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  1. Ok, up date time Forget applying to GE Money, total waste of time and effort. However Loans.co.uk are different, they set up the loan for me through GE Money GE Money told me to contact them and they have folded easily, got my money back plus interest and without any issue. Well pleased and I didn't even have to try hard. [email protected] this is direct mail to them Shaokahn
  2. With the levy being put on the car it's not worth the hassle to fight them as my case with them is a bit too far advanced. If I had sorted it early like I should have done I would have given the bailiffs the flick for sure. I'm going to let this one ride as I will be paying it off soon anyway, I've still landed myself with Bailiff charges to pay all the same. Shaokahn
  3. I decided a run down to the Council offices was needed. I got there only to be told that they had moved all the collections to a central address and that I would have to ring them as they only had access to basic infomation which was read only. Fair enough I thought, so I went home and rang the number. I explained what was going on, only to be told your account had been transfered (along with thousands of others) to the Bailiffs for collection. I told them I didn't want to deal with the Bailiffs and would deal with them instead. Not going to happen she said, we are not going to make an exception for you or anyone else, your account is with them and you will pay them only not us. So I protested and she she said sorry and put the phone down on me! I rang back but she didn't want to know, deal with the Bailiffs like I told you she said. A phone call to the Bailiffs and I'm now set up to pay it back monthly, not what I wanted and somewhat defeated on this one, but I must say it goes against the grain with the Council official not wanting to know or help. Shaokahn
  4. Car is finance free, and sitting at the side of it is also a 15 year old car that is best part worthless, they haven't bothered with that one! thanks Shaokahn
  5. Am I right thinking that I have 5 days according to the Notice of Distress before they will act? If that being the case I have time to sort it with the Council and stop the Bailiff all together. Shaokahn
  6. Cars worth about £2000 and debt is about £750 now i've reduced it by £150 paying direct to the council. Then add on inflated charges of £24.50 and £52. Just checked their paper work again and that £52 is the Levy fee not the second visit as thought ,( can't read their writing) how do they justify that when they haven't even seen me yet or gained entry to the house? Can they call back and sieze or try to sieze the car at any time before I get to the council? Many thanks Shaokahn
  7. Today they left me A Notice of Distress for the car. Request to pay by installments which includes an income and expenditure form on the back Bank Giro payment slips They have not clamped or done anything to the car and I and the wife still intend to use it as normal, after all it is her car according to the Vehicle Registration Document Once I see the Council and sort out a payment plan will I have to dispute Rossendales fees direct to them or the council? Would it be best done after i've paid the Council tax or jump on The Bailiffs whilst the irons hot? Thanks for your help Shaokahn
  8. Last week the not so nice Baliff person from Rossendales called at the house and pushed through the letter box a Notice of Bailiffs Attendance for a Magistrates Liability Order/Warrant of Execution for unpaid council tax. The letter went on to state that the intention was to sieze goods etc to discharge the debt. It also went on to say that even at this late stage with an initial payment of £150 I can still pay by instalments, if I pay it to Rossendales. I wont go into too much detail but the tax for 2011/12 and 2012/13 was outstanding. A lump sum was taken from my redundancy money of approx £2000 by an attatchment of earnings and I've paid a further £1000 lump sum, leaving just under £1000 outstanding. I do now have a full time job again so will be able to make monthly payments on time. Although Rossendales want me to pay them direct I decided to pay the council via their website £150 today. My intention is to visit them in person at the council office Monday to sort out payment by £150 instalment till the debt is paid off (they did offer me this service when I last spoke to them on the phone). Not wanting the bailiff to enter the house I informed them by phone that I would not be available, that even if they did turn up they would not be let in and that I had paid £150 to the council direct . As expected the bailiffs attitude changed as I told them that I would be happy to contact them by mid next week to tell them what the Council have said. I also told them that the Council can't refuse to take my payments and I am intending to pay them only and not Rossendales. The bailiff has retaliated by visiting my home the very same day as the phone call was made, they give my son who was outside at the time, a letter containing a Notice of Distress saying they have siezed the car, although I will add the car belongs to my wife and is in her name on the V5C. The liability for the council tax is in my name only. At no time have I had a meeting with anyone from Rossendales, only a talk on the phone. the question is what next, can they take the car being as it's registered owner is my wife and not me. The have applied a first visit fee of £24.50 and a second visit fee of £52.00 even thought I said I would contact them mid next week They have given me 5 days from today to pay the distress. Can I argue the fact with the council that as i've paid recently almost £3000 that I have paid off the liability for the 2012/13 tax year which is what the Bailiifs are working on. Thanks for your help Shaokahn
