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  1. also visit the chatroom and you'll see how many of use feel and felt the same way, you can ask questions from people who have been exactly where you are now and received major help and support:D
  2. hi there, have you visited the chat room with any questions you might have, i've found it realllllllly useful already and i'm in a similar situation to you, see you there!
  3. can i just add that some company's include in their contract that you work for a certain amount of time after training, to ensure that they get their moneys worth. check contract again before following up, and by the way tribunals are not hard to go to, i won 3 days pay once and it didn't cost me a penny to go to tribunal. Its the principal and well as the money.
  4. :-) Great news. really hope the a & l pay me too!!!
  5. hi there, sent mine off to cap one about the same time, no answer yet, even tho the account is closed doesn't mean that you can't reclaim charges, i would have thought. They have to keep records for a number of years legally anyway.
  6. its amazing how this site has turned us around from intimidated scared little (no insult intended) people to people who stand up for themselves and others, and are no longer hiding from those monsters - don't know how they can do that sort of job and sleep at night.
  7. wrote to my dca to tell them the amount was incorrect due to excess charges, and suggested they contact the bank for further advice, that should keep them quiet for a bit, had nothing from them for 11 days!:grin:
  8. yes i heard that too, but i would have thought that claims already made would pre-date any decision made
  9. Well what a surprise, A & L sent a letter to say that they had no record of the account number i had quoted, and the account number they quoted wasn't even mine!!! So i've written back basically saying why are you using this account number, and they've now have 31 days left to comply. Will also send this recorded delivery. Hey ho!!
  10. Hi there Yep me too, just completed the template letter and will be sent recorded delivery tomorrow, good to read the possible problems ahead and how to fight them, its good to know someone is at the same stage as me, lets keep each other informed. Good Luck!
  11. hi there just starting the process so I'm a few steps behind you, hope to follow your progress so I'll know what to expect from NatWest and A & L. Lets hope we both succeed!
  12. Don't know how to say thanks!!!! for the wonderful advice and support your site provided me. Today i sat down and wrote to A & L, NatWest and Capital One. So i've taken the first steps in setting my life in order. it seemed to daunting to do but I decided the only way is up. To anyone else reading thinking its too much to tackle, i decided - one step at a time - read the advice on this site, use the templates, and be encouraged by other people's success stories. I know that my actions won't wipe out what I owe, but will bring it down to what it should be, and not what they think they can get away with. Once again THANKS!, will keep you posted.
  13. Hi everyone found you tonight and have been the proverbial ostrich and burying my head so deep in the sand i think i've found Australia! BUT i'm now motivated to start digging upwards and try to sort my muddle out. I do have my first question though, can I challenge A & L for interest and charges for a loan? Cheers
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