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  1. hello. I've sent off all the letters, but haven't heard anything from HSBC at all. the next step is the court claim. Can anyone point me in the next direction to read up on? I think I'm at the stage of applying to the courts??
  2. Barclaycard haven't sent through my statements. I've tried looking to see how I should go about it, but not sure whether to contact the information commissioner, or if there is a template letter to use??
  3. thanks Chorlton, much appreciated. SAR has gone in the post...
  4. Hi I've looked everywhere (obviously not everywhere!) but, can't seem to see the specific address to send the SAR to - ie the data controller. I'm going to send it to Canada Square, the head office as I can't see any difference. There seems to be a website which provides the addresses (the information commissioner site) but there are tons and tons for HSBC. Where did you send yours to? thanks Will
  5. Hi I see I need to send off a SAR, does anyone know the address for the data controller?
  6. Hi I'm going through my statements now, but as well as paid referrals, there are lots of £4 and £5 'account fees' - I'm not sure what they are for. Can I claim them?
  7. I sent a letter before seeing this site, and I didn't specify an amount, I just said all of it. they offered £200 full and final, but that's only 30%. Do I have to start the ball rolling again or can I just carry on? If there's anyone that could help... thanks
  8. Wow, I spoke to them again, and they say that the previous ones are both incorrect, but they are phoning me back in 60 minutes to confirm!!
  9. Hi I'm trying to get the address of the data contoller from Barclaycard to send the SAR. They have given me 2 so far: Data Protection team LRC Barclaycard Northampton NN4 7SG Data Protection team LPA Barclaycard Northampton NN4 7SG However the information commissioners have given me another one: Barclaycard Partnership Ltd 420 Thames Valley Park Drive Thames Valley Park Reading RG6 1PU However, when I go onto their (the data commissioner's) website and type in Barclaycard, it comes up with yet another 2: CLYDESDALE FINANCIAL SERVICES LIMITED - is this coincidental that it is the same location as Barclays?? The other address is: BARCLAYCARD XANSA PARTNERSHIP LTD 420 THAMES VALLEY PARK DRIVE THAMES VALLEY PARK READING RG6 1PU I can't believe what a mountain this is going to be, I hope the whole process isn't as difficult as this!!!!!!! Any pointers? Other frustrated people quite welcome to vent their frustration here - I won't mind!!
  10. Thanks, the ball is now rolling! Do you know if I can do Barclays and Barclaycard claim at the same time, with the same forms and letters etc?
  11. Hi, is there anyone who could tell me how to start this thing off? I'm not sure exactly how much I've been overcharged. I've been with Barclays for about 8 years and have been charged regularly throughout the period. :o I have also been with Barclaycard for about 5 years on and off but have not taken any action at all. I wrote to the barclays asking for a refund on my Barclays account, but was offered £200 full and final settlement, and they won't respond to any more letters. I requested copies of my bank statements, which did not arrive, so I rang and requested again yesterday (19th Feb) They said they will send them, but only for the last 6 years and that I couldn't claim them back any further, so they refused to send me any more historic than that. I wish I'd been better at filing at University! but I could never afford another file to put the statements in! Is there a particular form to fill in, and should I request the statements in writing, or are they usually good enough to send them through? I don't mind them charging me, as I shouldn't have gone overdrawn, but I hat the fact that it is blatently cheaper than they say in terms of admin, interest etc, so am quite willing to go to court after the way they have treated me. Any comments about where to start would be great:D Will
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