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  1. Hi all, suprise suprise, i actually recieved my statements from barclays on Friday totted up the charges since september 05, and it ammounts to .....£2485 gobsmacked wasnt the word !!! have gotanother account opened with different bank (just in case), so now i guess its where the real battle starts. Will keep you informed
  2. Feb 27th and still nothing from barclays....i think they may be on to me, parachute account being opened this week so let the fun begin in earnest!!!! quick calculation (with "commision" charges) just over 2k couldnt believe it was that much....cheeky b'stards. How can they charge you £35 for unpaid D/D THEN charge £30 commision on top? £65 a throw bit much aint it? Thought for the day...if money doesnt grow on tree's why do banks have branches?
  3. hi meshi, fairly new myself, but as your a LTD company you should have all your statements any way? if you are missing a few be SNEAKY and pretend(as i did) that you have accidently lost them and your accountant needs them to file your returns. this might cost you £5 or so but well worth it in the long run
  4. 2 days now still no response from barclays.....not quite true, they did send me another statement telling me that 3 d/d were not paid and they would be debiting my account to the tune of £105:00 PLUS £90: 00 commission.......bas***ds!!!!! will keep you all informed. P.S i was only overdrawn coz they charged me for the first unpaid d/d.....how unfair is that?
  5. letter asking for replacement statements hit barclays mat this morning....lets wait and see how helpful they want to be now i'm in credit lol. will keep you all informed of progress;)
  6. Hi all new to this but hey, what a great and informative site:D have been plagued by debt since starting up my new business, mostly caused by my "friendly" bank charging me at the most unreasonable times!! Have spent the last few days familarising myself with the site and gaining confidence to take the big boys on (Nightstars thread inspired me mostly) BIG thanks nightstar:) As i only need a few statements to complete my "set", i have asked my branch if they can supply them due to an accounting error on my side, sneaky i know but the rule books just flown out the window!! anyway what have i got to lose if they say no? i will post this tomorrow morning direct through their letter box and i will keep you all informed with my progress, and beg any and asll help that i KNOW i am going to require. cya all real soon Thought for the day.......if a schizofrenic threatens suicide, is it a hostage situation?
  7. Ok guys and galls, just written a letter to Barclays requesting copies of my statements going back 17 months:rolleyes: Lets see how quickly they fob me off!!!! will keep you informed of my progress and will donate 5% if i win Thanks for ther support and advise dont think i would have done it on my own:D
  8. big thanks to happydog shelty and michael.....good to know i'm not on my own:D
  9. Hi me again, new to this so please bear with me! If i request a total of all charges my bank has incured on me , can they refuse to give me that information, and if not how do i word the letter? thanks
  10. Hi i am trying to run a small business, and i am being crippled by bank charges even when i go overdrawn by as little as £1, can i try to get these charges refunded (being a business?)
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