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  1. villafan, Thats what I said to my husband that will cover the time I have spent sitting on this computer reading up and doing bits. will leave it at final settlement as I think im happy with that. Good luck with your claim for costs and keep me posted.
  2. Well charleyfarley believe me I could do with a drink been in bed ill all week so this has certainly made me feel better. Would have loved to have had a drink with you all that have helped and supported me with claim just glad its over will wait until money is in bank before i let the court know sorry your not finished yet but fingers crossed your not far behind us.
  3. hi lady E, I had sent my bundle to abbey but not onto court as they didnt want it until the 6th June abbey had to send there bits to me by 14th May and then I was going to inform courts and send on bundle to them saying abbey had not repied to order. will let you know when I have received the money. keep me posted on your claim and good luck
  4. no was going to do it when they called but never mind they have over estimated the claim anyway as they have not taken off the £260.00 they have aready paid into my account. how much less is your for
  5. hi charleyfarley how you getting on foxy
  6. hi villafan, just read your post yes i have also received letter today in post the good news for me was they have overpaid me didnt take off the goodwill gesture they have already paid me so im going to say nothing and see what goes into my account.
  7. hi everybody, im a very happy girl today just had letter in post from inga kirkman saying they will settle with me in full cheque will be sent out or paid into account. thank god for that looks like I have won will inform the courts once money has gone into my account. :) the good news is they didnt take off the goodwill payment they had already paid me so £260.00 better off. thank you for the help everybody and keep me posted on how your getting on.
  8. hi villafan, Yes i know how you feel i have 3 children to run around after and run my own business so been busy time for me also. I have not sent off bundle to court as i need to advise them if abbey stick to the directions or not so cant do anything until the 14th May. Keep me posted. Foxy
  9. hi kia, Any news yet? me and charleyfarley are intrested to see if you have heard anything yet as we are waiting foxy
  10. hi foxyfiona, Well you have already heard how im getting on from charleyfarley bless him well we are waiting to hear now prepared the court bundle posted to abbey got to wait until 14th May to see if abbey reply then will post court one off to them as I will have to let them know if abbey stuck to the directions. I had lots of sleepless nights and running around after 3 children and trying to run my business was not very easy but hopefully it will be over soon. keep you posted. Foxy :) :) :)
  11. congratulations sam, enjoy the money dont spend it to quick. Im still awaiting abbeys responce to my bundle keep me posted on your costs etc and how its going. foxy
  12. hi villafan, No i didnt send a letter to them will wait until they contact me not sure when that may be? So when do you have to have your bits done by foxy
  13. hi charleyfarley, Have you done your bundle now? I sent mine of Monday registered post so we will see what happen now
  14. hi mariejader Great news really pleased for you i sent my bunde of to abbey yesterday so hopefully they will contact me soon. foxy
  15. kelly thanks for that bit of information. foxy
  16. no charleyfarley didnt have anything like that on mine. How you getting one with your bundle i posted mine today registered post so hopefully might hear back from them soon.
  17. Hi everybody, Bundle all done and ready to send to abbey god it took some time, and had couple of sleepless nights, anyway its done now so lets just see what happens Am just putting details together and will pin so that when I finally get a phone call from somebody I will be ready to talk settlement. I am going to ask for 35 hrs @ £9.25 for putting bundle etc together and £50.00 to cover cost of ink, paper postage etc. so with the court costs this will put my amount up to £1818.72 - £230.00 goodwill gesture they have already paid. total due £1588.72. Would I need to advise court that the amount has gone up or just leave it as I understand that on small claims you cannot claim for costs.
  18. charleyfarley, any news today then hun? Got my bundle (wont say bits). all done and will post over weekend so hopefully abbey will get them monday will cost some money to post. Foxy
  19. cheers charleyfarley, So is it a good match?
  20. hi This is the standard letter that abbey are sending out. I also had this weeks ago but nothing has come of it I have still had no contact other than court orders I am now at the directions order stage please take a look at my thread and see if you can get any help from that. Foxy
  21. hi Im also preparing my court bundle or just finished it should I say. Would it help if I email it over to you not sure if it would help you but would like to help if I can Foxy
  22. charleyfarley, cheers for that so who do you want to win liverpool or chelsea my kids all support liverpool so will have to watch it to i suppose. if you find out where it is let me know foxy
  23. noobrider, Not sure why you posted basic court bundle to me I have already done it going to post friday few weeks early but hopefully it will nudge abbey well i hope so anyway.
  24. hi mariejader, I also didnt receive copy of abbeys AQ so not sure if they put one in or not. Foxy
  25. hi looks like your the lucky ones and that it may speed up the process but some courts are still sending them out at a later date. It may be a idea to send in a letter and draft directions to the court anyway. Foxy
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