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  1. It should be editable too - I've just highlighted, copied and pasted some text from your post into a Micro$oft Word document and it went in as editable text.
  2. Thanks Stevo. I have nipped round to my uni to use a PC here and I can see the pictures now. I've copied the text into a word document so I can use it again. Do you think it would be worthwhile asking a mod to post my copyable text onto the bottom of Scotia's post to save people having to type it out every time?
  3. Just thought I'd let you guys know that I helped my mum with a claim against First Direct. She claimed around £1350 off them and got just over £1000 which she was happy with. She accepted that they had actually called her a few times to let her know that she was going to exceed her overdraft. I said she should have pursued them for the lot but she reckoned it was £1000 she didn't have and could really do with so she settled. It will keep the wolves from her door for a little while longer. From just one claim, she's got about as much as I'm going to get from five!
  4. Cheers Stevo. It's not that I can't find Scotia's thread, I can't see the embedded pictures because of the security settings on my work's computers. The Fun Police are afraid we might find/do something on the internet that makes us vaguely happy.
  5. Cheers Stevo, but I can't see Scotia's forms. I phoned the court and the lady there said that in Section 4 you put "The Pursuer claims from the Defender the sum of £XXX plus interest plus costs". I have sent MBNA's cheque back to them today.
  6. I've also just reported Halifax Card Services to the IC. I sent off for my bank statements and CC statements on the same date (9th Feb), received my bank statements within 8 weeks and still haven't got my CC statements.
  7. I've got their cheque now and I want to send it back - could somebody point me towards the template letter please? I've looked in the library but didn't see anything. I've printed off the court forms and am unsure what to put down as the reason for the claim. Do I put "unlawful bank charges" or what? I can't see the pictures of the court forms that are posted on the site and I'm guessing that the information I need is there!
  8. Story so far: 09/02/07 - DSAR sent 15/03/07 - Halifax replied, info will be provided in 21 working days 13/04/07 - 21 working days now over 30/04/07 - Complaint issued to Information Commissioner Halifax are really taking the pi$$ here - they've now had nearly 3 months to provide me with the information I requested and they've had my money since they cashed the cheque at the end of Feb. From the charges I could find, they owe me £180 back and I'm hopeful that the statements will reveal at least one more charge when they arrive.
  9. I finally received a response from MBNA today. It was their usual "our charges are fair", "you knew when you signed the agreement", but "in the interests of goodwill" ... they offered £120 against the £250 + interest I'm claiming. Well, they can get stuffed. I will be downloading the court forms and getting them to the Sheriff Court next week. Story so far: 09/02/07 - DSAR letter sent 16/03/07 - Data received & cheque returned (very kind of them) 19/03/07 - Request for Payment sent 12/04/07 - LBA sent 25/04/07 - Received offer of £120
  10. HBOS and Clydesdale both told me it's 40 days from when they cash your cheque. I thought it was from the date of your letter too, but I know that they are really far behind with all the requests. I sent my SAR on 9th February and still haven't had my statements from Halifax Credit Cards.
  11. Do keep us posted - especially if the SO has to go in and seize assets. I'm sure local and national press would be extremely interested if this is the case!
  12. They told me that they have 40 days after they cash your cheque to provide you with the data. Give them a call at their customer relations number and ask if they can push it through for you. I had mine within 2 weeks after I did this.
  13. Both the 10 and 14 days have come and gone, and still no reply from MBNA. I called them today and was told that a letter was "generated" on 30th March but I still haven't received it. Story so far: 09/02/07 - DSAR letter sent 16/03/07 - Data received & cheque returned (very kind of them) 19/03/07 - Request for Payment sent 12/04/07 - LBA sent This time, they are getting 14 days and that's all. The operator that I spoke to said that she had been helping out in their billing enquiries department and that they were working their way through all of the claims. MBNA are paying out the difference between the £12 and whatever the charge was. I say "No thanks!" to that. I want my £250 back, not the £118 that this would generate.
  14. The only thing I can suggest is that you read through your loan agreement carefully. Check to see if there is a clause that says the bank can demand repayment of your loan at any time. I think (but can't say for sure) that they can only demand repayment if you fail to keep to the terms of the agreement, for example if you miss payments. Without knowing the ins and outs of the contract you signed, I don't know if you're likely to get detailed advice on this one. Sorry.
  15. Personally, I'd be a bit wary of splitting after George's result. Also, be careful that RBS aren't offering the amount as full and final settlement.
  16. What an awful two days I've had with this saga! The car went into his local garage and they couldn't get the part so it has had to stay there until the part is delivered. I had to phone him to get his address as it's not on his website. He wanted to know why I needed his address and I'm a bad liar so I told him I wanted to write to him about the problems with the car. He kept going on about how he'd "given" me a warranty with the car (yeah, right - like I didn't pay for it as part of the deal) and how he was prepared to get the repairs done even though the warranty didn't cover them. I told him that the warranty had to be set to the side in our discussions as it was over and above my statutory rights. He completely threw his toys out the pram, told me to pick the car up from the garage, get it fixed myself and let my lawyer talk to his lawyer. Of course, the car was up on the ramp and stripped down with the offending part removed so there's no way I could take the car. Luckily, the guy at the garage worked his magic on the trader and he agreed to have the first fault rectified. I've now involved Trading Standards as I am not hopeful that this guy will pay me back the money for the diagnosis, or that he'll get the other fault(s) rectified. He's changed his trading name too which is a bit concerning. It looks like he's put the business in his son's name.
