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  1. I have just seen this thread. Just last week I wanted to buy an email gift voucher from Next for my granddaughter and when I went onto the website I was told I would have to register for an account and given the option to either pay £3.75 for a catalogue or a similar amount for postage on my first order. As I had no intention of ever buying from their catalogue I chose the second option even then I was told that as a new customer I would have to pay upfront (this was what I had been expecting to do in the first place). The following day I got a phone call from Next saying they were checkin
  2. We live in the N-East England and my husband got a letter with this address on the back for an appointment at our local NHS hospital, so we assumed it must be where they centralize appointments. Why they send it from over 200 miles away for a hospital that we could walk to. This is probably why it takes over a month for the appointments to come.
  3. Is it possible to have the reply number in a darker colour?
  4. I got an email notification but when I looked into my inbox it was empty. This is the first private message in almost 3 years and I didn't get to see it!! I think the site team must be already onto it, and are removing them.
  5. The letter I got yesterday saying they could not remove my details also included a printout from the BT site showing all my details so they had done a search themselves and come up with my name, number and address so I went onto the BT site and asked to be removed. I have just had an email back from them asking me to confirm my phone number and BT account number so they can deal with it. The fact is that we haven't been with BT for about 15 years as we are with Virgin, and the phone book number has always been in my husband's name. I will send them the stop processing letter tomorrow.
  6. I saw my details last week (Name, address and phone number)on this site even though we have opted out of the full electoral roll. I sent in the form (CO1)for being taken off and had a reply yesterday saying that they cannot remove phone numbers as the core database OSIS just updates them daily. They say that the only way to get it taken off is through the phone provider. The thing is that my husbands name doesn't come up and the directory entry is in his name. I have never had an entry in my name so how can I have it taken off at source? We are also on the telephone preference list yet
  7. Try a program called Hotspot shield for anonymous browsing. It gives your IP address as somewhere in America. I only use it to access Pandora radio which is now barred for UK listeners, but it would also baffle any DCA's
  8. Thanks, will do this Should I also send it to DLC as they seem to be the ones passing the alleged debt around?
  9. This is just a continuation of a previous thread we thought was over and done with. To recap : In 1993 we returned a car under the 50% rule (even though we had paid a bit more. As far as we were concerned that was it and we never heard any more until 2001 when we got a letter from DLC saying we owed them £1200+. Included in the envelope was a letter from the original lender saying they had passed our account on the previous year. This was the first we had heard from them for over 8 years. My husband went to CAB and was told that even if there had been a debt it would have been statute barr
  10. Hi Becky My husband has been getting a lot of phone calls from JBDR which we haven't acknowledged. I have found on their website that they collect debts on behalf of debt purchase companies specialising in statute barred, so they might not have anything on you especially if you don't ring them back
  11. I have looked on their website and they only collect on behalf of debt purchase companies on a no-collection no-fee basis, specialising in statute barred debts. They obviously don't own the debt, so as long as we don't give them any identifying information they won't be able to write to us (hopefully). We are not unduly worried as we know there isn't a debt in the first place, but if it winds them up so be it.
  12. I enjoy just hanging up on them, especially when they ring back and leave messages, but with this new one we have never answered any of their questions so I suppose legally they can't do anything. It really seems to annoy them when they can't get what they want.
  13. Thanks to you all for your replies. We are not with BT so I don't know if refusing would work. Up until yesterday the calls could not be traced with 1471 as they came through a switchboard so we weren't sure who was calling. Now we know it is a DCA my husband will be getting TS involved again, although they were never very helpful they did get the letters and calls to stop for a year. The strange thing is that when the Aberdeen Angus woman from Ruthbridge used to ring before and I always hung up on her, she used to leave messages on the answer phone using my name and telling me more or
  14. If, when they ring again my husband refuses togive any details does this mean that they won't dare write to him. We had over a year of threatening letters from Ruthbridge and before that DLC. As I said before we gave the car back under the 50% rule in 1993 without any bother until 13 years later. We haven't moved or changed our phone number in all that time either. Trading Standards got involved a year ago and we haven't heard anything till these calls started coming. Has the "alleged" debt been sold on?
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