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  1. Ok, so i just sit back and wait to see what emerges. Thanks for your help guys. Will let you know what happens.
  2. I have sent a CCA request but in the mean time could they just go ahead and start the process then? Do you think they will over £1600? Should i just pay it or hang fire? I don't really have the money but cuold raise it with favours from family.
  3. What is a creditors petition? Is that where they ask for a list of all my outstanding debts?
  4. To be honest i don't have reasonable grounds. Was s/employed that went pear shaped and run up some debts. What should i do?
  5. It came through the post, but we've has flooding and postal strikes so the thing didn't arrive until a few days ago. Th edate on the letter was 13th july!
  6. Not sure what to look for regarding stat demand served correctly!
  7. I live in rented and the amount they are claiming is £1600 so not a lot. I've drafted a CCA but should i be doing other stuff?
  8. Hi, I'm in the same situation with them. They sent me a letter dated 13th July and i have only just received it due to the postal strike in my local area and the flooding. If i send a CCA request today the post is still striking so it may take days to reach them. What should i do?
  9. Hi, Recently my mother passed away after a battle from cancer. Whilst going through everything my dad was looking for her life insurance documents and what he thought was life insurance turned out to be MPP and just in my dads name at that! They took a mortgage with Woolwich in 2003 which was interest only as they had an endowment which has life insurance built into it. This endowment is going to pay out as she has died however they took an additional £20k which wasn't covered hence why dad thought they had given them both life insurance to cover it. My dad has been down to see the manager and a letter was then sent to him saying that they always recommend MPP blah blah and that there was a 30 day cooling off period etc but they beleive everything to be as discussed. Where does my dad stand on this? He honestly thoought they had protected both of them for the additional borrowings in the case of death. Is it a matter of tough luck, you should of read the policy details?
  10. Still waiting for my SAR, they do have until APril 2nd so little i can do at the mo!
  11. Ok, well cheers for your input. Lets see what happens, i'll give it a week and send them a SAR followed by the usual route Prem then LTA, see what hapens. I'll keep this thread updated although i wouldn't hold your breath! Cheers again. Matt
  12. So are you saying all i can expect is grief from DCA's? If that's the case i know they can't do anything legally only hassle you and that can be quoshed with a harrasement letter. Am i right?
  13. Ok, cheers LBL, i can handle the DCA's they can't do anything anyway. I guess i'll be after more advice if it goes to court, i.e counter claiming etc. To be honest quite looking forward to picking up a new car this weekend, even going for the convertable version of the one i had!
  14. Yeah i'm aware of that but they'll need to go through the courts won't they?
  15. Trouble is LBL having thought about it the amount they want is about the value of the car, it's just gone over 100k miles and it's in that realm of things about to start going wrong and being expensive. If it goes to auction i don't think it'll clear the amount they want either. It's ever so sad but i'm leaning towards letting them keep it and then chasing them for unfair charges. They want 300% of the amount i borrowed in less than 4 months. What do you think?
  16. Ok, rather than hijack this thread i have started my own up, "They've taken my car" Could really do with some divine inspiration guys!
  17. They want an additional £650 in charges for taking my car away, i have 5 days to play ball, failing that it's off to the auction. I guess i have no choice if i want my car back.
  18. I just spoke to them and they are charging me an additional £650 for the privalage of them taking collection of my car!!! I only have 5 days to do so or it gets sold. Gutted!
  19. I just had my car taken from loans 4 logbooks last night, they turned up at 1am, banged on the door and demanded the keys. They've given me a contact number with an acceptable settlement figure on it which i could scrape together today at a push. From peoples experince if i pay today will they let me have my car back?
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