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  1. Hi I took out a loan with swift in 2007 and have taken it over five years. I have paid every payment faithfully but there was an eight month period where I missed a few payments. These payments were paid late and there was twice were the payment went two months before being paid. All payments were paid though. I have one payment left to be paid on my five year loan in a few days but I was sent a letter late last year to say I had late fees of about £1800 (with interest) on my account!!!!! I can't believe they get away with this! I complained to them and they sent me a letter to say they could drop about £300 of charges plus interest which still leave over £1000 to be paid. They gave me an eight week period but this has now expired. Any advice on where to go would be great. I can post more accurate figures if required. I am in Scotland so not sure if this will make me different under Scots law
  2. It might have, but I have never been to court or ever been summoned to court. I am not sure if they have gained some sort of action in the past, but not followed it through yet- should I find out? Yes, it's the family home for me, my wife, son, daughter and foster daughter Thanks for your reply, it's greatly appreciated
  3. Well, it was only a matter of time, but me and my wife are at out whits end and really need some advice. We bought our house in 1999 for £86,000 and soon fell into debt. About 5 years ago we remortgaged our house with GE Money over 30 years and our new mortgage was about £101,000 over 30 years. Over this whole time we have been in and out of arrears with them. To be fair to them, they have been very helpful and given us a lot of chances to pay the money back and we just keep mucking it up as we take on repayments we can never afford (well we can in the short term by robbing Peter to pay Paul, but it soon falls apart). We have built up £13,000 worth of arrears and my wife yesterday (after they were trying to contact us after failure of payment) and they say that they are in the process of getting ballifs to repocess our house. The women said even if we paid our agreed monthly payment of £1050, then that would not stop the action. She told us to contact Citizens advice. Ours is a drop in centre open Monday- Thursday so we are going in on Monday. I know they have added on at least £2500 interest, but this is the least of our worries to be honest. We stay in Scotland so will come under that legal action. At the moment, we are trying to think of ways of raising the arrears, but it would take about 6 months and mean selling our pocessions (but not really bothered as the house is priority). I think we could raise about £3k in the next month doing this. Can anyone give us short term/long term advice? How long does this process take? What happens if we managed to get the £13k together? Our credit rating will be bad, but we have even thought about a loan/credit card. We currently have a secured loan on our property which is about half way paid (over 5 years). We dont and never had a credit card. To be honest, things in our marriage are really strained and I am finding it hard to cope. I know anyway to avoid losing our house would help us, so any advice would be grateful.
  4. Over the years I have managed to build up £1000's of mortgage arrears and I am slowly paying them off. The main reason I am starting to be able to pay it off is because my mortgage payments are low just now and the mortgage company (GE Money) have been very, very patient with us! However, I am getting charged an arm and a leg for being over and I heard that getting a credit card would probably be cheaper as the interest rates are cheaper. This is all well if you have a good credit rating, but I dont. Is there anyway, I can get a credit card with a bad credit rating. I have never had one before so any advise would be greatly appreciated.
