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  1. I'm new to CAG but have today taken a bit of time to read through the usual blurb you get from your insurance companies, my particular one is Norwich Union, I have 3 with profit endowment policies that are no longer linked to a mortgage, I kept them running as a sort of savings plan, it now turns out that Norwich Union are planning to do a reattribution, has anyone any thoughts or past experience of other Insurance companies doing the same? - Also what does this mean for policy holders - The letters talk about some form of payment / bonus for policy holders that give up their rights to a future payout from the inherited estate??? - Sounds to me like they are planning to buy Policy holders out of cashing in on a future windfall? - Am I way off the mark?
  2. Hi John, I have only recently read the information sent to me by Norwich Union and don't really understand in full the implications of agreeing to the lump sum or bonus they may or may not offer for me to withdraw my rights. Have you any other advice to give on the subject? - Many thanks
  3. Just a quick Hello to everyone, I have just joined and look forward to chatting with you all. Regards Mark
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