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  1. Hi I have a hearing with the parking adjudicator this Wednesday and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts or advice for me. The background is I received two PCN's for parking across a dropped footway, however, I did not find either PCN on my car - I only found out when I received two Notice to Owner's one month later. I represented to the council and this was rejected and I have subsequently appealed and have the hearing this week. I have no problem paying the £40 penalty for the first offence, but the fine is now £80 for each ticket. This week, I received the council's evidence which includes photo's of my car parked illegally. The photo of the first offence shows the parking ticket on the car, whilst the photo of the second day also only shows one ticket i.e. proving that the second ticket was removed from the car. The council have said that they cannot be held responsible for somebody else of the weather removing the ticket - although I am not sure why I should be. As for the PCN itself - the council have sent a copy with their evidence, after telling me that they do not retain copies! It has the date of the notice at the top and the code for the offence, so it looks like it was correctly issues. Does anyone know if I have any grounds for appeal? Can the council use the photo's evidence? As this just a case of my word against the council's will the adjudicator take their side? Any thoughts would be very welcome. Thanks Mike
  2. Hi I'm new to this site and am looking for some help. Before Christmas I received two Notice to Owners (NTO) for parking in front of a dropped footway - same offence on two consecutive days. This was the first that I heard of the offence as I did not receive a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) on my vehicle for either day. As a result of this the fine had doubled from £40 to £80. I have represented against the NTO but this has been rejected by the council. The council have said to me two things - firstly they are convinced that the PCN's were on my car due to a checklist completed by the traffic warden at that time, and secondly, they cannot provide me with copies of the original PCN. I have now appealed to a parking adjudicator and have a personal hearing in a few weeks time. I was wondering if anyone had had a similar experience or if anyone had any thoughts on whether I have valid grounds to make this appeal. Thanks Mike
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