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  1. Please could someone advise with a problem ive had with HSBC for nearly 18 months. Was in the process of reclaiming bank charges at that time and in the meantime decided to cancel all d/d,s and ingoing wages etc and transfer to another bank. My HSBC account was in a bad way-over £4000 deficit. My son offered to help and loaned me some money to reduce this amount owing and we also sold a lot of personal belongings.Every penny went to HSBC to reduce the amount owing. In June 2007 we had managed to reduce the amount to just -£60. My husband also asked HSBC to cancel the automatic payment he used to make from his business account to the current account as wages.We didnt want any payments going into this account at all as we simply wanted to get away from them. We were informed that as we had a personal loan agreement with them, the only method in which they would accept installments was from the current account (we have since found this to be untrue). Nevertheless, we requested that all payments from the business account to cease.Due to bad advice and mounting charges there,s never enough to pay as housekeeping anyway. So, I was in a position of owing HSBC £60 and that would be the end of that. However, on June 12th 2007, I checked the HSBC account via internet banking and could not believe that they had ignored this request and transferred £1000 to the current account from the business account. So my balance (on paper only as the business account did not have £1000 to transfer in any case although he wasnt aware of this at the time), was now in credit of £940. My husband rang them and told them of his previous request.They denied all knowledge. He was about to ask that the whole £1000 be transferred back to the business account-but- taking into account the loan instalment and thinking he had available funds, he asked that £773.be transferred back to the business leaving £167 to cover the months loan payment. They agreed to do this. However, when i logged onto the internet banking the next day I cant describe how I felt to find that they had not only transferred the £773 back to the business but had made a further transferral of the whole £1000! furthermore the online statement made this appear as though they had made their transfer before we has asked for ours which just wasnt the case at all. I have tried many times to reason with them by pointing out that, had we been aware that their transfer was made first-or even about to be made-we simply would have left this alone and merely reverted back to just £60 minus balance. I have involved my MP( Who continues to offer support), and the ombudsman, but the ombudsman in this case is supporting this bunch of thieves. Theywould not even freeze the account whilst in dispute and I recieve many phone calls (eves weekends the lot) to constantly harrass me. The balance has now grown to £1,300.00 I have suplied details of my incomings and outgoings to support my argument that I cannot pay them back but Im just at my wits end with these people. We cant even afford to shop regularly for groceries but this doesnt matter to them. Has anyone had similar experiences or can anyone offer any advice? Would be most grateful.
  2. Can anyone advise if its ok to go ahead with claiming charges on business acounts? got a feeling I read somewhere that business account claiming wasnt applicable anymore.
  3. is the court bundle from bookworm enough or do we add our own? Have heard of two people paying £475.00 for theirs-is this how much it all costs?This is the bit thats really making me think twice about the whole thing.Any help would be so appreciated.
  4. many thanks.theres nothing to say it was interest free-just have one statement out of the whole lot where i was o/d at the time-but the balance was under my o/d limit at end of statement.Think i,ll do as you say and just leave it blank.
  5. Hi all, have read lots and lots before going ahead and just put details onto spreadsheet (mindsais).Am i correct in filling in the interest free column when i was o/d but within my o/d limit? Did i understand lateralus properly? If so i can now send prelim. Sorry if this has been asked before.
  6. have 6 years worth of statements for my husbands business with HSBC.just totalled the charges and calculated the compound interest re;mindsais spreadsheet-just as i have done for my current account.Do i take it this is wrong then?
  7. would the same rate of interest also apply to sole trader business accounts?
  8. thought contractual interest rate was the interest figure that appears on the statements? have been told in no uncertain terms that this cannot be claimed back.Thought i was clear on this and was about to send claim today but im confused again.
  9. o.k got it now-thanks lateralus.thought there must be more to it and ive read and re-read this interest business and made up my mind to go ahead withhout the spreadsheets as there was a problem with them last week.Shant now-can go ahead using them.and thanks again.apologies for startling everyone.
  10. Paz6669 THANK YOU! been asking and asking about this one n i think youve answered it.I take it u totalled all your interest charges-then your total charges and are claiming for those? no one seems sure of this but i couldnt see why we couldnt do that.shall start on that this evening now.
  11. can anyone with HSBC accounts please help? My monthly statements show an interest charge and then a total charges-both seperate amounts.It does not indicate what the interest was for but can i add these as part of my charges?these statements are not very clear.
  12. along with total bank charges,i have a regular monthly interest amount charged me too.is this contractual? if not-can i add this to my total charges and send off with my preliminary letter anyway? hope this question is clear.would appreciate any help to clear this up before i move on.Am stalling big time for fear of making stupid mistakes.
  13. just read the charges description on statements again-thanks for your help.just cant help thinking this cant apply to me and ive no right to reclaim anything.What about the loan protection charge and charge for fixed mortgage-any hope ther do you think?
  14. Thanks lateralus for the reply.What i mean is on my HSBC statements-i have a total charges amount and an interest amount-both taken out the same day but listed separately.Do both these count as charges?This is the only info HSBC statements provide me with-its all under one total listed as total bank charges so im confused.
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