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  1. Yeah, my confusion mainly rests in the cancellation of the final entry for the spreadsheet, as I wont have paid the full amount of interest against both the capital and the loan, and don't know what %% of repayments went to ppi V capital (saw in a guide/post ppi was repaid earlier in the loan period than capital?)
  2. going to try and claim back some PPI on a old natwest loan, taken out in 2006 which had 18 months worth of payments with PPI on it, before I was given another loan, but that time I didnt take out PPI on loan 2. Bit confused on what to put into the spreadsheets, is it the monthly payments made towards the PPI (on the loan doc's it stats what part of the repayment goes to the capital and to the PPI) then for the last entry when the loan was paid off with loan 2 I put in the remaining of the PPI ammount? or something a bit more complex to take into account the loan interest on the PPI I also have a older natwest loanguard PPI i was paying on a earlier loan, which was a seperate direct debit payment, though this was in 2003, will I get a chance to claim this or will it be fobbed off as to old Thanks in advance
  3. My own thoughts was along the lines of 2, had the original refund request have been processed then they would have ended up owing me money in July 2009 before the addresses started changing. On the phone to the FOS I said I was happy with their offer, but mentioned my concerns about info on the credit file and was advised I would need to treat it as a desperate complaint, I have yet to sign the form that came in the post from the FOS. Another thing I need to do is research if how they have mis-processed my information comes under and DPA regulations
  4. Hi, to sum things up ill do a mini time line -jul 2009 - I wrote to BC asking for a refund of all charges (had a refund back in 2007 but had a few late payments again, which came to more than the balance due) -sept 2009 - didnt get a response from BC, put down to post strikes at the time as alot of post i was expecting was late/missing - no response received -oct 2009 - my other half wasnt to well so completely forgot about BC -april 2010 - sorting through paperwork realise I had not any BC statements through since june 2009, nore any response to letters from last year, write in asking whats going on and do a SAR for good measure -may 2010 - no response, so send in a SAR reminder and reminder for letter, followed by another reminder letter -june 2010 - raise complaint with FOS -aug 2010 - FOS get back to me, BC going to refund charges with interest, BC claimed not to have received letters from jul/april/may - despite me providing FOS with scans of recorded delivery slips and online proof of deliveries. I don't accept as un-satisfied as to why I have not recieved response/any statements -sept/oct 2010 - finally get through some copy statements, turns out for 1 month I was living at a different number house on same street (eg 19 instead of no 9) and for the rest I was living at an address in Scotland. I respond asking for explanation why. (I have lived at this address since March 2008) -nov 2010 - FOS reply saying BC had made a error and offering a small amount of money for compensation for distress. No explanation as to why this happened, just it was a error. So as it stands BC are willing to refund charges and offer compensation for address issues. My issue is that I think my credit file will have a default on it, I had not made any payments since sept 2009 to the account, and looking at copy statements the account was sold to a DCA in Jan (though I have never had any contact from a DCA despite me being on electoral roll for my current addy etc, not that great at hunting people down lol). Is the fact they made a error on the address enough to get them to delete any info on credit file relating to the dates the wrong address was used? I did ring the FOS to discuss this but was advised to treat this as a separate complaint, as the offer BC had made would have resolved my original complaint (which was along the lines of refund of charges and why letters I sent had not been replied to)
  5. Thank you Certainly helped to clear things up I was'nt sure if non payment was another thing insurance companies would use to "not pay out" - while I have never been in the position to make a claim so its all new to me. As for the new "internet companies" offering insurance, from browsing comparison sites there are loads I have never heard off, think I will be sticking to one of the big names in the future. Thanks once again
  6. Really? - I was half expecting a mini battle to get things sorted - I am a bit baffled still as it says in the terms and conditions that it can only be cancelled at the end of the policy, if I was to commit fraud, or if they wanted to due to increased risk. So the sort of cancellations they mean are say if I didnt tell them I lived next to a river that flooded regularly, they then found out and cancelled?
  7. In short I forgot to make a transfer over to my main account before the 1'st of Dec when my monthly bills go out, and as a result a few direct debits didnt get paid. I have home contents insurance (renting so no need for buildings) with Birmingham Midshires. Got the letter through the post about missed direct debit and they would attempt in the future, by that point I had sufficent funds in the account for everything. Come the end of January, I went to change teh direct debit to a different account, so I wrote to them with new details, cancellated original direct debit with the bank, few days later I got a letter advising my my insurance had been canceled "We are writing to confirm that your Birmingham Midshires Home Insurance Policy has been cancelled with effect from XX november 2009" I rang them up and they advised this was down to the missed payment in December - I didnt say to much as its better to keep things in writing. Looking at my bank statement and direct debit info page on my online banking they didnt attempt to take a payment on or around the 1'st of Jan, nore any other earlier attempts apart from the missed one. According to their t+c if they cancel I should be due a refund of preiums paid up to that point, I haven't relieved anything, and in the t+c it states that I can not cancel it after 14 days so confused on the current status of it So is this a canceled insurance policy that I need to declare with other insurance companies? what steps should I take to clarify things/complain about the 1st jan payment not being taken
  8. Just to update people, my reply appears to have got lost in the post, I did send it recorded but I lost the tracking recipt, after 28 days they wrote to me again to say the complaint had been closed. I replied back pointing out 40 days for SAR had passed along with a copy or original letter, received a reply back with a list of charges. Interestingly on that list were 3 charges that had allready been refunded - in all cases they were backdated manual adjustments on the next months statement dated on the day the charge was made and included a small amount for interest. Again in all 3 cases it would appear that a payment had been received the same day the statements were processed. But while the list supplied mentioned about reversed charges there wasn't anything about these refunds! Sent a reply pointing this out, along with a request for charges to be refunded (I do wonder if the 3 "refunded" charges would have been re-refunded again had I not spotted them!) I have misplaced a few early statements so have had to estimate the intrest, but since they are from the early days (3 years ago when I moved house) it only ammounts to a difference of £3 max for the missing data anyway so if they come back with a different figure i doubt ill argue it to much
  9. If you are happy with the handset you have, go for a sim-only deal which should work out better value than payg, something like Tariffs - O2 pay monthly SIM only tariffs
  10. I would have thought they would move you onto a graduate account
  11. Sorry I meant in the context of day to day pricing, and not linking to increase prices one day then promotion/sale pricing on the next. That said alot of retailers appear to do this and get away with it, or the likes of those sofa shops who always seam to have a 50% off sale 24/7/365, I wonder if you can actually buy a full price sofa from them?
  12. My previous employer would often change the prices on its products weekly, poorer selling lines would either get permanently reduced or put into promotion/sale, while higher selling products would often have a small increase, it was very rare for something to go up in price then suddenly a week later for it to be reduced, but it was still maxing out any profit in the best lines, and trying to ensure poorer selling lines had their stock shifted. I understand that a retailer is allowed to change their prices when ever they want, its up to its customers to choose if to buy that product or not.
  13. I have worked with organisations that rely on volunteers in the past, and while I don't know about the complaints procedure (or lack off in your case), when it comes to expenses I know when a claim is submited it had to be the best value for money, i.e a bus day ticket instead of 2 taxi trips to home-office and back, and for lunch/snacks it had to be reasonable and cheapest in the local area and not a McDoanlds supersized meal etc - this was to ensure the best usage of the charitys operating funds. I am supprised the charity commission has ignored your complaint, how did you contact them?
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