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  1. Hi Guys, Sent my LBA to Cap One on the 12th March but haven't received any response. Is this the norm or do I need to chase the Royal mail to make sure my recorded delivery letter got there before I take further action.
  2. Hi K. This is a similar response to the one I had last week. I just ignored it and sent off my LBA yesterday. Good luck.
  3. Thanks for the advice. However, I am now rather confused as to what I should include in my LBA as wanting to recover. My total charges were £1039 up to April 2003 and I have calculated that the interest they have charged me up to then on these charges was £333.25. At the time that their collection agency placed the matter in court the claim made was for £1211.26 plus costs. Since the court hearing in June 2004, I have paid a substantial sum to the agency as agreed by the court. What about this money? can I claim this back as well? Any Ideas please?
  4. Hi Guys. Waited patiently for thier response and all they are prepared to offer is a measly £208 as a gesture of good will. They had imposed late payment/ overlimit fees of £1039 between May 2000 and April 2003 and subsequently added £300+ fees when their collection agency took the matter to Court. Mr. Udy claims that they have dropped their fee in line with otherts but hopw he calculates that the value of a good will reduction on 58 separate charges is £208 beats me. Nevertheless, I would appreciate advice as to what to do next - should I just ignore this and go to the next stage o
  5. Hi Guys. Just thought I'd let you know that I have just forwarded my prelim letter to Cap One - let you know the outcome soon. Thanks to all on the site for your help.
  6. Now that I've added my charges up and surprised myself, i think i need to calculate the interest. Any one able to tell me how to start/what to use/where to find it please
  7. Hi Guys. Thanks for the help and advice so far - I'd be lost without you. Any one out there who has been through the courts with Capital One for defaults, is currently paying it off through a debt recovery company and is now trying to get the charges back. I would be pleased to hear from you.
  8. thanks guys for the advice - getting ready to attack. By the way, it's Capital One.
  9. Hi Everyone - wish I had known about this site before as it might have saved me a lot of grief over the last several years, having been taken to court by a major credit card company who imposed charges in excess of £1k (late payment/over limit), despite efforts on my part to resolve the matter in the early stages of default. Don't know if I can do anything now as it has been into county court but I would be grateful for any advice you guys can offer me with a view to getting something back. As I am new to the site and just beginning to find my way around, please be patient if you do advise a
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