  17. I phoned them and told them that I'd already sent the cheque (which I had) and they raised another request for me. If you're happy to wait the 40 days then I'd just wait it out.
  18. I phoned the number here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/faqs-please-read-these/31052-contact-details-banks.html?garpg=16 You just phone and ask them for a list of all the charges they have made against your account. They'll charge you £5 for it and you should get it quicker than the DSAR info. I phoned them again today and got told that the 40 days starts from when they cash your cheque and not from when you send the letter. Absolute hogwash!
  19. The car's computer indicates that the car was actually sold to us with these faults so that will be difficult for him to disprove. As for the warranty, my husband was there when he said it covered everything but I don't know if the witness needs to be impartial or not. I know he said it covered everything because I said that they didn't usually cover starter motors and similar items, but he said that it definitely covered the lot. I found consumerdirect.gov.uk and sent them an email asking about my rights etc. They've advised me to write a Recorded Delivery letter to him stating that I want the car fully repaired within 14 days so I will do this tomorrow, despite the fact that he has arranged for it to go into a local garage for repair to one of the faults. I am not happy about what he has arranged, as the mechanic has already indicated to me that he is not confident that he can effect a full repair. The trader has also said that it will be tested insofar as the mechanic will drive it about to see if it has stopped cutting out. As this can be an intermittent fault, I don't see that this is a reasonable test of the repair. I can see me ending up in court with this barsteward.
  20. Try phoning their customer services department and you might get it quicker (or go into your branch). I called them to ask if they'd received my DSAR and the woman there said she'd request the details for me and I'd have them in 1-2 weeks instead of the 40 days. I can't find my file note at the moment so don't know exactly when that was. I sent my DSAR on 9th Feb and still haven't heard from HBOS, but they have cashed the cheque I sent.
  21. Story so far: 09/02/07 - DSAR letter sent 16/03/07 - Data received & cheque returned (very kind of them) 19/03/07 - Request for Payment sent I'm claiming £250 plus interest for that account and have given them 10 days to respond before I send my LBA. I received a note of charges on another account with them where they'd charged 2 x £12. Is it worth pursuing this £24? Has anyone else had any success in reclaiming £12 charges?
  22. George - I haven't got a Herald. Is there a link to your article online at all?
  23. I bought a car at the end of December, from a dealer whose forecourt is his driveway. He's a registered car dealer and generally deals with high end cars, but I bought a 5 year old Volvo from him. Part of the deal was that he got my old car and gave me a 12 month warranty on the Volvo. I asked him what would be covered under the warranty and he said "it covers everything". Hah! When I said that they didn't usually cover things like the starter motor he said "this one definitely covers everything". LIAR!!! Unfortunately, he didn't have any warranty books at the time and he wrote on my receipt that the warranty was to follow. Two weeks later, I phoned to ask what had happened to my warranty as I'd not received it. Two weeks further on from that, I still didn't have my document and I had to go back out to his house to get it. From day one, this car has been cutting out on me and it is getting steadily worse. After phoning him numerous times to try and get it sorted, I took it to a local garage and they found out that the warranty was very basic and covered practically nothing. I phoned him again and he arranged for me to take it to a garage that he deals with to get a computer diagnosis done. Lo and behold, his pet garage didn't have the right software and I had to take it to a Volvo dealer. I'm out of pocket £70 and don't know when this guy intends to pay me back! I phoned him the same day with the diagnosis and he said he'd speak to "his" garage and phone me back. As usual, I received no call and phoned him again the next day. He told me to phone his mate's garage and give the details. (I'd already given all the details to the dealer.) I spoke to the guy at the garage today and he thinks it will be difficult for him to fix, plus it will have to go to the Volvo dealer again to get run through another computer diagnosis. Once again, I phoned the dealer I bought the car from and expressed my displeasure at the length of time this is taking to sort out. We've now had the car nearly 3 months and it isn't just cutting out at junctions any more - now it is losing power when you drive up the street. I have to wait until Monday so he can speak to his mate at the garage again. I am royally pi$$ed off with all of this. He was aware of the fault when he sold it to us as we were sitting in the car with the engine idling and it cut out. He also sold it with a screw embedded in the tyre. He told us the tyre had just gone soft while it was sitting in his driveway so we'd only had the thing a few days and had to fork out £60 for a new tyre. What are my rights here? I have been complaining to this guy for nearly 3 months and got virtually nowhere. Should I get the car fixed by the Volvo garage and then take the barsteward to court for the money? He sold us a car with a potentially dangerous fault (could cause an accident if it cuts out and somebody runs into us), it had a damaged tyre and he mis-sold the warranty. What are my rights here? Can anyone help? Does it make a difference that I'm in Scotland?
  24. Well done DT!!! That's a helluva lot of money! Unfortunately, I have no idea what to do about your small claim. I don't know what I'd do in your position. It seem sunlikely that BOS will take the aggressive tactics that CB have done, but at the same time the court may still kick it out. I suppose it depends on whether you want to take the chance.
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