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  1. Here you go Guys and Girls, This is what one of their staff quotes Loanfinder offers an independent loan brokerage service, set up to find the best loan that's available for you in the UK. We don't charge any upfront fees for our service. We set up our fee for a later date set by yourself, so we aim for you to receive a payout via a lender before making a payment for our service. If for any reason you haven't received a loan 5 working days before your payment date you just need to email us and we can reschedule the payment for you. Charlotte Schuller Customer Care Team
  2. Was this property Council/Housing Association owned or are you the owner, did you inform the council at the time that you no longer lived there at the time you moved out?? Properties exempt from council tax Some property is exempt from council tax altogether. It may be exempt for only a short period, for example, six months, or indefinitely. Properties which may be exempt include: property which is empty. This means it has to be unoccupied. The property also has to be substantially unfurnished. The exemption applies for a maximum of six months and the property has to be vacant for the whole of this period (although up to six weeks of occupation during the period is allowed)
  3. Merry Xmas to all that know me and who have helped me in the past.I have decided that it is time to finally leave CAG once and for all. I hope Admin that you can get together and appoint some more Mods,there are quite a few who deserve to be appointed, just read through your site threads,it won't take long to see who deserves the title of MOD,Curlyben certainly being one of them. SMF
  4. And what has the above got to do with the negative attitude i was shown whils't in Hereford
  5. Merseyside now,and he's stopped someone just de-hoofed the Reindeers
  6. Are all DCA doorstep collectors CRB checked??? I believe they all should be,after all you may have an ex con or even worse someone who is on the sex offenders register:mad:.
  7. The next time a DCA phone's you, stop them in their tracks and say can you answer me a question before we go any further. SMF.. what's black and goes click Dca ..I don't know SMF..Hangs up the phone. Works every time...
  8. Recently i spent a day in Hereford,being a Proud Welshman with an obvious welsh accent i was gob smacked with the looks and negative attitude that i received just because of my accent. I did think this must just be my mind playing games,but when i got home i did a bit of digging and came along this. BBC - Hereford and Worcester - About Herefordshire - Herefordshire in Wales?
  9. We won't ask you why,coz only smarties have the answer
  10. T'was the fright before Christmas, when all through my cave, Not a creature was stirring, Not even my slave. As I hung my fishnet stockings over the chimney with care I heard St. Nick say, *Leather Goddess, Your new whips are over there*. With a gleam in his eye, he slid down his pants Leather knew what to do she was taking no chance. As he climbed back up the chimney, and onto the roof, I heard whips cracking and a reindeer's tiny little hoof. As St. Nick climbed into his sleigh, I hear him say to me, * be naughty, dear Leather, and I'll be back right away!* As he flew off and on out of sight, Rudolph's nose and Santa's ass....... Both glowed quite bright!
  11. Well chick of course , what else could it possibly be.
  12. Not a rubber Duck,a rubber **** and it rhymes with nick:D
  13. twas the night before christmas, When all through the house, Not a creature was stiring, Not even a mouse, With mom at the whore house, And dad smoking grass, I just settled down, For a nice peace of ass, When out on the lawn, I heard such a clatter, I sprung to my feet, To see whats the matter, When out on the lawn, I saw a big d_ _k, I knew for a moment, It must be saint nick, He came down the chimney, Like a bat out of hell, I knew for a moment the fat fu_ _er had fell, He filled all our stockings, With pretzels and beer, And a big rubber d_ _k, For my brother the queer, He rose up the chimney with a thunderous fart, The son of a b_ _ch blew my chimney apart. SMF runs and hides from CAGBOT
  14. Wow the power of the pork sword , would you like some pepper Jo:lol:
  15. P1 you seem to be more concentrated on tax evasion (fair point),benefit cheats who work cash in hand are also commiting tax evasion,it ain't as if they go into the tax office with their money is it.
  16. So are you saying that benefit fraud isn't a serious matter..:o
  17. So what would be your answer to stop it:confused:
  18. I'm something else?? what am i please explain, and where in the title does it state debate. Now i'm sure you will give me answer to my above question of what else i am.
  19. Thread should be closed as DTTB has asked other members to comment on his posts via this thread, hence any future conversation would be confusing to what has already been posted,and would serve no purpose.
  20. No i'm setmefree, and why do you want me to go onto another thread @ a specific time to answer to you,and why have you asked others to give their opinions of your posts on the off topic thread. OH dear DTTB,Is this the only thread that you feel you can answer your questions on,and talking about questions you av still failed to answer mine:D
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