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  1. Thanks you lot - for the encouragement and helping me over some sticky hurdles. Looking back it went pretty smoothly and pretty much as you said though I have to admit I was getting a wee bit nervous about going to court. Thanks Scott for taking a personal interest. You said we'd get to this point. I'd like to donate a few quid to the CAG to help them to keep on going with the encouragement and assistance. You're a decent bunch... don't ever sell out! A paypal address or destination for a cheque would be useful so if someone could give me some details that would be good. Good luck to all those with pending cases and hurry it up before the banks find some Minister or [problem] to help them to weasel out of it all - you know they will eventually.
  2. Its my court case next Tuesday (5th) or at least the preliminary hearing. This in the light of now two cases that have gone in the favour of the banks. Almost to underline the bank's aggressiveness, I got a letter this morning re-iterating their stance on their charges and that they are "fair and transparent". It's pretty depressing and a reminder of what looms next week ...... but wait....... what's this that has fluttered out from between the sheets of paper.... ? A cheque for £4000 and some pocket change. Well i'll be ......
  3. Bank are really turning up the pressure. Have formally requested repayment of overdraft and offered to turn it into a loan with a 16.9%apr interest rate. They're getting very, very aggressive. Now I see from yesterday a judge has ruled on the side of the bank saying their charges are perfectly legal. Is this the beginning of the end? Is the system going to hammer down us pesky little people so we know our place?
  4. Well I just got a letter from the Courts confirming that the claim will go via small claims track and that the judge wants a preliminary hearing at the beginning of June. I guess if you or anyone has any tips for the preliminary hearing, i'm all ears. Thanks H
  5. I have a hearing on June 5th. Is this your real name and can I quote KJ v Natwest as an example where the defence has been struck out?
  6. Little birdy tells me you got something to celebrate Scott... if its true, well done mate.
  7. Sorry, didn't see that. Thanks for the info.
  8. Just out of interest and sorry if i'm rambling but no one seems to want to talk to me all that much but it says on my Notice of Transfer of Proceedings; IT IS ORDERED THAT:- 1. The filing of an allocation questionaire be dispensed with in this case unless the District Judge at the court of transfer orders otherwise. ** **Please not that an allocation fee may be payable in this instance. Please contact the court of transfer for further details. Anybody seen that before. Thought everybody got an AQ.
  9. OK, so i'm doing the standard response to the CPR 18 stuff but what about pushing it. Surely if we can show that this is just the same tactic that is used over and over without NW ever doing other than settling out of court or get a judgement against them, it will force them to quit all this ****e and just pay up. ie, if I can give some example of others v Natwest and say "They did exactly the same to them and paid up in the end" it must totally invalidate their defence. This is just stalling. Any thoughts?
  10. Don't worry about pointers in fact... just finished reading CPR 18 sticky thread. It makes this letter even less scary than the small, white feather that just blew in through the open window. What a beautiful Sunday.
  11. Well they squeezed in their defence at the very last minute... its quite a big letter full of legalese. I guess i'm supposed to be scared. I've had scarier dinners to be honest. I guess from what i've read that this is standard. Para 1, 2 lots of "without prejudice" Para 3 give us the account number and charges applied Para 4 No admissions... repeating para 3 Para 5 some clown wrote this because it says the same as 3 and 4 Para 6 Defendent Pleads...... etc etc ...lots of bloat-text about contractual law Para 9 I can't plead until we get your bank account details and particulars Then another letter... NOTE - IMPORTANT This request is served pursuant to CPR Part 18 with regards to CPR Rule 27.2(3) then basically saying they're going to get it struck out if I don't provide them with details (bank account and list of individual charges). Then loads of stuff demanding which paragraphs from laws i'm quoting and loads more contract law stuff. Any comments would be appreciated... any pointers would be better.
  12. OK, thanks all. The website won't even let me ask for a judgement as it says its too early. Maybe i've got it wrong. Are the Issue date and the served date different? It doesn't say on the moneyclaim website. I'll leave it until next week anyway. I'm in no hurry. I've waited this long.
  13. Anyone know when I should ask for a judgement. Today was the last day though the website says they've not had long enough yet. You'd think a multibillion pound organisation would be able to get it together to get some paperwork to a court on time.
  14. Today is the last day available for Natwest to lodge a defence. Nothing in the post and nothing online. I assume this is a [problem] to drag it out a bit longer. I assume there are a whole host of other tricks the lawyers have to keep this dragging on and on. This is what really peeves people off about lawyers - its not about right or wrong, just tricks and sneaks. I presume that when I ask for a judgement, there will be further tricks and sneaks so they can drag it out hoping for a solution. Bet if it was them taking me to court, they'd have a judgement and the bailiffs in before you could say "inbred knucklehead".
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