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  1. Thanks for the replies guys. I asked who the Solicitors were so that I could contact them myself. My manager did not tell me, saying she was unsure if she was supposed to. I stated that I did not want them to forward any details without me knowing who they were. However, I'm quite certain she did. I was told that credit reference agencies were allowed to request such information - but the a data controller should ensure they are who they claim to be. I'm no clearer on the matter and still quite annoyed. Arggggghhhhh!
  2. Hi All, I really need some help regarding employee privacy rights. I have been at my place of work for just short of 8 years and they have been very good to me through prolonged periods of illness. However, I received a call from one of the managers today to inform me that they had received a letter from a solicitors firm requesting information. She would not tell me who they were or what information they wanted other than my address, although she mentioned my income and telephone number. She was clearly uncomfortable in the situation and concluded that she was bound to reply with all the relevant information. I made it clear I would rather she didn't, however, I believe she has filled out the questionaire and returned it. Now - I do not want to start a war with my employers -as I said - they have been good to me and it is a small company, so ill feeling would be difficult to avoid. But I have no idea who this firm are, why they would be contacting my employer or even how - I have never given out any of my employment details to my recollection. Nor do I give my telephone number out to anyone but friends, family and my employer as I cannot abide nuisance calls - not even the bank have my number!!! I am concerned that there is something amiss as I have had my identity stolen in the past and suffered bank fraud - this was my main concern with anyone giving my details out to a company I do not know of, that have not contacted me and now have most of my very personal inormation. I would greatly appreciate any advice regarding my rights to privacy. I trust the information she refered to was on computer and so maybe the Data Protection Act is relevant. I could understand if it were a court or the Police - but surely not any old firm can ask for and be given my private information? HELP!
  3. I'm amazed how low they will stoop Macedonian! DS, I actually went into a branch and told HSBC over the phone several times of my condition. They told me I could consider a further loan (early in the year) or look elsewhere (CAB) for financial advice. Shock horror - lots of help. But I'm considering starting this claim with a recap letter and stressing my condition, pointing out their previous offer and so on. I really am trying to figure out which road is best travelled given the time delay of my entire claim! As I understood, the FOS was also in a state of shutdown on these matters until the test case had concluded! No?
  4. Thanks DS, I've just had a scan at Simon's story and will go through it properly bit by bit. I'm not on benefits. My workplace were great and kept me on throughout - however, due to my contract, I don't get paid - just their support and a job waiting for me. I had been back to work since diagnosed because I had improved and was fit to.......briefly. I survive financially through family and partner's support. Within the last year my credit score has plummeted and to make things worse - simply out of the blue.....HSBC wrote to inform me that my OD was to be revoked (I now have to pay £100 off the balance each month!!!). I hadn't been over my agreed limit and I had the min. required finances going through my account to pay rent! Within the last year they also revoked my CC.....I still have an active, up to date loan with them. I'm now getting dozens of missed calls from them from 8AM through to late evening as I rarely carry my phone anymore!! I'm not entirely sure how I could argue that my hardship was purely down to the charges........my head already hurts! I wonder how HSBC's credit score is holding up with all the recent CCJ's and bailiff visits! Really - I'm just trying to consider everything properly before approaching the beastly bank again!
  5. Hi Macedonian, more good advice to consider. When you say it's almost impossible to win a claim now - do you mean a charges claim or a hardship claim? I was uplifted by a TV article I saw this week which highlighted cases of success in recent weeks. It didn't refer to the stagnant court situation though, just a brief mention of the test case.
  6. Just out of curiosity.......what is the general opinion on the outcome of the test case?
  7. Thanks to both of you for such quick responses! I had seen the matter mentioned on Money Saving Expert and thought it may be worth a look at given that my local county court (Brentford) is placing the stay on cases. At the moment I have not got an active claim. I originally started my claim in January, followed the process using CAG's advice and templates. I was made an offer substantially lower than the amount I was claiming for and so did not accept the offer. However, I had been diagnosed with cancer last December and this ultimately interfered with the whole process and only now am I able to approach the matter again. So, this is why I was wondering if it would be a fruitless task for which I would only be met by a stay....of execution! I simply cannot afford to stump up court fees for little reason. Any suggestions are gratefully received..
  8. Hi All, I am interested if anyone has much knowledge in regards to a stay or suspensions of claims from being applied in cases where there are financial difficulties. I understand that these are known as hardship cases, but I'm not too familiar with them. I had a quick glance through examples of hardship that are likely to be considered and trust it would apply to me. However, other than the template for an application for removal of stay - I can't seem to find much info! Any help? Thanks
  9. So, anymore advice before the ink hits the paper guys? Beggng and pleading aside!
  10. Well, hopefully!!! That's the plan, as little stress as possible!
  11. Hi Pete, Thanks for your advice again! Think it would have been best to keep my thread seperate....but it's been mashed together!!! Anyway, I've not started a schedule for my CC with HSBC, because oddly enough they have never added any cherges other than interest...no penalty fees at all when I missed payments & I've never been over my limit on it! I'm going to draft my new letter to HSBC on Monday, after I've done my homework....slowly but surely. Thanks all!
  12. Hi Pinkdutchess, I received a lot of great help last time and knew I'd be in good company coming back for guidance. Thanks for your support, it's all needed and well received!
  13. Hi Rayne, Thanks for the reply and your support. I think that's the route I'll take, but I'm going to read around a little more and wait a couple of days for any additional advice before I send the letter, just so I know where I am. I'll let you know how the draft goes! Fingers crossed!
  14. Hi To All, I started a claim initially back in March. I sent my prelim and LBA with a full breakdown with each letter and sent them recorded delivery. I followed all the guidance from this (fantastic) website and used the template letters. Following my prelim, I received a standard 'we'll look into your complaint', after two weeks I sent my LBA to which I received an offer letter. My claim was for £3069, the offer was for £1681, explaining how I was clearly misguided, their charges being lawful and so on. One week later they sent another letter stating they had not heard from me and presumed the matter was closed. Now, to explain, the delay from sending my LBA and taking any court action AND the reason I didn't respond to their offer was, that of being seriously ill and in and out of hospital after major surgery in December and being diagnosed with cancer which obviously required treatment since. And only now am I well enough to be able to deal with this again. So, before I begin any new correspondance, I wanted to seek any advice you guys could offer. I was thinking I would send another LBA style letter acknowledging the offer and incorporating the 'response to settlement offer' letter. However, I recently learnt that my credit card with HSBC was defaulted and closed in September. They did not let me know at all, I was making a slightly reduced fixed fee each month after missing a couple of payments. Three days after my surgery HSBC insisted I go to a branch to discuss my account and had frozen my current account as a result until I did.....I hadn't even been discharged at this point and needed money for my prescriptions and food for when I was. So I was also wondering if I can now incorporate the 'removel of default' request into my claim for my current account, considering HSBC can link the two accounts when they see fit. Any advice you guys can offer will be very much appreciated and extremely valuable to me. As you can imagine finances have been very tight theses last 6 months. Thanks and good luck to all fellow fighters.
  15. I did miss payments (3 I think) and I don't think they actually added any extra charges in that time other than interest, so I can't really argue the defaults at any case. Unless maybe I argue that I only had the credit card as a result of being charged unlawfully on my regular account. TBH I just want to get my unlawful charges back and pay off my HSBC OD, CC and eventually, loan and get rid of them forever!!!!!! I still can't believe they never told me the account was closed since September and that had I not queried it today I may not have found out for months on end!!!! Such a circus!!!
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