  9. Sorry late getting back to you been busy of late. I've compiled a letter and sent it recorded and sighed for to GE Money, need to sit back on that one and see how much they intend to wiggle on it. Got a second bit of interest with them, I moved mortage from them back in 2007 and suspect that may have been coverd by ppi, I have an account number so I think a phone call or letter needs to go to find out if it had PPI. Got my credit report back and found out I had finished in 2007 a secured loan with First Plus, can't remember what I did with them so think questions need to be asked there too Looks like i'm going to be busy! Shaokahn
  10. Hello all Back in 2007 I approached loans.co.uk for a loan in joint names which was set up through I Group/GE Money which included PPI for myself only. We have just recieved a letter from GE Money reminding us that my PPI is due to expire soon and that I will need to go elsewhere if I want another PPI policy to cover the loan for the remaining 5 years. Also if I still need to claim under the policy I should contact Genworth Finance. I have all the original paper work so I guess we won't be needing to submit a SAR for this claim My question is, who do I contact to ask for the refund of my money? Do I send it to, Loans.co.uk, GE Money or Genworth Finance Also we had a mortgage that was paid up around 2007 with I Group should I send a SAR to them for that, as I'm pretty sure I would have had PPI with that mortgage too! Would it be best send a double SAR for us both or will it do just for me, as it was only me who had the PPI Thanks Shaokahn
  11. Thanks Scott The only thing I've had is a few letters and part of what they sent me is quoted above. Getting the money back was so easy it was unreal, and finalised on the phone, I mentioned the defaut removal at the time, and although they said would look into it, it never happened. The money was paid into the now closed account, minus what they said I owed. I removed the money and they promptly closed the account, my credit file says that the default has been settled. I spent quite a while last night looking over relevent threads on the site and I don't hold out much hope now of getting it removed Maybe I could be wrong though. Many thanks Shaokahn
  12. As part of the original request for the money back I requested in my letter the default againt me be removed from my credit file. To date this has not been done. I sent them a letter advising them that they still had to do this as per my original request, and they replied in a second letter the following. "With regards to the refund of the bank charges, Halifax was not legally obliged to refund the charges, however did so as a gesture of goodwill. We do not agree that the charges aplied to your account were unlawful. Halifax has a responsibility to advise the Credit Reference Agencies of account conduct. Unfortunately I cannot adhere to your request to remove the default as your credit file must show a true reflection of how your Halifax account has been run." It then goes on to say I need to contact the Financial Ombudsman Service if I'm still unhappy. So what now, is that it, do I stand defeated? Anyone able to offer advise on this one. Thanks in advance Shaokahn
  13. Mike Take it easy They have sent you a standard get lost letter,send them a reply in the form of a LBA, use the one in the library and doctor it as required I added onto mine the following:- Please note interest that I intend to claim for, should this claim go to court, is starting to grow considerably and has grown in excess of £***, and as such it would be advisable for you to settle up within the 14 day dead line I now impose on you. You will get a second polite get lost letter, ring them and offer a chance to settle before issuing a court claim,ask them to review your claim again, I gave them about 4-5 days due to work stopping me getting to court with the N1 papers. If you read my thread you will see they have offered a full refund without going to court and that having a rehersed story pays when talking direct to them on the phone. Talking to them direct is one way forward but you must stick to your guns, give time scales for them and be polite but firm good luck Shaokahn
  14. Well,well,well! Got a letter from Halifax offering half of what I am recovering, and if I'm not happy,I was to ring them, so I did. Done a deal with them, been offered all money back that I was claiming, plus money I owd them sorted. Maybe this was because the man saw reason and knew that they would have to pay out over £1100 in interest plus court fees. I did offer them the choice! Sending me letter in post to confirm offer and will be in account with the next 14 days. The N1 is still here in front of me filled in but I've been unable to submit it due to work stopping me getting to the court. You know what they say,it's good to talk, so do it, what have you got to loose Shaokahn :D
  15. Thanks for your advise SSL "Do you have the forms?" Not yet, I have the option of filling them in online and printing them off I believe, or I could nip over to the court and pick them up.Which is the best way of doing it? I take it is £250 in costs as it is over £5000 then. thanks Shaokahn
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