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  1. Hi coffee, just seen your post, all has been quiet for the last few weeks, I sent them a cca, stating that i needed one to pursue the court action and they sent one about 3 weeks later with a statement. Nothing back from them regarding the ppi claim, so its time up for that one now and I will be getting in touch with the fos to escalate the claim. I have filled the court poc out to the best of my ability, its 90% done, just needs a trained eye cast over it to add some bits and a fine tune, Then its off to court we go, They have had long enough now, obviously there hoping i will get tired and give up, They haven't even sent me a Christmas card you know !! tight git's.
  2. SAR first, get all your statements, see what you owe, see what charges there is, put all charges on a easy spreadsheet in the library which automatically adds interest and go from there, Like i mentioned before it may clear the balance or substantially reduce it in order for you to pay it off.
  3. can you remember signing one ? if they cant produce a signed CCA then the balance owing cannot be perused in a court of law, i.e. they cannot legally make you pay any of it, May be the next avenue to explore.
  4. SAR letter template. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/content.php?552-Data-Protection
  5. Just one letter but put BOTH account numbers on, there is a template letter in the library on here, Fill it out and delete what is not applicable, send a cheque or postal order for £10 and send it recorded delivery so you have a receipt and proof of postage and it has to be signed for. You will receive in approx 2-3 weeks all your statements from both accounts and any other computer correspondence they have on you, You wont receive your original signed credit agreement though, the one you signed in order to apply for the loan, that has to be obtained separate via a CCA request and another quid.
  6. do you think they might be charges on your account for late payment ? They will appear on your statement as " collection activity fee" Secondly, if you are just wanting to clear the balance then set-up a payment schedule with them and pay what you can afford monthly, NOT what they say you must pay. It might be worth sending them a SAR to get your statements, this will determine if there is any PPI on there as well.
  7. If you haven't paid since 2008, has blackhorse not bombarded you with letters stating how much you owe ? Has it been passed to dca ? It might be wise to send them a SAR , that will get you all your statements from both accounts you had with them, its a standard £10 fee. You may have quite a amount of charges added to the account over the years, when totalled up with interest may be enough to clear or substantially reduce the balance.
  8. Ok, just trying to find a suitable POC template, The credit card ones need a lot of work to make them fit, plus my inexperience , i dont want to put something in it that's wrong or irrelevant, Is there a link to a loan company poc anywhere, cant seem to find one. P.S , If it is a joint account is it both names on the poc as claimant ?
  9. 16 week limit is up in 2 weeks, i sent them a letter today replying to their rejection letter saying that the PPi was mis sold and i will forward the claim to the FOS in two weeks if it has not been repaid. as far as the charges reclaim, do you recommend going straight in with the N1 or a phone call to see if the LBA has been overlooked like my SAR.
  10. Am keeping a eye on your thread coffee, I received my sar no problem, but this was after i rang them and spoke to three people in there office and explained to them what a sar was, the third person had actually heard the term sar, wow.. progress... it arrived a few days after, but they have not acknowledged my lba letter yet, just wondering whether to ring and explain that to them. mmm ???
  11. Hi there, any luck with your SAR yet. They must be very busy in the complaints dept,
  12. Ok, received a letter from blackhorse saying they cant find any grounds that the ppi was mis sold, I spoke to FOS and they say send them a letter stating why i think it was mis sold as they still have 2 weeks to sort it. Also i never sent a spreadsheet stating how much i think they owe me, It was not mentioned on the FOS questionnaire. Anyway, the main thing now is I cant find what steps to take for the N1 for the separate charges reclaim, Is a N1 a court document ? Also, is there a step by step guide for this type of claim ? as i just rely on asking questions and the goodwill of caggers pointing me in the right direction.
  13. Hi, thanks for the replies. Im sure the PPI claim has about a 16 week time limit before it can be escalated, I will have a look around the threads to find out about the N1 and how to go about it.
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