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  1. ok thanks I've got it now.just one more thing in the amount claimed part, is this all my figures added together? sorry to be a pain
  2. Thanks for all the replys,your help goes along way. Ive spent some time now reading the site but am having trouble filling in the N1 form. The part marked value.... charges is the amount the bank owes me,right? overdraft interest is the 8% amount? and interest under s.69 county courts act 1984 is this the day interest they oew me? please someone explain im confused, Thanks
  3. Hi Thanks to all the replys.....Wots the registered office address for Lloyds that I put on the claim form.Thanks Luke Oh also do I send anything else to the bank or do I just hand the form in at my local court and wait for the bank to reply? Thanks
  4. Hi, Just to let you know I got a reply from the bank this morning( letter before claim).Basicly they said......sorry you are unhappy with your account charges, Blar blar blar, we feel its fair to charge for this service, Blar,blar,blar, I do hope you can see that we make our charging system as fair as possible and why I cant agree to cancel your charges......If we havent herd from you by 18th june 2007 I will close this file. I was just wondering if its time for the next letter with the 8% interest charge, Someone please get back to me.Thanks
  5. Thanks Barty.sent it this morning will let you know how I get on.
  6. Thanks for the quick reply. Do I send that letter to the same address? The 48 Chiswell street one?
  7. Thanks Barty. I sent them the prelim letter, I enclosed the schedule detailing the charges, but I didnt include the 8% interest. Wot do you think is my best next step? When and wot letter should I send next? Thanks for you help
  8. Hi there,I am claiming against lloyds tsb.I sent my first letter off and got a reply after 3 weeks saying they are sorry with my complaint and will be dealing with my case.They said they had between 4-8 weeks to reply. After 3 weeks I got another letter saying we would have hoped to have resolved this by now,but despite our best efforts we have not been able to do so.Then they say they will write to me within the next 4 weeks, either with their response to my complaint or with an estimate of when I can expect it. I was just wondering if this is the norm or are they just draging this out? Any response will be helpful thanks
  9. Hi where do I send the my data protection act letter to?Im with lloyds tsb,thanks for the help!
  10. Hi everyone, Im new to this and am about to start my claim against lloyds tsb. Ive been reading the website for a couple of days now and am excited to get started. Just wondering if anyone has any words of wisdom or any advise for a newcomer, good luck to you all and thanks for your time.
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