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  1. I switched from NPOWER in December 2014 because of numerous problems and lack of response from December 2013. I made a complaint and NPower closed it without even responding to me or sending any letters or resolution. They are an utter disgrace I am still waiting for a final bill based on actual readings from December 2014 which so far they have point blank refused to give me. Have told them to take me to court because I have had enough of them ignoring me and contacting debt collection agencies instead. Absolute joke NPower!!!!
  2. I think one of the companies that I ended up with should be investigated. Was charged a check-in fee, administration fee and a credit search fee. With the one month rent and bond (which I do not object to) I ended up having to find £1250 before I even moved in!! The company was rubbish for the entire year I had the misfortunate of having to report to. I reported damp in July 2012 before I moved in and it wasnt sorted till February 2013. I reported condensation in the bathroom and was told to 'leave the window open' - IN WINTER???? When the one year tenancy was up, I was asked to provide another £120 to prepare the next years tenancy. With all the problems I had, I moved onto a different property. Having scrubbed and cleaned it from top to bottom, they then withheld half of the bond I had paid stating stupid reasons why. I will be taking this further as I am not the only one who has been conned by this company!!!
  3. Regarding Swinton Insurance. I had a policy that was fully paid up. My insurance changed to trades insurance due to setting up a business. Even though my insurance with Swinton was fully paid, they charged me £55 to cancel the policy. I couldnt set up the trade insurance without cancelling that one even though there was only 2 weeks left on the policy and I had paid ALL premiums in full. Any advice and is this allowed!! Thanks in advance!!
  4. I will try to scan it and attach. I laughed when they said it was nothing to do with the FOS. Why pay up now then when they have got involved. Only problem now is they have messed my finances up big time with a stupid payday loan company and need to resolve that now. It never rains but it pours!!! Go from one pile of crap to the next!!
  5. Well as soon as I got the FOS involved, I got my £79.99 back, only 3 and half months later with a stroppy letter from some guy saying it was nothing to do with the FOS!! Funny how they sorted it when the FOS got involved!!!
  6. I have sent a letter to the FSA but no reply as yet! Is the FOS the same thing or is this a different authority?? Getting fed up with SGE as they have messed me up big time! Thanks
  7. Just read the terms and conditions for SGELoans and Section 3 sub section 3.1.6 clearly states, no fee is applicable on payday loans (which is all they sorted for me despite telling me they could get the loan I wanted over 12 months) Also section 6 - termination! Also states if you cancel their premium service (didnt know they signed me up for it) I am entitled to the refund of £79.99 that I paid. Have an email confirming my refund has been approved. Terms and conditions say within 30 days. It has now been 70 days and now refund. Plus they have now messed up my credit as I am having to use payday loans to sort out my montly finances, which is taking £500 per month of me as I have to keep borrowing it back!!! Urgent help seriously needed as SGE Loans have screwed me over big time and are now ignoring my emails and they dont answer the phone (premium number)!!!
  8. Well I have issued a complaint to the FSA as the OFT said there was nothing they could do, surprise surprise!!! Also I still have not have the return of my £79.99 they took on 9th October 2012 despite an email on the same date saying they would repay it in 28 days. I have sent numerous emails to these people and have had no response except a phone call stating they could save me money on my electric and gas supplier AGAIN, even though I have issued complaint after complaint. Basically told them where to get off and they gave me their 'customer service' number which is a premium rate number where I was on hold for 1 hour and 10 minutes and still didnt get to speak to anyone!! HELP REQUIRED!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I contacted Watchdog too as I have now been waiting for a refund for over 60 days. I have also contact the national media, the FSA and trading standards (although I wouldnt bother with Trading Standards as they were not interested - they never are!!!)
  10. Update as of 41 days later!! Still no cheque, SGE have passed my bank account details onto a utilities company who set up a direct debit to my bank account and they have also changed my gas and electric to a company called first:utility!! How can a loan company possibly do this?? Spoke to first:utility and explained I did not authorise this switch and how did they get my bank details, was told they cannot cancel the switch over and that SGE have given them my bank details. Surprise surprise no £79.99 and no response to emails now. Contact West Yorkshire Trading Standards but I have received no response. Any help/advice would be appreciated.
  11. Below is the response I have just had from SGE Loans regarding my refund that has now been 34 days and still nothing. Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2012 12:05:38 +0000 Subject: Re: REFERENCE ****** From: [email protected] To: *********************************** Good afternoon, As stated previously, we are experiencing a slight backlog which has caused some customers to experience a delay in receiving their cheque. We are working hard to rectify this and your refund is being treated as a priority. Rest assured our refunds and payments coordinator will issue your refund as soon as possible. On 12 November 2012 09:18, wrote: Can you please tell me why I still have not received my £79.99 back? You have my bank details to which you can refund the money straight in. I was told 28 days but it has now been more than this. I need this refund ASAP. I received an email on 9th October saying my refund had been approved and to allow 28 days. It has now been 34 days and I have received nothing. Please issue a refund to my bank account immediately.
  12. Just read their terms and conditions and it says and I quote section 3.1.6 - We do not charge any fee for the service of brokering short term (or payday) loands where the repayment term does not exceed one month, car finance agreements or home collected credit cash loans - well guess what - I ended up with a £300 payday loan which I didnt want and still got charged £79.99 which I am fighting to get back but they are ignoring my emails. The last email I got was last Monday said they have a backlog of refunding 'cheques' at the moment. I dont want a cheque I want MY money paid back into MY bank account the same way they took it out in the first place. Who are these people governed by?? Surely there is some procedure to get these people to cease this practise.
