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  1. Hi Tink I have just read your thread from start to finish and I am so impressed. I am claiming on behalf of my boyfriend as well over £4,000 with Abbey and nearly £2000 with Lloyds. I have sent off the LBA letter and am about a week away from completing the N1 form. Your posts have reassured me that I can do it because everything you've said is exactly what I'm thinking....please keep us informed with your progress, I'm hooked!! Sunshine
  2. Thanks Barty I still haven't had a single acknowledgement from Lloyds, they have another week before I file my claim. How much will my initial outlay be when I fill out the N1 form. Just tryin to work out whether I can afford to do this straight away or whether I will have to wait a couple of weeks, will this have any affect on my claim? Sorry I just don't want to make any silly mistakes!!
  3. Hi I recieved another letter from Abbey in response to my first preliminary letter saying that they have looked into the details of the account and they do feel they have acted fairly as there were insufficient funds in the account etc and if I do not get back to them they will assume the matter closed. Is this a standard 'get lost' letter? I have already sent them the LBA letter which I assume they have not recieved yet. Any advise at this stage would be greatly recieved Thanks
  4. Hi I've just had a thought and hope someone could help me. I sent the preliminary letter and LBA letter to my boyfriend's branch as I read on another thread that didn't make any difference. However presumably when I file the N1 form I will need to send to LTSB headquarters.....will it make any difference that the first two letters went somewhere else or should I just enclose copies? If someone could let me know I would appreciate it Thanks
  5. Morning everyone I am hoping someone can help me with a query I have. Because of the bank charges abbey applied to my boyfriend's account (to give you an example just one month was £962 in unpaid direct debit charges!) He was forced into an overdraft. He subsequently closed his abbey account. Due to his business going bust he hired a debt management company to negotiate payments with various company's, one of which was Abbey who were 'owed' £2000 ie the overdraft amount they forced my boyfriend into because of all the charges. He now makes regular payments to the debt managment company and they divide the amount between all the companies. The point i'm trying to get to is whether this will affect the claim we are trying to make? If someone could advise I would greatly appreciate it
  6. Hi Just to update you all, I had no response whatsoever from Lloyds from my first letter (not really surprised) and today was the 14 day deadline. I have just sent off the LBA and am starting to read up on next stage....this is where it starts to get tricky so I'm trying to be ahead of the game as much as poss. I'll keep you all posted!
  7. Hi Well the deadline for Abbey expires today so I have sent off the 'letter before action' and am now filling in the complaint form to the FO (wouldn't want to be making empty threats in my letter to them!) I'm going to start reading up on the next stages again as I think this may be where things get tricky! I'll keep you posted
  8. Thanks Louis Wu it nice to have some positive feedback! I recieved a letter from Abbey at the weekend, claiming it will take 4 weeks for them to investigate blah blah blah I'm waiting until Monday to send the LBA off as that is the 14 day deadline. I was also considering sending a complaint form to the financial ombudsman as i've heard reports it has helped with claims....does anyone have any advice with this? Lisa
  9. Hi All I have now sent off the first letter relating to my boyfriend's current account for £1925 Getting really nervous after reading all the info....think I may have slightly underestimated how hard this will be! However we need the money so it has to be worth fighting for I'll keep you all posted1
  10. Hi All Well I have just sent off the first letter to Abbey on behalf of my boyfriend to reclaim £4067. Getting really nervous after reading that Abbey can be a bt 'difficult' to get the money back from, but I still think it's worth a shot! I'll keep you posted
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