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  1. Will do hedgey, thanks very much for the help, very appreciated sunset x
  2. Hi Hedgey thanks I submitted to court monday so ok there, rung cobbetts last night and spoke to the solicitor dealing with mine asked when I could expect their court bundle and said I had submitted mine to the court and asked if they were willing to settle before the court and she said yes !!! although I am a little dubious and it may be a stalling tactic but she said they need to verify the charges, and then they could send a settlement through, although would have thought this would have been done already by natwest as they have alreday made me an offer but it was without interest etc and I had already started court action so said no. Which is why I am thinking it may be stalling, so not sure at the moment whether to waste the money sending the court bundle to them as it is going to cost me a fortune !!! I will keep ringing her although she did genuinly sound very nice and wanting to help but we will see !
  3. ps is the 14 days before court for submission of the bundle 14 working days or calender days ? many thanks
  4. Hi A quick update, submitted my court bundle to the court yesterday, hearing set for the 2nd August. I havent done the one to cobbets as yet, how soon should i do it ? Also I have just realised that I didnt number the pages was so keen to get it in, and having read some of the threads now am a bit worried, I was so keen to get it in I forgot ! I sectioned it all and put a contents sheet in the front and everyhting is in there and probably more, will it be ok ? Was really rather hoping it wouldnt get to this stage What should I do now please help ? Also should I have put it a disclosure order too ? Many thanks for any help very worried
  5. Hi Just to wish you luck today, will watch for what the outcome is. Hope it goes ok for you and good luck again !
  6. Hi everybody Well Taking Natwest as well, up to the Allocation questionnaire stage, I have submitted mine and the date for submission was yesterday, I rung the court today and apprantly Natwest havent submitted theirs, I was told it would now go to the judge for his verdict on what happens next. I said can I enter judgement as they have filed late she said no ??? she said the judge may order them to submit an AQ but that was the only option she could come up with. is this right ??? I thought if they didnt submit an AQ I could enter a judgement and I win ?? or have I got it wrong Any advice gratefully received
  7. Hi Zander I would think any financial institution can have a CCA request, I would imagine though that the Alliance & leicester would have one though. Although they upgraded my account and I dont remember agreeing to that or signing anything so maybe ??
  8. Hiya Kate Many thanks, is there a particular mod and can I pm them ? sunset
  9. Hi well received a 5 page very snotty defence yesterday will await my AQ ! Can anybody answer a question please, I have an overdraft which I am paying back via a debt management company in the defence they have said any monies owed will be offset with the money claimed back, although in the same breath they are saying I have no chance of getting anything back, funny have already had 1 offer and 1 cheque off them for £110 when the total amount is £800 + ! both of which I have sent back, but if they have sent a cheque already why can they not do it again ? I am presuming they are within their rights to use the money to offset money owed or because it is already in an arranegement can I insist they pay me directly ?? Any help would be appreciated:rolleyes:
  10. Hi Everybody , this is my first post and to spread some good news I have already won 3 cases : Lloyds £1500 Studio Catalogue £400 MBNA £750 I am now taking A&L but they are not proving as easy as the others who barely put up a fight, the story so far : Submitted claim, defence due date 6th June received an offer letter of £110 - letter sent declining special delivery yesterday received a cheque for £110 ! they are quite persistent with this £110 Do I take it as partial settlement or refuse, I am going for sending back with no thanks. Having read some other threads though it appears they take it to the limit ! which I am not so keen on. If the deadline is the 6th June and as far as I am aware they havent handed in a defence do I fiule for judgement on the 6th or the next day ? Many thanks for any advice and hello and nice to be here
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