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  1. Hi, after hearing all the stuff in the news about banks being taken to court and no claims being prcoessed til the outcome - is it worth continuing? Thanks
  2. Ok, added up all my charges, comes to £2164!! Don't understand the interest bit so not gonna include that. There's a few charges that are £28 but I haven't been notified what it's for...any ideas? Do I send the preliminary letter to the same address I sent my statement request to?? Thanks!
  3. Got all my statements now - took them a while! Now just need to pull my finger out and list them all in a spreadsheet to send off!
  4. Got my Statements today, 35 days - so they managed it before the deadline! They've only sent me since May 2004 tho and I've been with the bank since 2000 so i'll give them another week and if the rest doesn't appear I'll give them a phone. So far it adds up to £1700 - would come in handy to clear my current overdraft! Fingers crossed!
  5. Sending off my SAR today recorded delivery, will be interesting to get my data back and see how much i've lost in charges over the years. Finger's crossed it doesn't get too bumpy!
  6. Hello, just new and trying to get my head round everything. It's all kinda scary but fingers crossed!
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