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  1. Hi All Having settled in full last summer, they have now hit me with a further 3 Paid Referral Fees of £30, although they have refunded the first one for good behavior --- 'I usually keep my account in good order and have not incurred a Paid Referral Fee during the last 12 months.' My account went overdrawn on Tuesday 13 May, they sent me a letter which I received on Friday 16 May, by which time a couple of other transactions had gone through and it went to a total of £60 before I was able to transfer funds. How can I get the £60 back, particularly in light of the current ruling that the OFT (Office of Fair Trading) is now looking into the whole business. Is it worth writing to Barclays? If they had texted me using this centuries technology instead of the ordinary post that was invented several centuries ago I could have taken immediate action. Regards, rhoodnotts
  2. I phoned them and finally managed to establish that 'Claim dismissed' actually means 'Hearing Cancelled' because Defendant agreed to settle. Phew! When will they learn to speak plain English?
  3. Hi, Although Barclays settled on Thu 21 June and I notified the Court on Fri 22 Jun once I had confirmation that the payment was made and cleared, I have today received a notification from the Court through the post. It says "To the Claimant's Solicitor Before District Judge Gold sitting at Kingston-Upon-Thames County Court, St James Road, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, KT1 2AD. ORDER OF THE COURT'S OWN INITIATIVE The claim be dismissed and the allocation hearing notified to the parties be vacated. Note: A party affected by this order may apply, not more than 7 days after it is served on him, to have it set aside or varied. Dated 25 June 2007" The Hearing was supposed to be on 25 June. What does it mean? It seems like they had a hearing anyway and have dismissed my claim! Does this mean Barclays can demand it back???
  4. Name of Bank Barclays Claim number 7QZ05084 Username rhoodnotts Total claimed £909.04 Date of claim (YYYY-MM-DD) 2006-12-21 original letter 2007-06-25 Court Hearing Concluded (Y/N) Yes!
  5. Hi, Barclays have finally settled in full and the funds are cleared in my account. Thank you all for your help and support, especially The_Phoenix! 5% on its way!!! Regards rhoodnotts
  6. Allocation hearing These types of hearings are primarily to decide upon which track your claim will be allocated to, so your main objective would be to argue for allocation to the small claims track. Other matters could also be decided such as directions, and the judge may attempt to narrow the issues in dispute. So the most important thing is to argue that my cliam should be heard in the Small Claims Court?
  7. Where can I find a list of what I need to prepare for an Allocation hearing in just over 3 weeks time on 25 Jun
  8. Hi Bookwork, I've been looking at the Lloyds thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general/90826-district-court-rules-punative.html where the Judge in Birmingham ruled for the Bank and have today sent a recorded delivery letter to my Barclays Branch in Kingston upon Thames requesting a copy of my original contract and I've copied a Witness statement which I will adapt, but I'm concerned about what everyone refers to as a Court 'bundle' presumably a lot of papers. 1. what should a bundle of papers consist of? 2. do I need just one, two or three copies of everything? Regards, rhoodnotts
  9. I have a Court Hearing (along with lots of other cases) on 25 June at Kingston (upon Thames) County Court, so I'm feeling I should start preparing, which is why it seems to me that getting a copy of my orgianl contract is a good place to start. Is this correct????
  10. Hi, How do I do a Subject Access Request (SAR) for my original Terms & Conditions, I've been with Barclays for about 40 years...
  11. Yesterday (Tue 15 May) evening I heard on Classic FM Newsround (18:30 to 19:00) that a District Court Judge somewhere in Northern England had ruled (and this was a first) that the Bank were entitled to levy charges as they do at present. There was something about as this was a District, as opposed to a County Court it did not set a precedent, but it sounds worrying to me, has anyone out there any further details?
  12. Thanks for your help, Bookworm. I have read the two threads through a couple of times and get the message loud and clear that it is crucial to turn up. Will I be able to claim for loss of wages? What should I do to prepare? zsazsa says they submitted their CMI sheet; what does CMI stand for and what is the importance of the sheet? I will phone the court tomorrow to clarify about the January date. I know you'll say that Barclays will probably settle before it gets to court, but I'd be very reassured if I could organise a buddy to come along in support, can this be arranged?
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