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  1. my laptop is out of warranty by some four months and has developed an intermittent screen fault. do i have any recourse to demand free repair? surely it's reasonable to expect a £450 purchaseto last longer than 16 months. thanks in advance
  2. ahh now i get the drift i think, MTM. so i should locate previous thread and post there?
  3. need some advice here. NW have refused to repay £1599.82 that they nicked from my claim that they repaid in full (see previous). they say that because this debt occured before my IVA was in place they are entitled to deduct it from my charges refund. can they do this? it's my contention that i wouldn't have had a debt with them if they hadn't charged me circa £3000 in the first place. they are also complicating matters by saying half of any refund should be payable to my ex-wife who was joint account holder. they will write to her at my address!! should i accept this money and then pursue them for the rest, 28 days was up on june 14th and i have had no correspondence from NW or court so i could get default judgement immediately??
  4. hi all rang my (former) IVA supervisor to complain about NW and he informed me their actions are unlawful as they cannot touch my money once an IVA is in place. he immediately called them to demand they repay £1600 they nicked from my claim and to unfreeze my account. also a brucie bonus he tells me that NW failed to claim their 'dividend' in time and i am due a refund of some £900 on top of my claim of £4930. he (supervisor) has given the thieving rogues two days to comply
  5. where is my post from yesterday??
  6. Today is my birthday and what a present!! 28 days passed fri 15th.On a whim i called NW branch and was told credits totalling £4933.55 were in , that's all of my claim but not the £2.02 daily interest for the last 30 odd days. Ah well.... But now it gets complicated. When i went to the branch to withdraw the money it was £1599.82 short. This sum was repaid from my IVA which i settled in febuary but NW hasn't updated my 'dormant' account. The nice lady at the branch was helpful but couldn't help and wouldn't let me have any of the money despite me having ample ID. Back home i spent fruitless hours trying to get anyone at NW to resolve this. ARGHHH!!! Any advice appreciated.
  7. hi seen the light started my journey mid febuary and hoping for a payout soon! stick with it.
  8. hi all 28 days for NW to post defence have passed and reading lots of other posts it seems i should allow the buggers another few days...?? what say you orical MTM ?
  9. bobbyj

    oh bugger...

    nw acknowledged claim and intend to defend. can someone point me where to look for preperation for next stage? letter states they have 28 days from date of service ( 18/05/07) to file a defence (that is 15/06/07 ?) what then ?? thanks in advance bobbyj
  10. hi wheatfield you posted that we are similar timelines, mine deemed served 18/05. am i right in thinking that your claim has not been acknowledged by nw? bobbyj
  11. claim issued 10/05/07 deemed served 18/05/07 nw has until 01/06/07 to respond fingers still crossed !
  12. thanks mrsfoot, your OH must be very understanding!
  13. forgive my naiveity but how do you navigate this site? when i post a query it takes me an age to find if anyone has answered and i so much want to join in!!
  14. [email protected]%. filed yesterday at crown court.fingers crossed!
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