  5. It was only after being late in our last payment to Swift that I reliased how much these people were charging me for being late. Sadly over the last year I have been late with payments, but as of today, I have paid everyone. Here is a list of charges they have for me- 5 year loan starts on 6th March 2007. Payments all up to date until August 2008. 9th Nov 2007-£65- SG2/65 Letter Sent 12th Dec 2007 £65- SG2/65 Letter Sent 18th Jan 2008- £65- SG2/65 Letter Sent 6th Aug 2008- Returned Direct Debit- £188.52 (thats my monthly payment) 6th Aug 2008- £33- Admin Fee- R/D Auto Added 11th Aug 2008- £23- Arrears Charge R1 18th Aug 2008- £23- Request for info from mortgage 18th Aug 2008- £23- Arrears charge R2 22 Aug 2008- £12- RCD Info from 1st Mortgagee 22 Aug 2008- £24.01- Interest Adjustment 22 Aug 2008- £395- L&D Adjustment 22 Aug 2008- £395(credit)- L&D Adjustment 26 Aug 2008- £23- Arrears Charge R3 2 Sept 2008- £23- Arrears Charge R4 8 Sept 2008- £23- Arrears Charge R5 11 Sept 2008- £23- Arrears Charge C10 11 Sept 2008- £250- Default Charge 10 Oct 2008- £23- Arrears Charge R1 17 Oct 2008- £23- Request for Info from Mrtge 17 Oct- £23- Arrears Charge R2 22 Oct- £12- RCD info from 1st Mortgagee 24 Oct- £23- Arrears Charge R3 31 Oct- £23- Arrears Charge R4 6 Nov 2008- £23- Arrears Charge R5 11 Nov- £23 Arrears Charge C10 11 Nov- £110- Default Charge 10 Feb- £23- Arrears Charge R1 11 Feb- £23- Enclose S/O Mandate 11 Feb- £23 (credit)- Reversal of previous charge 11 May- £23- Arrears Charge R1 18 May-£23- Request for Info from mrtge 18 May- £23- Arrears Charge R2 18 May-£23- Request for Info from mrtge 18 May-£12- Attempted Borrower contact 22 May-£23- Request for Info from mrtge 26 May-£23 Arrears Charge R3 3 June-£12- RCD Info from 1st Mortgagee 10 June-£23-Arrears Charge R1 How can they get away with charging me so much? Especially the default charges of £250 and £110 and the amount of times they requested mortgage info in May. Having looked through these charges, do you have any advice? I still have until March 2012 to pay this loan off.
  6. I will try and see if I have an old letter lying about, if not then I will try and phone them. I will let you know how I get on, thanks for your help
  7. Thanks, I will try them at the start of the week and let you know how I get on.
  8. Thanks people. I am only 31 so it'll be a while before I retire haha, but it's always worth knowing. "You can get an estimate of your entitlements - and they should send you an annual statement. Contact the pensions agency and make sure they have your correct address and you will receive an annual statement of your estimated benefits." " I haven't received any info, but I have moved address in 99. How do I go about finding who to contact?
  9. Back in 99 we bought out current house and paid our mortgage and paid a seperate policy to Scottish Amicable to cover us paying off the house. After a few years we stopped paying this and eventually re-mortgaged. Is this money lost forever or have I missed out on claiming something back? Sorry for sounding stupid.
  10. I worked for the Job Centre a between 97-2000 and paid a pension in my wages. I know this is only pennies, but what will happen with this? Will I get a little money when I retire or is there someway of getting any of this back. Sorry if this sounds silly or greedy, I just want to cover all my bases incase I miss out on anything! PS.I'm not sure if this is the right area to post this in.
  11. I eventually got round to sending off both the prelim and LBA letters over the last few months and was getting round to taking it to the next stage when I got a letter last week that they didn't except responsibilty, but would pay me £1100 (looking to claim £2500), but if I cashed it, then I wouldn't take it further. I haven't take it to the court stage yet, but I received a chque for £1100 today with a letter saying, "Pleas find a cheque for £1100 in full and final settlement of our your complaint. I trust that this is satisfactory, but please contact customer relations on the above number if you require any further assistance," I am really skint and I am about to cash the cheque- will I not be able to continue my case for the the other £1400 odd if I cash this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. I heard from a friend that works with IF that one of the banks won a case against someone looking to claim back their bank charges and that they were no longer paying out. I have just sent off my second letter and I am now thinking twice about taking it to the courts- any advice would be great please.
  13. Not yet, but I will claim it if they dont give me what the figure I want after 14 days in the final letter.Many thanks for getting back to me.
  14. I sent the first letter(prelim) back about the 12th April and I have received the standard letter back saying "we are dealing with your complaint and it will take 8 weeks to solve,etc". I presume I send off the next letter after 14 days has expired? Also, I never added on the SAR cost and postage costs- can I add these in the second letter?
