asap- health reasons mainly and my dads income would not be enough). Same with any sort of debt management plan- if they were younger this would of course be a good solution but their income will drop when my mum manages to retire so how would they afford it? They are not trying to get out of paying it and they do not lead by any means an extravagent lifestyle (shared car over 12 years old, no holidays) so I just can't work out where they could cut back any more. Just can't find a solution.
  2. I am not sure if I am posting this in the right place. I am trying to get some advice on behalf of my parents- they are 64 years old and dad works full time as self employed tradesman and mum works 30 hours a wk in office. They have around £20, 000 of debt (mostly credit cards) which has been run up gradually over the years mostly to help run dads business. They have relied on credit cards for years and at the moment pay out £900 to try reduce the debt. They own their own house (approx value £160, 000?)and have paid off mortgage. Their gross income is about 18,000.( Estimated). Most of the credit is on low interest or 0% cards but the lenders will be increasing this soon I think (balance transfer deals running out etc). They are really struggling to pay this amount each month and my mum in particular wants to retire asap and is finding it very stressful (they work for the sole purpose of paying off debt). My dad works till 6pm 6 days a wk and often has to work sunday afternoons. Are they entitled to any help with this debt? Don't think IVA would work (due to you having to be in full time employment for 5 years, meaning they would be 70) plus they couldn't go bankrupt (due to owning house). I have suggested they sell the house but it needs so much work and they can't afford the time or money to do it up at the moment so they would have to sell at a big loss and obviously another place to live would cost a lot. If they contacted the creditors, is there any way they would reduce the debt if they explained their circumstances? They did try get some advice but all the debt agencys they contacted were charging a massive fee which they couldn't afford! Please if anyone has advice could they reply. Thanks for reading
  3. no they havn't send a default notice yet but keep threatening me with it. what is a default notice? I just want to know how to get them to accept my £5 per wk but they will not!
  4. I applied online, probably 2 or 3 years ago- quickly ran up debt and now can't afford to pay it back. I am currently job hunting and my partner had his hours cut so really we are quite skint at the moment. This CCA request I don't understand? Because I took out the credit card so arn't they entitled to chase me for the money? Sorry I am quite new to this. Thanks
  5. Hi, thanks for reading. I have a credit card (now cut up lol) with citi card and I owe them about £1200. I am in arrears and my minimum payment for this months statement is now £300. I cannot afford to pay more than £5 per week. I have had a 3 month payment plan with them last year (which meant the interest on the account was frozen) which worked well and brought my account under £1000 but as soon as the agreement ended the interest piled on and I found myself struggling just to pay the minimum. They say because I have had a payment plan before I am not entitled to setting up another. But I can't pay more than £5 per week so don't know what to do. The debt is just getting higher and higher. Please help!
  6. Fredrickson International are hounding me for £500 I owed to capital one. I cannot afford to pay more than £5 per week but they keep trying to push the amount higher and won't accept this. I have found myelf avoiding their calls (about 4 a day lol) and they seem to be getting more aggressive. Can someone help me on what to say to them? They dont seem to believe me that I cannot afford more than £5 per wk ( I also have other debts etc to pay and my partner had had hours reduced). Thanks
  7. epth99

    smile address

    Please could someone give me smiles address where I send my LBA? I have lost my original prelim. thanks
  8. Yeh I know, I will have to contact them and tell them its a mistake. What would happen if i didn't contact them and they realised their mistake? Would they just take it straight back out of my account?
  9. I accepted a refund of my bank charges from natwest (about £3000) 2 months ago (this was for the charges alone not for the interest) after I had started mcol. After accepting this offer I didn't cancel the court case, I was going to- just forgot about it really. Anyway this morning I got another letter for cobbets with a cheque for £3600 (which is the amount plus interest). What should I do? Obviously there has been an error on their part as they are paying me twice by accident. What should I do? Because obv I had hoped to get the interest back at first but I dont want to pay the cheque in the bank and get into trouble for not telling them. Any advice?
  10. hi, just to say the money has come through now so this thread needs changing to the success board- dont know how to do it! thanks for everyones advice, will make a donation. good luck to everyone still claiming x
  11. apparently 6 years is the most you should try claim back for, so from 2001. but i am not sure if u can claim further back than that
  12. hi, I posted my acceptance letter on 10th april but with it I enclosed a letter saying I wanted the £120 that I had paid for mcol. On sat (14th april) I got a letter back saying 'the offer was in full and final settlement' (ie not giving in over the £120). So I rung up and said that I would accept the amount without the £120 (just cos I desperately need the money now) but the girl just said she would look into it. So does anyone have an email address I could use so I could email and find out what was going on? Or should I ring again? thanks
  13. hi, following the post above, just wondered if anyone could answer please? thanks
  14. hi, following my posts above, i am sending a dpa non compliance letter by recorded delivery. can anyone give me the address i should send it to just to make sure it is going to the correct place? thanks a lot
  15. hi, just wondered if anyone who has claimed from natwest if they could tell me, how long it took between accepting natwests offer and it being paid into their bank account? have accepted offer but am waiting for it to be paid in. thanks
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