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  1. Hello folks - just thought you might like to know that we went to Croydon court with the Shabbey for our final hearing today. The Judge actually started the hearing with the word unfortunately and proceeded to tell us that her instructions were to stay all cases pending the result of the OFT test case. I fought based on the objection to stay provided on this site (amended to take into account the OFT test case) and managed to have the stay made finite, proceedings would be stayed until the determination of the test case or 1st March 2008. The judge refused to entertain any of the "In the alternative arguments" saying she did not have the power to enforce these. Good Luck to all of you out there - hope your courts haven't decided their ruling before you even set foot in the courtroom!!! Lolakahha xx
  2. HELP!!! I've left getting my court bundle together very late courtesy of screaming children with chickenpox (I know i know i shouldn't have but i have so there it is!!) - now I can't get into the Wiki to print off all the stuff I need - can anyone post the links to:- Statement of Evidence The Court Bundle zip file or pdf file? Really need help asap!! Thanks everyone
  3. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP Sorry to post this again but i'm really at the end of my tether - shabbey are saying there is nothing they can do for us until their system is fixed. SO we suffer due to their cock up! Or is this another bullying tactic - my court date is on the 8th August 2007 so we should definitely be on their radar by now! Any input grealy appreciated - surely they can't get away with just not allowing us access to our money? We've got 2 little girls (16 months and 3 years) to look after!! Thanks Charlotte
  4. Hi Pete Is the N1 the initial court action (forgive my ignorance! I used MCOL)? If it is you need to use the head office address Abbey National House, 2 Triton Square, Regent's Park, London, NW1 3AN Hope that helps! Charlotte
  5. Hi, Sorry slightly off the subject of charges for a moment - we're currently having huge problems with Abbey and have been since Wednesday this week. We have a balance of £x in our account, but abbey's systems are showing that we have a balance of £y - the difference between x and y is £700.00 in their favour!! We originally contacted them to inform them that the balance was incorrect and ask if they needed to investigate whether there had been fraudulent activity on the account. Apparently Abbey are upgrading their system and having big problems with it! We have a young family to feed and entertain, travelcards to buy, a bank holiday weekend looming large and no money because of Abbey's system cock up! After a total of 8 phone calls over 3 days we are no closer to accessing our money - so 2 questions:- 1) anyone else having this problem and 2) any advice on what terminology to use when speaking to abbey to make them realise we mean business - surely this is a breach of contract on their part? HELP!!! Thanks Charlotte
  6. Hi Adam, Nice to meet someone who's at about the same stage no probs for "butting in" all welcome, the more the merrier!! Good luck with your claim, i'll keep an eye on your progress!!
  7. Thanks Rooster - that's what my gut feeling was!! Do they get any black marks for being unable to get a simple name and date correct?
  8. Brilliant - thought it was standard but didn't want to fall into any carefully laid abbey traps!! LOL!!! Thanks for your fast reply - much appreciated!!
  9. Hi everyone - i have sent my prelim and LBA, submitted my claim via MCOL, shabbey have acknowledged and now sent me the following letter - in which incidentally, they spelt my name wrong, and dated the letter 4th March - I only submitted my claim on 22nd March 2007! "We are in the process of reviewing this claim and preparing our response. A defence will be filed in due course. In the meantime, we note that you have claimed the sum of £2,682.41 in respect of charges that you say have been made on your Abbey account. We appreciate that you may have previously forwarded details of your claim to our internal Complaints department however, we do not access to that information. To expedite the processing of your claim could you therefore please provide to us: (i) details of how you have calculated your claim by date and amount of each charge claimed;and (ii) details of how the interest is calculated, showing how interest is calculated by reference to each charge. As you will appreciate you will need to produce evidence to the court regarding these amounts, and this information should have been appended to your claim form when you filed your claim. we should be grateful if you would provide such details to us as soon as possible. It would also be helpful at this stage if you can provide e-mail and telephone contact details to us. We look forward to hearing from you" I assume it is reasonable to respond appropriately to this letter, providing AGAIN the s/s showing the charges and interest calculation? Don't want to be seen as being obstructive! Also, bit miffed at the bit where they say this should have been appended to the claim - I submitted to court the same day I submitted claim, no other way to do it if you use MCOL is there? Finally, i'm actually doing all of this on behalf of my fiance, he doesn't particularly want to deal with them over the phone, is it reasonable to withhold telephone numbers and request that all communication be written? Thanks so much for your help everyone!
  10. Thanks Karish, i'll get the letter off to them today.
  11. Hi Everyone, I'm sure you've probably come across this before so please excuse my ignorance! I have started claiming my bank charges from Abbey, I sent the original letter and received the bog standard we'll get back to you. I sent the LBA and received the same letter. After 14 days I commenced the court claim using MCOL, my claim was issued to Abbey on 22/3/2007. Today I have received a letter from Abbey dated 26th March 2007 saying that they are offering £300.00 (the claim now is for nearly £3K!) as a gesture of goodwill and are in the process of crediting this to my account. My question is how do I proceed? Do I write back to them refusing the £300 or accept the £300 as partial payment of the funds they owe and advise the court of this? Any help greatly appreciated! Many Thanks Andy
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