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  1. just looked at my online credit report and it seems abbey have defualted our account.. after countless letters and them agreeing to wait till conclusion of our case they have now defualted me and the wife... what is the next step now... twice it has been handed back by the debt collectors cause they did not know the situation of our account and even apologised.. but it seems abbey are now just being unresonable... any help will be great....
  2. my judge said it is not upto us the understand all the legal jargon.. just what is important to us.... what the charges were and were they fair... the rest is just a referebce for the judge to see what has happened in the past... the most important things in the CB is ur statements add up and u present it well.... happy printing....
  3. just caught this link on bbc website.... BBC NEWS | Business | OFT may compromise on bank fees well well well... it seems the banbks have been playing sneaky sneaky with the OFT... is it the end for us all????
  4. great news.... if u need any help on the CB just pm me... here is the index i used... all the transcripts or articles can be found on this website... the rest is all ur paperwork INDEX The Claim: Timeline of Claim: Correspondence With Regards To Claim: Bank Statements: Schedule Of Charges: Interest Calculator: Statement Of Evidence: Terms and Conditions 1998 and 2007: Relevant Case Law To Penalty Charges: Early Day Motion From House Of Parliament: OFT Summary On Credit Cards: Transcript Of Interview With Peter McN
  5. it says at the bottom of your directions 14 days prior to the allocated hearing date , the claimaint and defendant shall file and serve : a)copies of all documents (including experts reports on which he /it intends to rely at the hearing. b) Any witness statements must be included in the documents filed and served.and: c) any copies of decided cases and other legal materials to be relied upon. this is what is described as a court bundle. now the one good thing is it is very unlikley , as it happened in my case, that abbey would not of sent a court bundle to the court. their reason
  6. well i am back and i am not any richer..... i will explain how the day went..... got to court nice and early and went to see the usher.... she told me it should only take 5 mins as all cases were bening now stayed. strange as i phoned yesterday and she said it was on a case by case scenario. then a young chap turned up and was pointed over to my direction. he turned out to be a barrister from abbey.... he sat down and said he was here to apply for a stay.. he started to explain that was a test case going on and all cases were being stayed ( really i must of missed that one LOL ). i asked
  7. the cheeky monkeys.... i am in the same boat as u... i have a case 2morrow and as of yet abbey have sent nothing.... hopefully the judge will see this and will look upon abbey with slight contempt... imagine if we just turned up and asked for a stay... would we get... i doubt it....
  8. just spoken to aldershot court due to my case being held tomorrow... as upto now nothing has been recieved by the courts from abbey... i also asked if there will be anyone else in court at the same time and the answer was NO!!!!!! v v v v v very nervous now... in a way i am glad cause i am the only one on the day against abbey.. so there will be no mass stay from them.. infact i doubt they will even turn up..... which i hope will mean i can put my case across one to one better then if it was a case of picking a number and waiting inline to talk... i have printed of some pointers and questions
  9. when u got ur AQ from the court did the covering letter state the date it had to be sent back by... under that it should have said " you must comlete the enclosed allocation questionnaire on or before XXXXX and return it with, where the claim is over £1500, the court fee of £100 to ( ur court) if the claim is for under £1500 dont worry.. give them a call and tell them... if it is over and it has not been stated on ur letter then tell them that aswell.....
  10. dont be disheartened james... keep ur side of the order and let abbey dig themselves a grave.....i spoke to my court today and was told if they had not recieved a stay by now then it would have to be on the day... if abbey have not sent anything in upto then then the judge will not look upon this lightly.... print off the argument for a stay to be denied and take it with u on the day.... u both have to agree to the stay unless the judge grants the stay of his own back... due to the backlog this would be unlikely.... abbey will turn up and state to the judge they have not kept their side of th
  11. just spoken to Aldershot & Farnham county court and they have recieved all my CB for my case next tuesday.... but the good news is they have not recieved nothing from abbey... their cut off date was 21st august...the lady at thye court said the case will go ahead and it is unlikely now i will have it stayed... abbey could try to have it stayed on the day but due to them not filling the CB it will most likely not be granted.... YIPEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! now what do i do on the day... i have printed off the paperwork incase they try to have it stayed but what do i do with regards to them not f
  12. well i have come back from my lovely holiday in cyprus and i was dreading coming back to a letter from abbey or the court saying there was a stay on the account.. but nothing... now the cut of date for the court bundle was the 21st august... i presume i should of recieved something from abbey, in the form of their court bundle???? so what now... court date is next next tuesday, 4th sept, and i have sent in everything on time. i have changed addresses and this has been updated by the courts and using track and trace it has been recieved by abbey. that was on the 1st august... so no excuses on t
  13. Finally i have completed the bundle... its been very stressfull...what to put in, where to put it and so on.... this is my list of contents... INDEX The Claim: Timeline of Claim: Correspondence With Regards To Claim: Bank Statements: Schedule Of Charges: Interest Calculator: Statement Of Evidence: Terms and Conditions 1998 and 2007: Relevant Case Law To Penalty Charges: Early Day Motion From House Of Parliament: OFT Summary On Credit Cards: Transcript Of Interview With Peter McNamara, Former Head Of Personal Banking At Lloyds TSB: Excerpt From Re
  14. still need help on my T & C... its the last bit and i am feeling a bit dumb. all other parts sorted ... what i need to know is what i need to include and why.... the furthest t & c is 1998 and i also have the present ones... what shall i be highlighting... its an area i am stuck..... in short i have understood everything but this....... i have read this site and others and they say that t & c r not really relavant as abbey have admitted a breach of contract.... so in short what shall i print off and what shall i include....
  15. * BUMP ** just finalising my court bundle but stuck on the T & C... my account was opened in '95 and the charges r from 2001-06.... now do i include all the t&c for the 6 years in full or just certain parts of them and do i only include just one t&c in full ( maybe the most recent one)
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