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  1. Well, I did consider thinking about not doing it and saying I wasn't happy with their terms and conditions but actually, I just wanted my money back and they're going to give it to me. Part of me wishes I could tell them to shove their clauses but the other part is telling me that with the money I can pay back the loan I have with them! That'll be wonderful, paying off the loan with their money - well, the money they took off me! Thank you for all your help and support, I'm so grateful for it. Ah well, the review will be the same as normal, Lloyds telling me they can give me this that and the other and then telling me that they can't because I have bad credit! Hehe, should be amusing! I'VE WON! I think I better put this in the successes, but I might wait until the money is in my account!
  2. Um. I think I might have won. Got a letter from the lovely Sechiari, Clark and Mitchell this morning telling me that they are going to pay up the full £2686, plus interest and court fees and are going to put the full amount of £3298.91 into my account. Have sent back the letter saying I agree with their terms. Does this mean I've won? I'm too nervous to consider it until the money is in my account! There is also a condition that I need to adhere to.. 'make contact with your local Lloyds TSB manager to arrange a review of your account. The Bank wishes to avoid furhter situation which gives rise to disputes. A review may be useful to consider whether your banking arrangements are the most appropriate for your need'. Is this ominious meaning that 'we're going to review alright - review your account closed!' or is it a standard response. Has anyone actually contacted their bank regarding these reviews. I'm so confused. I think I've won. I have a sneaky suspicion I've won. I just can't get my head round it!!
  3. Sorry, more advice needed! In the court bundle, which I am attempting to put together, is it necessary to include bank statements? I didn't apply for mine, as I have been internet banking since 2002 and have therefore a record back to when the charges started in 2003. Do I simply not include bank statements, or do I print off the relevant pages.# At the moment I am leaning towards printing them off and including them - as they are my official record of the charges .. I think I've answered my own question
  4. Right. Just checked my defence letter as I have been in a world of my own for the last three weeks, and discovered this little gem. First of all, the case has been transferred to Torquay, not the most convinient court for me, but will do. Secondly this paragraph was struck out on the letter... 'Please read the accompanying documents carefully and note the allocation questionnaire should be returned to the Torquay County Court' As I said, its been struck out. Should I be worried about the lack of allocation questionnaire? Lloyds defence by the way is that their charges are fair and that by entering into a contract with them I agreed to to them. Hmmmm. Not at £35 a pop mate. Any advice?
  5. Daya

    Nervous Daya

    DUCK! Sorry, thought I saw a flying pig above your head! An ethical bank would be lovely. One who cared about its customers and assisted them when they were in trouble (which would inspire loyalty and respect once the monetary issues were sorted), rather than plunging them further and further into debt... Eeek... I think that flying pig just scraped my head!
  6. Daya

    Nervous Daya

    Thank you to both of you for making me laugh! sadly, I'm too young and grew up abroad so I don't remember the days of Marathons, but am still fuming from the Opal Fruit/Star Burst scandal! Am conserving my energy for the AQ!
  7. Daya

    Nervous Daya

    I didn't know that. Excellent! Although I know that everything will go well, part of me, probably like everyone else taking this action, thinks that my case will be the one that goes wrong! Am trying to be an optimist as much as possible and follow instructions to the letter!
  8. Daya

    Nervous Daya

    Phew. That's a weight off my mind, although I am now worried that they are going to claim in their defence that they never received the letter. Oh well, I have copies, its their word against mine. As usual! Thank you for the speedy reply.
  9. Daya

    Nervous Daya

    Basically, I sent off my LBA on the 5th March. I haven't had a reply. I filed my moneyclaim application last week, and have had a letter from them with the usual claim issued information, but still no response from Lloyds. I have to admit... I didn't send the letter recorded delivery, I'm a student midwife working awkward hours and didn't have time to get to a post office. (also live in the middle of nowhere so nearest one is a good few miles away). Have I mucked everything up?
  10. Thank you Barty! I found that thread a couple of weeks ago and made a note of it, and then followed the instructions completely while filling in my claim. Really gave me the confidence that I was doing it properly. Will, of course, let you know how I get on. I'm seriously looking forward to paying back my loan with Lloyds with their money! (ok, I know technically its mine, but will still be a great feeling!) Otherwise I have no hope of paying it off for years! (Student midwife currently, so no money, and then will be qualified midwife with NHS with no money!)
  11. Well, haven't received any reply from Lloyds so moneyclaim was put to good use today. Who is it I need to PM with my claim details? Am hoping this will be over and done with soon, thankfully being a student midwife is a great distraction and I'm managing not to think about it too much.
  12. Thank you! This site is great, its like having your own personal cheerleading group! No doubt I shall be online seeking advice soon.
  13. Thank you for reminding me! LBA was sent on the 5th March, with no response, so if I don't receive any reply tomorrow, or if an unsatisfactory response is returned tomorrow, then I shall be processing my claim online. Am still feeling positive, although slightly nervous about the paperwork involved, but shall be doing my research!
  14. You lovely lovely person you. Thank you, now off to fill out. And I don't refer to interest until I file with moneyclaim. Right. Got that. I have one and a half degrees. Sadly, neither of them are in banking or maths.
  15. Was thinking last night, as you do, that I'm not claiming interest on the amount that I'm attempting to claim. Now, I like to think that I'm an honourable type of person, and that actually, all I want back is the money taken from me, not the interest on it. And then this morning when I saw the article about £7billion profit, part of me thought; 'why should I be the honourable one, when they're out for all they can get?' The amount is £2686 and I have my schedule of charges complete with dates and amounts handy. Does anyone know how you work out the interest on this amount and is this called the contractual interest? Do you just add 8% and hope for the best? When I send my LBA, I'll note that the new amount refers to with interest. I'm probably being really stupid and just haven't found the right place to look.
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