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  1. This is what has supposed to happen but they put the APR up by about 5-6%!!!!! The print is so small I think they thought we wouldn't notice and im sure legally they cant do that. The sly dogs!!
  2. Hi all, my partner recently signed a contract with welcome for a hire purchase car. They sold us insurance which we have just asked them to remove as we don't want it. When my partner signed the credit agreement the APR was 27.8% Now the new agreement they sent him to sign without insurance the APR is 34.5% I have told them that he is not signing until they revert back to the previous APR agreed. Can they lagally make us pay the newly calculated (based on what I don't know) APR?? ANY ADVICE WOULD BE GREAT AS I NEED TO KNOW OUR RIGHTS ASAP!!! many thanks caroline
  3. I really hope someone can help me as im desparate for some sound advice on dealing with welcome finance. I really don't know where to start. 3 weeks my partner signed a contract with welcome to buy a car from an independant dealer. A week later, they said that the paperwork was not complete and we had not signed certain documents that we should have at the dealers premises so they emailed them to us to sign. A week later they "claimed" they had sent the money to the dealer. Suprise suprise nothing showed up. After numerous phone calls from my partner and the dealer they said that today they definately sent the money and it should be received by wednesday. Now I just don't know what to do because after reading several reports of them being complete dodgy people half of me wants to end the contract before it becomes a horror story for us. We were also sold insurance that we were told we had to have- of course legally we don't have to take that insurance- how do we get them to take it off our balance as it was miss-sold?? Im not quite sure where we stand, but I know legally that the contract HAS to be signed at the dealers premises with witnesses or it is void. I have emails to prove that about half of the contract was signed by my partner at home after they emailed it to us. I REALLY REALLY NEED SOME ADVICE! We really need this car and we have no other means of buying one, but the company are terrible so i just don't know what to do! caroline
  4. Hi, Im in a real pickle!! My ex and I got into a lot of debt. When we parted I went to a debt consolidation company and am now making regular payments to clear my balances. My ex did not and is not paying any of his debts. We had a joint account and a joint loan- after a year- we decided to change the type of loan we had- the new loan agreement was only signed and by and addressed to my husband, there was no mention of my name on the loan. Now I am getting several phonecalls a week saying that I am also liable for the loan as it was a joint account??!! Im 4 weeks away from having a baby and it's causing me so much stress!! HSBC have been useless and can provide me with no answers- I just don't know what to do!!?? Am I really liable to pay the debt?? Any advice would be great as im desperate to know where I stand with this. many thanks caroline
  5. I WON!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it!! Checked my balance today and all charges have been refunded!!!! Goodluck mate I know that if youre not celebrating today-you definately will be next week!!!! caroline x
  6. OOOHHH, let me know how you get on as my deadline is tomorrow and a warrant will be obtained for me on monday!!! caroline:D p.s keeping fingers crossed for you!!!;-)
  7. Hope they do the same for me!! Their deadline is 25th may (this friday) do you think they'll pay up? I rang the collections dept and someone told me that if 25th is the date of the deadline then the money will be in my account on friday. Not sure if he was trying to fob me off or not? caroline
  8. The company drew up the N1 forms, Im not sure if they would have solicitors representing me, they have never mentioned solicitors. caroline
  9. Yes I did sign the N1 FORMS and I will pay the fee for the help the company has given me as for various reasons, i just couldn't do it on my own. But the thing that worries me is that the company would have represented me in court if it got that far-but wouldn't that be illegal to do so? Im a bit confused? caroline
  10. Im a bit worried now as a company is charging 25% to do all my paperwork concerning my claim. I haven't had any problems with them but now i am worried. Iv'e just got an order of judgement accepted by the courts so they haven't mentioned that the company cant act on my behalf or anything but does this mean that they are breaking the law?? Further more, where does it leave me in regards to paying them?? caroline
  11. GOOD NEWS!!!! MisterTbone got his money from lloyds using a Bailiff!!!! I think he might be in lloyds successes now caroline
  12. It's just my luck, things like this always happen to me- just as im about to get my hands on the money that is rightfully mine, the chance is taken away. I just cant believe it, I hope lloyds victory is a one off!!
  13. Luckily, I never have. I just hope that soon the banks won't be able to get away with time wasting and robbing people blind! caroline
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