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  1. Hi All just an update from me on Welcome they have admitted wrong selling of PPI Insurance and have made an offer of over 4k yeehaa 8-)8-)8-) I have accepted and am waiting for them to pay it in to my account the letter says within 10 working days but we will see. Anyone got their refund yet how long did it take them ??
  2. anyway has does anyone know if there is a chance of taking them to court under the Extortionate credit ruling of the consumer credit act ???
  3. hi all called wf on tuesday said i wanted to vt my car they said someone would call me in 24hours from head office anyway got the call back the guy on the phone said i could vt the car but i would still owe them £3400 what the f~~~ is that about i said i wanted a week to think about it. As i said i have paid them £8400 already he said they dont take in to account the value of the car when i return it so i get nothing for it but still they can examine it and charge me for any damages or repairs on top of the £3400. Help what do i do vt the car then fight them about the £3400 or keep the car
  4. sorry every one is there a draft cca letter in templates or is it some form i have to pick up ???
  5. my payment date is last day of the month help ill try ringing them tomorrow see what they say about a reduced payment will let you no tomorrow nite what they said cheers falcon
  6. i wont have all the money this month for the installment should i call them and tell them i know they will say tough i shall offer them half the amount and send them a termination request see what happens i have never missed a payment before what can they do if i only pay half ????
  7. i dont no but as i have paid £2000 more than the termination point is that in my favour now i want to terminate ?????
  8. falcon i am a long distance lorry driver since i have had the car 23 months i have only done 10,000 miles and its still mint thanks for you advice from what i have read they are the lowest of the low and i want to take them up on it give them a hard time what ever it takes not just for me but for us all
  9. could i also argue that they only gave me £1 for my part exchange when at the time they were advertising £1000 guaranteed for your old vehicle have that in writing to the fact they only deducted £1 for other car ??? after read this thread i want there blood but i want to get out the poo first
  10. i have read the t/c and it says once i paid £6310.10 I could terminate i have paid £8470 so far it also says that if i terminate i am liable for half the amount payable on the agreement wich is £18,331 which would mean i would still owe them about £1000 but on the section that says £6310.10 it says i quote : You have a right to end this agreement .if you wish to do so,you should write to the person authorised to recieve your payments. We will then be entitled to the return of the goods and to half the total amount payable under this agreement,that is £6310.10 If you have already p
  11. thanks for your advice TANZARELLI do you think i should call my local office tomorrow log the call and get the ball rolling verbally ?? Also if i vt as i have paid nearly £2000 over the termination amount do you thinkthey will take car and go away or will they still try to get more ??
  12. have just dug out my agreement with unwelcome says they only gave me £1 for my part exchange vehicle what the hell. on policy schedule says purchase price £6,976 loan amount £10,415.77 on agreement says total amount payable £18,331 also says after i paid £6310.10 i can vt i have paid £8470 what do you think is the best action for me ????
  13. also does anyone no what will happen if i ask them for a vt as i am half way through my term do you think that might be a better option ??
  14. yeah i read them i called them cause as you can appreciate £385 is a big sum but they said they cant or wont reduce my payments even for 1 month so im thinking of just cancelling the dd i want to pay it but needs must and got to put family first at the moment but they didnt say what would happen if i didnt pay would they come for the car ?? If i didnt pay full amount ?? so can i not notify them now that my account is now in dispute with out the cca etc ??
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