  13. I hope they get a right grilling!! 30 odd days later, no refund of £79.99 what a surprise!!! in a right pickle now!!! These people should be named and shamed and made to pay back (+compensation/interest) on money they take without permission. Bet they are earning interest while it sits in their bank account. DISGRACEFUL!!!
  14. Have a major problem with these people. First they went through all the spiel saying that had got me a loan and I could have a payday loan until payday to tide me over. Well guess what the payday loan was no problem, but the other loan did not come off and am now stuck with a major financial problem especially after they took £79.99 out of my bank without telling me. 3 days to take the money but have been told it will take 28 days to refund it. This has now caused me a huge financial problem and I cannot see how I going to get out of the this one. Luckily the people at the tide-me-over payday loan were extremely helpful indeed. Steer clear of SGE Loans as they are not a very good company. Plus I am not being bombarded with texts, emails and telephone calls from loan companies. On another note, I had to keep calling this loan company until they finally admitted there would be no other loan, it is ridiculous.
  15. My deposit was taken off the insurances not the car!!
  16. Sorry, been nearly a year since I last posted on this thread. I am currently filing a court case against Direct Auto Finance and Yes Car Credit for mis-selling of PPI insurance on the grounds that it was sold on the basis of no insurance - no car. Also, the paperwork I received shows that the policy was cancelled on 05.11.2005 but DAF continued to threaten for the remaining payments of the full policy. Also I have since found out they added hidden commissions (which is another subject). But yes, I am claiming all my payments back from DAF with regards PPI and commissions and in total is comes to over £2500. Will keep you posted!!
  17. I received all my information from Direct Auto Finance and found they had charged me £3800 for insurances (including PPI) but only paid out £509 to the insurance company. They even cancelled the policy in 2005 and continued to charge me for the rest of the amount. I also found out they received a payment of £760 in secret commissions, which they never disclosed, from the insurance company involved. Now I have been argueing backwards and forwards with the company concerned for over 18 months and unfortunately now, it means I will be taking them to court to recover back the fraudulent money they took.
  18. The dirty thieving **** bank have put a £63 charge on my bank account for my account going £1 over. But the is not all. Since this 'credit crunch' the Halifax are running my account in such a strange manner. They keep withhold payments back so they can take them just before I get paid when the account is nearly empty so they can charge me. £168 in total so far (as well as the original £768 which is on hold). Had a right nightmare with them as when you call them, they dont want to know. If I could get another bank account I would, these are just modern day cowboys!!
  19. It is a shame we cant send letters to the bank saying 'we will not entertain your claim until the outcome of the court case'.
  20. I just checked my bank account and have been charged £35 for going £1 over and also a £28 unauthorised overdraft charge - FOR A £1??? Funny thing is, when I checked the bank yesterday it was still in credit, when I checked today it was £1 over and I have been charged. £63 charge for going £1 over which was replaced immediately as soon as it was spotted!!!!
  21. I have been trying to cancel my membership for 2 weeks. Tried emailing and was told I had to call. So I telephoned the number given and I cannot get through at all. So I have told them it they do not cancel my account I will get a solicitor to do it for me. I have tried calling at different times on different days for the last 2 weeks and no one answers the telephone. The emails they send just keep giving me the same number so I am unable to cancel my account and they are going to keep taking £5.99 (or so they think)!!!
  22. Had an insurance policy with Tesco to which I paid the full 12 payments. I then found a cheaper company and cancelled before they renewed mine. Tesco then decided to refund me a payment and then reported me to a debt collector asking for the last payment again. I contact both Tesco and the debt collector to ask why my last payment was refunded. I received no response from either of them. All I got was a letter from the debt collector saying pay up the £33 or it will cost you £150 through the court. I contacted the debt collector again stating I was entitled to an explaination as to why my last payment was refunded without claiming it or asking for it. I received a crappy letter about it was done in error. I told them this was not good enough, especially as you usually have to fight hammer and tongue to get a payout on a claim. I am tempted to take this to the FOS because I think this has been done vindictively because I also cancelled the pet insurance as it was a rip off. Any advice???
  23. I paid the last payment then cancelled before the renewal. Had nothing but hassle with Tesco so went elsewhere
  24. From November 06 to October 07 I had a home insurance policy with Tesco. It cost just over £33 per month. I paid 12 payments then cancelled the policy as Legal and General offered a cheaper one. When I cancelled it, Tesco sent back one payment (for some reason I have no idea, as we didn't make a claim). The next thing I know, we have a letter from Moorcroft Debt place saying we owe £33. Phoned them up and told them, we paid 12 payments and they refunded one so we want an explaination as to why the refund was made. Moorcroft said they would ask Tesco why they refunded the amount. Heard nothing. Got in from work today and now I am being threatened with court action and told I will have to pay another £128 on top of what I owe. It also says 'if you ignore this letter we will assume you are purposely ignoring the debt.' Funny as they have ignored all the phone calls we have made, and Tesco have refused to acknowledge why they have refunded the last payment. I am fuming. Every little helps?????? My Arse. They are completely unhelpful and are only concerned with taking your money, making mistakes and making the customer pay for their mistakes.
  25. Has anyone had an issue with misselling of PPI from YCC/DAF? I was bullied into obtaining it in the first place and it has now taken over 8 months to find out which company provided this 2 years after the car was returned. But now I have received some really interesting information on how much was actually paid by YCC for PPI. Has anyone else had this experience?
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