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  1. anyone had any recent luck with halifax if so please reply
  2. well the 14 days are up and no contact recieved from Howard have sent lba today so watch this space
  3. Thanks for your reply , have you had any luck claiming from Halifax?
  4. Hi all , As a newbie to this i have read the q and A's over and over again , have sent prelim letter off had a reply today saying that the have 8 weeks to respond as per the Finacial services authority, however they aim to be able to respond within 4 weeks ( so nice of em) i take it this is just a stalling tactic and should i proceed to lba which is due to be sent next sat??. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Hi Guys I have sent of prelim letter to halifax got a response this morning saying they are sorry to learn that i am unhappy with charges it goes on to say that the finacial services auth allow them 8 weeks to respond , but they hope to have these concerns responded to in 4 weeks , (thats so kind of them) i take this is a stalling letter ?? do i still send lba off the 14 days is up next sat .
  6. thanks for all your help prelim letter now been sent
  7. well done , its great to hear people are getting their claims resolved quckly, i have just sent my prelim letter had a response this morning saying bilk standard letter spitulating they have 8 weeks to respond but hope to have this within 4 weeks , whatever the lba will be sent nect sat when the 14 days are up. Just hope i have as much luck
  8. Hi can anyone help just recieved my statements from the halifax for two accounts 1 joint the other my own just about to send prelim letter off but need to should i claim seperately or as one the sum is under 1,600 for the two
  9. can anyone help , i have just recieved the statements for my accounts , can i claim for both of these under i case as ones a joint account the other is just mine. I have read q& a and these both add up to less than 5k
  10. Hi again , well ive just recieved my statements for the two accounts , having read the q&a this is well below 5k , however ,am i still able to claim for two seperate accounts under 1 case when one is a joint account & the other just in my name?? I am about to send the next letter & wanted to be sure.
  11. thanks for the advice i have been reading up on this all weekend to understand. My mate has already tried with great success on three occasions so its worth a go. Does anyone know where we send the SAR to for the halifax ?
  12. well this is my first time of doing this so would welcome any feedback and help along the way
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