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  1. The car doesn't exist anymore so I wasn't worried about the reg being on show. Edited. The signs around that area have changed , it's a new company 'enforcing' now. I've marked on picture 3 where I was parked. I submitted my DQ on 05/06/18 but haven't heard anything since. Is this normal? ticketphotos(1).pdf
  2. It's Smithy Lane, which is very close to there, it's the other side of the carpark. I have attached the pictures taken the day after the penalty notice. I have also included the penalty notice with the incorrect details. I was parked where there are no yellow lines in picture 3 ticketphotos.pdf
  3. I went with post 19 as my defence, your short as sweet one I still have these from the original appeal
  4. Bankfodder, just finishing typing now. How would you word it please? Defence submitted as per #19 Thank you all for your help.
  5. I will leave out paragraph 10. I'll keep and eye out for anymore responses and get it ready to send for 3pm. Thank you again Bankfodder, it's very much appreciated.
  6. I have added the last point as the signage was poor and only visible half way down the road. The spot I was parked in also had no yellow lines, most of the entry road does if that makes a difference? Should I leave that last point in? Thank you
  7. It's a road in the town centre behind a few shops. Cars are always parked there as the signs aren't visable unless you go quite a way down it. I found this out after I received the penalty notice. I took photos then too.
  8. Will do, thank you. I'm viewing it at the moment that I'll have to pay and if I don't it's a bonus. Rarely do I let others used my car now, not having this happen again.
  9. Ok, I'll have something in before 4pm. Hopefully dx will be along soon to advise. Thank you all for helping, very much appreciated
  10. Ok, hadn't realised it included the 6th. Will I need to provide photos at this point of poor signage and the error on the penalty notice?
  11. Notices to keeper were received, I don't remember if it was for all so i would assume I did for all. But they were ignored
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