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  1. The payments I made on the account until I put it into dispute do show. Oh well, it was just a thought. Ill just have to make do with chasing them for my charges.
  2. Time to resurrect this thread! After sending LBA, I didnt get round to filing my claim with the court, so I'm going to start again with my first demand. I have also heard nothing from the DCA in regard to my request for the CCA, apart from a letter saying they were not provided with the CCA when the debt was transferred, and, more recently, a statement of account (which is what reminded me that I still havent finished with this people!) I also have a question about this: If the DCA didnt have the CCA from the start, are any amounts I paid to them refundable?
  3. Whoops, forgot I had already started a thread in relation to this debt. Am moving this over there.... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?345628-Topcat72-v-Citicards
  4. A while ago i went through all my debts and reclaimed PPI and charges and managed to wipe out all of it apart from one debt that was with a collection agency. With this one i wrote and asked them for a copy of the CCA under which they were enforcing the debt. They replied to say they do not have that document, and it was not provided to them when the debt was passed to them. I also issued a SAR to the original credit card company, and the returned documents included everything (not just statements but computer records as well). When I asked for a copy of the CCA they said they no longer had it. It has just occurred to me that as the DCA have never had a copy of the CCA, they have not been able to enforce depayment since they took over. Does this mean that I can request for all the money paid to the DCA to be refunded?
  5. have finally received a response from the FOS, and Barclaycard have offered to settle. it doesnt say the FOS have upheld my claim, and it doesnt say how much barclaycard are offering to settle. apparently i have to agree to the offer, then i will find out how much they are offering. im planning on accepting, and that will mean i have won every all of my claims for charges refunds and PPI refunds. and the help on here has been invaluable. thanks guys!
  6. Muppetry.Sheer muppetry. Citi appear to have passed my original complaint to Opus who have responded saying they dont hold any of my information. Which Citi already knows because Citi were the ones who responded to my SAR (eventually!!) and provided my statements. Citi appears to have sold the accounts to Opus in March 2010, whereas my account became inactive due to my financial issues in January 2008. Do I bother trying to find out why they did this, or should I just carry on and file as they are now outside the 14 days on the LBA?
  7. Still no response in relation to the charge claim, so LBA going off tomorrow.
  8. only had the standard "we are looking into it" response for the charges claim, but theyve agreed to pay my PPI in full!
  9. Well, have finally got my statements, and they go back to 2002. They have said they dont have my original application form and agreement, so have not included them in the docs they have provided. 1st Credit have not even been in touch in relation to the account being in dispute, and with this admission I dont think they have any chance of getting any money from me in the future! My question is, I am able to claim back my charges going all the way back to 2002? There is also a sizeable chunk of PPI and i will be making a seperate claim for that.
  10. 1st credit have replied, with a pile of statements. and a nice little surprise. a set of someone elses statements. i rang them to find out why they had sent me the statements and it turns out that it is in response to my CCA. they, apparently, send statements out and then wait for citi to provide the CCA. does anyone have any advice as to what i do with the other persons statements? my thought would be to send them to the other person with a covering letter explaining what has happened. any suggestions?
  11. after a phone call to Citis UK customer service department it turns out that not only did citi still have my original request, they also do still have my records. their excuse is that they are so snowed under they arent able to respond quickly enough to all the requests. she also told me that because i have moved address since my account was moved to a DCA i will have to provide proof of my new address, and they also werent happy with the blank postal order i sent them, so id need to provide a cheque made out to citifinancial, and they will return my postal order. im going to send them what they want, with a letter giving them 14 days to respond and provide my data, or i will be starting legal proceedings for non-compliance with my original SAR. but at least i know who im up against now!
  12. Have got a letter from Opus saying that they either didn't take the data in the first place, or if they did, they don't have it now. So it was back to Citi to find out whether my data was transferred or not. When I rang them and I given a number for Citi Financial who I'll ring tomorrow, as they keep office hours only Are there any legal limits on how long they have to keep the data for? I know they bang on about a 6 year limit, so assuming I have data from within that period, should i expect it to be held somewhere?
  13. my response would be to let them mark it! my credit record is screwed up enough as it is, one more entry wont make any difference
  14. Decided to ring them to find out why I hadnt heard anything from them, and it turns out they sold all their credit card business to Opus, even the accounts that had already been sent off to a DCA. I've sent a SAR to Opus and raised a complaint with Citi asking why they didnt return by postal order if they knew they didnt have my records. And as far as the DCA is concerned, they failed to respond in any way to a CCA request so theyve had the letter putting my account into dispute. Still havent heard anything but I expect I will once they realise i've also cancelled my direct debit.
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