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  1. The car doesn't exist anymore so I wasn't worried about the reg being on show. Edited. The signs around that area have changed , it's a new company 'enforcing' now. I've marked on picture 3 where I was parked. I submitted my DQ on 05/06/18 but haven't heard anything since. Is this normal? ticketphotos(1).pdf
  2. It's Smithy Lane, which is very close to there, it's the other side of the carpark. I have attached the pictures taken the day after the penalty notice. I have also included the penalty notice with the incorrect details. I was parked where there are no yellow lines in picture 3 ticketphotos.pdf
  3. I went with post 19 as my defence, your short as sweet one I still have these from the original appeal
  4. Bankfodder, just finishing typing now. How would you word it please? Defence submitted as per #19 Thank you all for your help.
  5. I will leave out paragraph 10. I'll keep and eye out for anymore responses and get it ready to send for 3pm. Thank you again Bankfodder, it's very much appreciated.
  6. I have added the last point as the signage was poor and only visible half way down the road. The spot I was parked in also had no yellow lines, most of the entry road does if that makes a difference? Should I leave that last point in? Thank you
  7. It's a road in the town centre behind a few shops. Cars are always parked there as the signs aren't visable unless you go quite a way down it. I found this out after I received the penalty notice. I took photos then too.
  8. Will do, thank you. I'm viewing it at the moment that I'll have to pay and if I don't it's a bonus. Rarely do I let others used my car now, not having this happen again.
  9. Ok, I'll have something in before 4pm. Hopefully dx will be along soon to advise. Thank you all for helping, very much appreciated
  10. Ok, hadn't realised it included the 6th. Will I need to provide photos at this point of poor signage and the error on the penalty notice?
  11. Notices to keeper were received, I don't remember if it was for all so i would assume I did for all. But they were ignored
  12. Yep, I've never admitted for those others. The appeal was for 2 reasons, 1, they got the make of my car wrong. 2, no clear signage
  13. I go away with work often, I didn't pick up the letter from the court until 23/04. I then acknowledged the claim with gave me until 09/05. My then few days away turned into a week. I've only even had correspondence with ukpc about 1 of the penalty notices, this one I appealed. I'm guessing by me appealing it admits to being the driver on that one occasion.
  14. Hi Bankfodder. I appealed just the one notice, I've had no discussion with then on any of the others. My calculations puts day 33 as tomorrow. Have I calculated wrong? Claim was acknowledged in time also
  15. ..claimform+additional POC [properly redacted - dx] claimform+additional POC.pdf
  16. I am running late on this one, I have to have my defence in by Wednesday. Name of the Claimant UK Parking Control Ltd claimants Solicitors: SCS Law Date of issue – 06/04/18 What is the claim for – the reason they have issued the claim? The claimant claims from the defendant the sum of £800 in respect of unpaid parking notices issued as a result of the defendant's breach of terms and conditions of parking at a site managed by the claimant. I will provide the defendant with seperate details particulars within 14 days after service of the claim form. What is the value of the claim? £800 Has the claim been issued by the Private parking Company or was the PCN assigned and it is the Debt purchaser who has issued the claim ? UK Parking Control Ltd Were you aware the account had been assigned – did you receive a Notice of Assignment? No There are 5 seperate notices that were issued. I knew nothing of the first 4, the 5th I did and I appealed as they got the make of my car wrong and the signage was poor. I heard nothing back and forgot about it. A few months later i received a letter from a DCA and i explaiined the situation, they said I missed my appeal time and I had to pay. I then ignored them. I wasn't the only one that used my car, others had access to it. I've attached pictures of the letters below. Apologies, no matter what I tried I couldn't get picture 4 the right way round. What do you suggest defence wise please? Thank you
  17. Wonga have come back and offered more in fees and interest than advised by the adjudicator. This happened on 28/11/16. I accepted the same day and the money arrived in my bank today Going to start the MyJar process his weekend.
  18. Should I mention Wonga to MyJar?
  19. The MyJar that has defaulted was at the same time as the Wonga loans the FOS has deemed unaffordable. Wonga had already written off an outstanding defaulted loan as 'unaffordable' a year or so ago. They agreed last month that another had been unaffordable but I wanted them all removed from my file which for me was more important than the money as my file is almost clean, it would've been spotless next year had MyJar not just added a default. I've tried so hard to clean it up, it felt like a kick in the teeth. I'm kind of enjoying the battle though.
  20. I only had the adjudicators decision on Wednesday and she's given them 7 days to respond. She found that 9 of my 16 loans were unaffordable. works out about £350 ish back. I was using both MyJar and Wonga at the same time. With MyJar I'm more concerned with getting the Default removed.
  21. The only thing that was there was my name I've just had the FOS side with me and request the interest back on a shed load of Wonga loans for irresponsible lending. Will this process be the same?
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