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  1. I am about to post a claim against Barclays for a Business Account. Have just received the data re charges from Barclays, within the DPA limits. Can you confirm whether I use the same spreadsheets to calculate interest and charges, or are there different ones for Business accounts?
  2. I wrote the first letter to my bank questionning mortgage redepmption penalties, and they have responded that they do not believe that we have a case, and for our information, "we are not members of the Financial Services Ombudsman." Does this mean that we cannot pursue the case through the Ombudsman?
  3. Our (business) mortgage was fixed at 10.5% - it seemed like a good idea at the time, and when interest rates began to fall we found a considerably better offer at 5%, and therefore made enquiries about re-mortgaging. Our original mortgage was for £120,000 and we were quoted £20,000 in redemption fees. We queried this with our solicitor at the time, but were informed that this was the fee and it was not negotiable. As the rate was so much better, very reluctantly we took the deal. Our original contract specifies that we "may" be charged a redemption fee, dependent on the current
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