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  1. Hi When I sent the CCA, they just keep returning the postal order and saying that they do not hold the agreement on file and to contact EGG directly. They even gave me the address to write to at EGG. It's the same standard looking letter that they have sent me either 2 or 3 times! Where do I stand if I have go through the CCA procedure but they keep returning it. Are they allowed to just refer me back to EGG but keep harrassing me anyway? Not once have i received a letter from EGG other than looking for proof of address change before they'll send me a copy. Also, does the fact that they have asked for this mean that it is likely that it does exist. To date i have not written back to them with proof of address. Sorry for all the questions! Thanks again.
  2. Hi Thanks for the replies. Do you think i should write to Egg again with proof of new address? or should i just CCA ARC yet again? To be honest I'm scared to do nothing in case the just go ahead and take it to court. I really don't know what to do. Any advice on my next step would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.
  3. Hi I saw recently on a money website that the law has changed about asking for a copy of your credit agreement, that the debt collection agent no longer has to provide you with a copy of the agreement to collect money. I have been going back and forth with ARC (Europe), CCA'd them and they keep returning the postal order and telling me to contact EGG directly. I have written back to them several times, and once I did CCA directly to EGG who wrote back and said they couldn't give me a copy as I had changed address and they need to see proof of ID before they will send it. Trevor Munn and ARC have written saying that the have checked our house with land registry and that if I don't respond by Friday with payment then they will take me to court immediately. I really don't know what to write back and say, or should I just offer to pay a certain amount a month anyway? Thanks for your help.
  4. Thanks, have done up a letter as per the template to send to ARC. Could you also advise me if I should write to EGG again and ask them to confirm that I should in fact be dealing with ARC, or should I just return the £1.00 to ARC along with the letter and wait til they (ARC) send me a copy of the agreement(if they can). THanks
  5. Hi Their last letter says that "in order for our client to provide you with a copy of the agreement, would you please send them a cheque for £1.00....." "Please note that receipt of the request will not in itself delay our clients prior instructions to seek payment..." I then sent Egg a CCA, but forgot to send it recorded (oops). I have not heard anything from them to date. Should I send a further CCA to Egg and to ARC by recorded delivery, or should I do a letter to ARC saying that I still await response from EGG, and until them they will have to wait. Thanks again for your help.
  6. Hi I have an old debt for an Egg credit card. I was paying £70 per month to this via Collect Direct. I missed a payment and this has now been pased to ARC Europe. They have sent threatening letters. I sent them a letter asking for a copy of my agreement, they wrote back and said that I would have to contact Egg directly, which I did with a £1 postal order. I have heard nothing from EGG and that was about 3 weeks ago. I haven't heard from ARC for the past couple of weeks, but they telephoned today threatening legal action and asking me to pay £3500 today. I asked Egg in my letter to confirm that I should be dealing with ARC, but have heard nothing. Help, do I deal with ARC or write to Egg again? Thanks in advance for your help.
  7. Hi I sent a CCA request to a DCA for my EGG credit card. It has arrived from them, so I now need to send them a letter asking for a payment agreement. I owe around £7500, and can afford to pay them £75 a month at the moment to the DCA. Do you think this is reasonable, and also are they likely to accept that? I am not phoning them. Just going to send a letter saying that's what I can afford. Should I include a first payment cheque or wait til they write in agreement. Sorry for all the questions - just want to try and get this sorted out (a bit...!). Redgirl
  8. Hi Any help would be greatly appreciated. We have had a letter from CDUK stating that we must contact them within 3 days to pay a credit card debt to EGG via them for just over £7000.00. EGG cancelled the account earlier this year, direct debit was cancelled and we couldn't afford the massive payment of nearly £1000 that EGG wanted in arrears by a couple of weeks ago so they defaulted us. Never heard of CDUK before, and would appreciate any advice on them or where we should go from here. Thanks in advance for your advice.
  9. Thanks for that. I am going to give them a call and ask if the arrears can be put on the back of the mortgage. what I am wondering though if how that affects things. For example, are you always showing as being in arrears or if they let me do that, will I look up to date again. Thanks redgirl
  10. Hi We have never ever been in arrears with our mortgage. My husband is self employed and has had a bit of a blip with money coming in this month. We have not made the payment which was due on 1st July. We are getting back on track, and if we did not have this payment outstanding, we would be ready to make our usual payment on 1st Aug. What I am wondering is if anyone could give me some advice on contacting GE, and asking them to allow us to add the missing payment onto the loan or make a payment arrangement, are they likely to go with that? Preferably to add it to the loan... Your advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  11. Hi thanks for all your replies.. Well, the 12 day deadline has now passed. The latest is that I have received a letter from Wecot dated 9th July which says that "my request has been noted and we will be in touch in due course. We can confirm that your account has been placed on hold. Then a letter from Nelson Guest and Partners Solicitors stating that they have been instructed by Wescot in respect of the account. It states that I have failed to make any satisfactory payment and that the balance remains outstanding..... their client is considering legal action.... letter was dated 7th July and states that I am put on notice that if, within 10 days of this letter I have not made payment or a suitable repayment plan, that they will advise their clients to issue proceedings without further notice. However, we believe that, if possible, court proceedings should be avoided and we have suggested to their clients that they should consider a settlement from you, before issuing proceedings. To avoid court action, I should contact Wescot without delay..... Any advise on where to go from here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help. redgirl
  12. Hi I posted a couple of weeks ago about Wescot. Thanks for all your helpful replies. Bit of background again. This is for a £3500 credit card debt. They sent me a letter stating that if I didn't pay by 1st July, they were going to start court proceedings. I called on 30 June, and spoke to someone who demanded to know my exact monthly outgoings - pretty difficult as my husband is self employed and money can be very different from month to month. I told her this, and she said she would need to know at least an average otherwise I would have to send her bank statements etc! Can they do that? I am worried about them starting court proceedings - she said that I MUST call her today with my income and expenditure. What I would really like to do is send them the SAR letter (?) I am just worried about them doing anything court wise meantime if I do not call. Any advice on my next step would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.
  13. Hi I have a credit card debt of about £3500. I received a letter from Wescot saying that they are collecting it on behalf of Halifax. i contacted them last week and the girl I spoke to gave me some spiel about being able to reduce the debt if I could give a guarantee that it would be cleared by XXdate (to be agreed with them). She even suggested I get another card (not likely with my credit rating) or borrow from family. I don't have the money, and was asking to pay it at £50.00 per month. She then said that Halifax "won't allow" them to let the debt run for more than 12 months, and that I had to pay it in 12 installments. I just can't do it. Help - I don't know what to do. She wanted me to chat to my husband to see if we could clear it in that time or by xxdate, and call her back on Friday (which I haven't don yet). They are now hounding my mobile, and have sent me a FINAL NOTICE, must pay by 1st July letter today. All I can pay is £50.00 a month, I will even find that steep to manage - what should I do? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  14. Yes, the guy I spoke to assured me that it had already been refunded to my card. Surely they must know that they can't get away with helping themselves to money from debit cards - it must be fraudulent. He also told me that he had taken my card details off the system and I would have to call to make another payment. I called them just after 9 this morning and he called back before 9.30, so hoping I can "trust" him.
  15. Success.. they have called to confirm that they have refunded the money to us. Thanks for the advice
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