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  1. How can this be legal ? Today though the post i recieved a bill from Halifax asking for the full amount this happens every december since it all started, how can all these people be chasing the same money. Decided im writing another letter to Hellifax and asking about the account and see where they stand with it and who should be chasing me, will they be able to tell me ?
  2. Thanks ill do that today, No i have never recieved anything like that just a bloke on the phone from the debt collectors saying that the debt had been brought by them. So the money i have been paying to these debt collectors may not have come off the total is that what you think ? How can that happen i have proof of every payment, Thank you for your help and making this much easier
  3. sorry what is a phishing list exactly ? Im not sure i got back the application form that i filled out in the bank at the door as i come in they asked me to fill it out so i did, I think up until know i havent delt with it as other things in my life came 1st but now im ready to get it sorted What do you think i should do next ? Thank you for your help
  4. Sorry i have been paying I Quor via GPB Solictors since July 09
  5. Thank you all for your help and advice, Its a Halifax gold card which was defaulted 4 years ago since then its been passed to Blair, Oliver and Scott, Robinnson way, now I Quor Debt collecters. All of these i set up payments and countiued to pay until one month i couldnt pay the full amount for one reason or another then they sent it to someone else after just one payment like this, I have never recieved the default from the Halifax i have asked them for my credit agreement and they supplied it, i asked B,O and Scott for the agreement and heard nothing they just passed it on So next stop ask the latest one for my creidt agreement and go from there ? Thank you
  6. Thank you for your help, ill start sending asap, Im not one of these trying for a quick way out without paying ive had the money and i just want to pay what i can afford to pay back and pay it over time, but one thing i dont want is a CCJ as i want a business at some point soon, thank you again
  7. Im just worried ill get something from the court with no notice. Please help !!
  8. Yeah was just a theat of action no action had been taken, If they were taking me to court they would use GPB wouldnt they ? Just im willing to pay to sort it out but really dont know where to start now
  9. Hi im a little confused, I had a credit card which was in the hands of a debt collector for one reason or another, then as i didnt recieve any letters from them as i was away and didnt know they were looking for the money, anyway they used Geoffrey Parker Bourne Solictors to send letters of court action which i received once i was back i set up a payment each month, i lost my job but carried on paying each month untll last month i couldnt pay the normal amount they said it was ok and took what i offered, i said i had a new job and would pay this month but wouldnt be til the end of the month, i got 2 letters from them saying its going ot court as i havent paid i called them this morning and they told me id had nothing to do with them anymore and it was back in the hands of the debt collector, CONFUSED please someone help i dont want it to go to court as im trying to save now im in work to offer them a payment in full Kind Regards
  10. Thank you very much, sent and no more calls touch wood !!!
  11. Hi people looking for some advice, I have a welcome unsecured loan, havent had any problems with the loan as such until i went travelling, its up to date i cancelled my D/D when i wen travelling as it was easier for me to phone up and pay by debit card as i was using a Aussie bank account i was gone for 3 months, I ditched my mobile as it didnt work in Oz my parents started getting phone calls from Welcome despite it being paid on time every month and wanting to talk to me, i called them whilst on my travels and they wanted a phone number thats all. Since i have been back i have had roughly 5 missed calls from them a day whilst i am at work payment isnt due til tomorrow but still they call for a card number so they can process it i said no ill call on the day, STILL they call saying oh we thought youd like to pay today or give card details. How can i get this to stop they call using personal mobiles now i dont answer my phone as i dont wanna talk to them Please help its driving me mad !!!
  12. bank transfer to a HSBC not in the uk, We searched there vat number and it belongs to another company all together Merry Christmas
  13. just found loads of people saying they have had the same, Just hope she belives all the stuff i have found, Thanks for all the help
  14. i think she see it in the auto trader, i have emailed them and they dont even have a phone number, what busniess runs without a phone line ? im sure its a [problem] but she's pretty set on it so im doing my best to find out all i can. Thanks for all your help
  15. so this company does exisit just i cant find a phone number for them just a basic website. Its a Honda the owner drove it there and now wants to sell it without having to come back home, i dont suppose you have any info on them from your dealings with them ie bank account details or numbers etc so i can see they match up thanks for your help guys
  16. Has anybody ever heard or used this company before ? My girlfriend wants to by a car thats in italy and the buyer says it will get transported by this company all she has to do is pay this company they hang on to the money til she agrees deliver of the car and they pay the seller. Me being me i think something smells funny as the car is priced too cheap for my liking so im looking in to it Please Help Merry Christmas x
  17. if i didnt pay anything for the year i was away whats the worst that could happen when i get i back ? hopefully having saved enough to have paid it off too
  18. thanks think ill go down the route of sending a cca request 1st and see if i can get the debt moved to the oringal creditor as i may have a bit more flexiblity with them, ill get down to the post office and sort my mail out and least i can keep on top of the bullying there about to do, funny how i know loads of people who have had there credit problems dissapear with saying there credit agreement isnt inforceable and heres me wanting to pay when i can and as much as i can afford and im the one losing out doesnt make sense to me
  19. sounds a good idea i do know the people who live there now so shouldnt be a problem, but if i pay as much as i can afford how then can the court make me pay anything different ? you only have what you have surely ?
  20. i was thinking that if i set up a standing order for what ever i can afford this proves to the court that im willing to pay and that doing my best, if it goes that far but how will they take it to court with no address ? and if im paying something that looks better for me ?
  21. Hi i recieved a letter from these guys about 2 months ago i was working away and never go there letters til i returned home by this time they were saying i was going to end up in court, as i havent been well i setup to pay them monthly as much as i could as the last thing i want to do is end up in court, Since then i have lost my job and had to move out of my flat because of this, i want to go to oz to work as i know in what i do there are loads of jobs out there and i have a few interviews already for when i get there, but in the mean time i can only pay them about £10 a month, plus i have no address for them to contact me on and dont want them sending stuff to my old address still, any advice would be great im trying to get out of debt the honest way but seems to be failing
  22. sorry but i cant find the in dispute letter anywhere does anybody have a copy or a link, sorry if im being dumb just looked every where
  23. Hi people just got another letter though saying that they can offer a 25% discount if i pay up within a certain time, is this normal ? i would love to pay it but i dont have the money what should i do next ?
  24. The lovely poatman brought me a letter from wescot saying my request was being dealt with and that my account is on hold for the time being. this doesnt count as a response i still count the days dont i ?
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