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  1. Thanks again , im just thinking that when i take my N1and poc,plus soc to the courts ,this will be on my way back offshore for 14 days and im paranoid at the moment of being away and unable to do any work etc that may need my attention by way of Mr postman delivering important documents whilst im off shore.
  2. After completing the N1 and taking/sending to the Courts ,what is the next step ,and what sort of time scale am i looking at for the next procedure.
  3. Having read the guidance notes on completing the N1 form it states that you should copy it 3 times.One for the court 1 for the defendant and i presume 1 for yourself.Regarding a copy for the defendant is it your responsibility to send it to Barclays head office?Also would you eclose a cover letter with this or just send it as it is.
  4. Thanks for moving the thread.
  5. Thanks livelylad. Ok,need to give an update as to progress with my claim .Its going slow unfortuately due to time pressures on me working offshore,its been a hectic few months.Anyway .... I have followed the procedures/letters off this site etc and 2 weeks ago i got a letter from Barclays offering me the sum of £1075.00 against my claim of £1475.00.This was swiftly followed by letter 1 from the library of rejection letters which was received by Barclays on 4/07/07 The deadline for this letter expires 18/07/07.However ,when i send my "letter before action" i must send an amended schedule of charges as stupidely i put 1 charge in twice,and not wanting any come back at a latter stage im sending a brief explanation with this letter as well.So.... ive spent my time drafting my LBA,ready to send on 19th July and reading up on court procedures/allocations /bundles(got 75%of bundle ready.)printing off documents/case historys etc.Certainly gives you a headache after a while.!!!I have at home my N1 forms ready to complete and send off at appropiate time ,so hopefully once i start my 2 on 2 off again i can get somewhere.I understand that at some point soon i will need to contact a "moderator"etc regarding court case/procedures etc,can anyone confirm this /acknowledge etc.Thanks . Carpboy
  6. My claim is for £1470.00 plus £211.00 interest. Does the £1500.00 limit include interest or not?
  7. When completing form N1 ,in the box on right hand side of page where it says "court fees" would you add "allocation fees" (£100.00)as well as the normal fees? Not sure when youd get notice of allocation etc and i know that even if this doesnt take place and gets dispensed with the fee is still payable. Confused!!
  8. Im in the process of getting my court bundle together ,relating to charges from march 01 to march o7 ,do i need a set of terms and conditions for each of the 6 years that im claiming for ,or just the 1 set for 2001 ? Thanks . Carpboy
  9. Thanks chaps and chap ets.Will certainley be going down the local/n1 route.Sounds a lot more thorough and in depth.Im only doing this once so dont want to get caught out at the later stages etc as descibed.Thanks again.Will post my progress on the Barclays thread once we get moving.
  10. Once youve exhausted the preliminary ,Lba letters etc and go onto the court stage,is it better to go through MCOL or popin person to your local court.If you do the latter is it advisable to take any copys of letters ,cash etc to them on this ist visit.?Oh, and who do you have to see to make an application to the courts.Thanks everyone.
  11. Thanks Redstef...hope this doesnt mean that were likely to see more and more banks defending in court their charges and us the customer losing out by judges tossing our cases out in favour of the banks.Its certainly not giving confidence to us who are starting out on our claims.!!
  12. Thanks for all your grat advice chaps and chapets!!! Carpboy
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