  15. Hi, Thanks for getting back to me. I phoned up the manager at AA and they said I was to go into the court and prove that the car wasn't mine- which I can do with the reg. documents, but I would still need to pay there fee's which is about £200! Do you have any links to consumer direct so I can talk to them? Another thing was that I am trying to find out if I have any money that hasnt been paid to them lying in a suspense account with my old bank. You will see from another thread that I am trying to claim back my bank charges and that my account has now been closed. I have had my bank account frozen a good few times and on a couple of occassions they have taken money, but they say this has only happened once! I also think I refused to sign a mandate to transfer them the money, but I didnt reliase that this wouldnt be paid to them. Both AA and my old bank say they cant find out if this money is sitting in a suspense account unless I can remember the date and amount it was for! How can I find out if this has ever happened to me?
  16. They sent a balliff out last week when I wasnt in and they put a letter through my door saying they had made an arrestment on the car in my drive. It's my parents car so I will need to sort this out. Are they allowed to do this without my consent? They added on a good few hundred pounds for doing as well!! Havent a clue were I go from here now!
  17. I am self employed so I am fine that way, its more the bank thing that is worrying me!
  18. Hi, Under a summary warant a sherriff officer can freeze your bank or take money off of your wages.I am getting my wages paid into my parents account,can they freeze this account,despite it not being mine??
  19. I just got this e-mail- " Dear Mrs x We refer to the correspondence below. The full balance of your Council Tax arrears is due and payable now." Please arrange to settle the £xxxx.xx by return." Help!!!
  20. Hi, I have been having a lot of problems with Sherrif officers, but in a shortened version, this debt is for Council Tax and I have been paying back over the years. Since October 2006 I have been paying £100 per frotnight, despite me not being to afford this. A few weeks ago I said I was sending them a S.A.R as I didnt know how much I owed and wasnt getting an appropriate details detailing how much I had paid or what expenses had been added.This is when they started being funny with me. They said I must fill out an income and expenditure form as laid down by the Summary Warrant. I sent it back detailing my income and expenditure and it clearly showed that I could not afford £200 per month and that I was offering £100 per month. I was a few days last week paying £100 (I was meant to pay on the Friday and they phoned on the Monday).They said our contract was now terminated and I said we didnt have a contract as I had made an offer of £100 per month and it was down to them to accept it. She tried to say they hadnt received the form, but I sent it by special delivery and I have proof that someone from their office signed for it. Anyway, she said she would need to talk get back to me. She phoned the next day and said that my offer of £100 per month was unacceptable and that the minimum they would take is £200 per month. I explained that I could not afford this and that it would make me go into further debt. I said I would agree to pay the £200 per month on the basis that I would be seeking legal action and they agreed to this over the phone. I thought I better get this in writing so I e-mailed them saying the same thing and they got back to me with this today- "Dear Mrs x We refer to your recent e-mails regarding the above account. The sums due are subject to a Summary Warrant and there is no instalment provision. The full balance is due and payable now. Your payment offer is not acceptable at this time." I e-mailed them back saying this, " Hi, You are therefor saying that the verbal agreement we had on the phone on Tuesday 27th March 2007 is no longer binding although at the time you accepted that I was seeking to take legal advice and that I have agreed to pay the proposed £200 per month that you was your offer (despite me not being able to afford this as laid out in the income and expenditure sheet) .Therefor you are terminating this contract with no valid reason?? I would like to know what your next proposed step as I am willing to pay off this debt at a very reasonable rate per month, yet your company is taking no steps to resolve this matter with myself." At the moment I am self employed so they cant take money off of my wages and I dont use my bank to get my wages in (I get them paid into my parents account- can they freeze there bank account??) so I really need to know what else they can do? I am starting to panic a bit as I still owe £3000+ and there is no way I can pay this.Please can anyone give me some advice? Here is the origional thread- http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt/67664-drowningindebt-alex-adamson.html
  21. This company is still acting funny with me. Anyway, I currently pay £100 every fortnight (which I cant afford) and this income and expenditure form I sent back to them, I listed everything and said I could only afford £100 per month (the sheet backed this up). I was a couple days late in paying them last week and they phoned up to that they would be taking further steps. I paid them £100 that day and they agreed to set up a new payment scheme, but they were looking for £200 per month. I explained that paying this would lead me to not paying other debtors and that it would lead me into further debt. They said I would need to pay them £200 per month despite this!! The question is, are they legally allowed to do this.ie. to put me into further debt with others given they are working on behalf of the government???
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