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  1. Please help, I bought used car from a car dealer, very nice and shiny, have only had it 3 weeks and ive taken it back to them 3 times, the problem has not been fixed. I have just rang consumer direct and they say i have to send a registered letter stating the sale of goods act 1979, listing all the complaints and to give them 14 days to respond. Does anyone have any ideas as to how to word the letter. I am so fed up and feel absolutely ripped off, I bought the warranty but have been unable to even get them to answer the phone. Thanks
  2. All the paperwork was completed for the mortgage,the house was ours and no longer the councils. Jane
  3. Thanks aa We started the mortgage process in April 2004 and the house was complete by August 2004,so Im even more confused now with - Current status: Authorised Effective Date: 31/10/2004 Tied Agent: I'll take your advice and speak to the FOS tomorrow. Thanks Jane
  4. Hi everyone In 2004 we bought our council house through select finance. The rep got round to insurance and told us it was expensive but it always helps the application look good,my hubby had a good job so the rep said i should have it,no information was given to us at that time,hed been here for ages. In 1996 and 2002 id had 2 mild strokes and was put on medication for hypertension for life.I had bouts of depression and weeks off sick with the blood pressure also. When my brother read through the insurance he told me it was useless as if they wanted my medical history it would mean they wouldnt pay because i have an existing condition and id been ill previously.Ive just had a letter back from select that says "they were regulated by the mortgage code compliance board at the time of sale and my complaint falls under their non eligible comlplaints procedure as it relates to accident,sickness and unemployment cover and not the actual mortgage contract, the transitional rules that apply to non investment insurance contracts from 14 feb 2005 for referal to the fos are not available as select financeltd was not a member of the general insurance standards council." I m now totally baffled or is that the whole point of this letter. Where do i go now, has anyone had any dealings with select or better still does anyone have the slightest idea what theyre on about. Thanks Jane
  5. Hi All Just an update.The hearing was at 11 this morning, I had the help of a free advisor from Shelter, he basically went through a check sheet with me and did all the talking. The GE guy said they wanted £100 extra a month but the Judge said as the amount wasn't huge £50 would be acceptable and he suspended the repo order, I didn't even have to open my mouth. So my advice is , if the court offer you an advisor take them up on it. Special Thanks to Micko19 for taking the time to message me when this all started. Thanks Jane
  6. Please could someone move my thread,I've posted it on the wrong forum. Thanks Jane
  7. Hi All We were 2 months in arrears but paid some off, that left us about a month and a half short. We then went into a DMP with CCCS,they explained that we could pay the arrears over the 22 years we had left on mortgage if we so wished. GE let us go onto interest only payments which started this month,saving £100 per month, we were going to use the £100 to pay the arrears for 6 months. This morning we received notice of possession proceedings for the end of November. This is our 2nd Mortgage with them and we are pursuing £725 in late/dd charges from the 1st mortgage. We rang GE up this morning and asked if we could pay £500 but the cow on the phone said No you have to pay the full amount. What can we do? Should we just pay the money anyways to show the court we are trying to get sorted? And if I have to go to court can I explain that they owe us £725? Any advice please.. Jane
  8. Didnt finish my thread. But to be honest I cant be bothered.
  9. Snap. We have seen 18 teens through the transition of care home to independent living. Successfully. When we feel that the kids are using the electricity wastefully they get a sharp reminder that some day they will be paying theyre own bills, simple but effective, weve been at it 19 years so please do not try and quote fostering network to us. Fostering pays well, we get 21 days hols and all the support you could wish for. Fostering is a choice, Teaching is a choice, Nursing is a choice, We
  10. Ive read all 7 pages of this tripe and Im going to ask for it to be removed. I have never read such rubbish. Foster caring isnt a career with yearly pay awards, its a vocation, and for the right sort of people it has its own rewards. Think on phatram ! Are you in it for the right reasons? ££££££££ is definately not one of them. Saffron take care its been emotional xx Peace
  11. Hi all the same thing has happened to me this morning,heres the letter I have ready to post. "I set up a standing order for my gas and electric in December 2006(£30 + £30),I then changed the order in January 2007 for (£30 gas + £60 electric),the first payment due 1st Feb 2007. Payments have been made up until 1st July 2007, I then had to rearrange my finances and set the date for the end of every month. So next payment you would receive would be 31st August. I arranged for a prepayment meter, the fellow came out, looked at my electric meter and said “I don’t know why they’ve sent me you already have the meter they’re telling me to put in” Then I arrive home from work to find a disconnection notice through the letter box, I rang the mobile number stated and asked what the problem was. I explained I was already paying £60.00 monthly for my electric. He looked on his computer and said that he saw I was and to just keep paying, which I have done. Then in the post this morning I get a we are obtaining a warrant to enter your premises. I have had no communication from you about how or why this outstanding debt has occurred, when I have tried to contact you by telephone I’ve been unsuccessful in getting through. I have enclosed my itemised telephone bill as my proof of phone calls to you. I have marked on the bill what I believe to be your call centres, feel free to have a look and see if there’s any I’ve missed. " I signed up for paperfree but have been unable to view any of my bills, the only notification Ive had is the 3 mentioned,where do I go from here? Any ideas greatfully received Jane
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