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  1. Thanks!!! So how do i cancel it?!!!!!! Halifax ......your next! (hope they dont take as long!)
  2. Well I recieved a letter from cap one today saying that they have refunded my claim in full to my card. They also owe me a further £100 which they say is being sent in the post by cheque! I have checked my card and it has a 0 balance now!!! Get in!!!!!!!!!!! They are telling me to contact MCOL now. What do i do?!! Thanks for all your support. Tel.!
  3. I will pm you! Im confused! Cheers Tel
  4. Bump! Hello Can someone please help I need to get this done ASAP!! UKAviator?? TeL
  5. Hello all, Regarding the MCOL stage im a bit confused. When writing the particulars of the claim do i put in the daily rate.? Im getting confused about stating that im claiming the 8% and then it says to put the daily rate in multiplied by 0.22 - why is this ? Also do i work this out by adding the charges and the interest and multiplying this by the 0.22? If somebody could explain this to me i really would appreciate this greatly.- and do I have to do this in order to complete this correctly? Thanks all Tel.
  6. Thanks for your advice. Well I gave them ten days and have had no reply. Looks like it is MCOL time. At least i get to claim interest now!! OK then from reading the MCOL advice I need Cap 1s legal depts address - any ideas?? Also any up to date advice regarding MCOL to make sure I really nail it?? - I assume things are still going to plan with this?- getting nervous! Thanks for your replies Tel
  7. Hi, Thanks for the response. Ok so when using letter 4 which paragraph do i include as they have already put the part refund straight onto my account. Do i leave the bit in about the fact that they can take the money back from my account? - I find that a bit scary!!!! Also do i include the schedule yet again? I would really appreciate any resonse to this as i feel i am getting close now!!!!!!! Thanks for the help, Tel
  8. Hi all (again!), Well the 14th day after LBA was up today. Suprise suprise i recieved a letter frm Mr UDY . This was the usual one about paying the difference between £20 and £12 etc. Cap 1 have basically gone and refunded £160 straight to my card, out of a claim of £600. Ok then MCOL time isnt it? Also do i send them a letter accepting part payment or just go straight to MCOL without telling them??? Any advice re MCOL?? Cheers all Tel
  9. Thats ok then ! Im only claiming my overlimit and late charges plus 8% at court stage! Thank god for that i was getting confused which i dont need as this is my first time!! Thanks Tel.
  10. !! Im sorry but im totally confused now! I thought the mcol stage is what you do after lba stage - so why can i not do this??? Please ease my panic someone! Tel
  11. Hello, Well its about 10 days and had no reply so far to my LBA. I appreciate this is the normal way for cap 1. My only issue is -is that i did not send my LBA by registered post. Is this is a problem? Should I give them another 7days grace and resend my LBA by registered mail offering them another 7 days or just go straight to MCOL??? How easy is MCOL stage aand any advice?? Thanks for all your support on here , dont known what i would have done!!! Tel
  12. Yeah but how can i do an lba if i dont know what my charges are ?? im confused!!
  13. Hi, Well after just over 14 days after my prelim letter i got the standard response from Mr UDDY - stating they would look into the matter over the next four weeks! Ok I know its time to go straight to LBA. I dont yet add the 8% yet do I ? I guess I just use the template and delete the bit about overdraft and interest?? Thanks for replies in advance..... Tel
  14. Hi, So after fourty days i got a letter of halifax saying they will send statments within two weeks. Out of the goodness of my hart i waited an extra two weeks. Two weeks later they send the statments but only from march 2003 - not before. There was a phone number on the letter which i rang- it is now a taped message saying all statments will be sent in fourty days. Great. Any suggestions about my next move...... Cheers Tel
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