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  1. Sorry YB, now sorted.see Natwest '07 restart under Hardship - MoneySavingExpert.com Forums Thanks BJ
  2. Yourbank, tried to post on MSE no joy, registered, I must have done something wrong, you can PM the link if you like. BJ
  3. Any clues anyone, i am looking at the template from the MSE site, does this work has anyone had any experience with reclaiming from Bank under hardship. BJ
  4. Thanks yourbank. Filled in but not filed was on my way today to Court. how does that work. Can you point me to a template letter.? or a good strategy.? Thanks BJ
  5. After a break I am now returning to the fray. My circumstances have changed and I now believe that I am eligible for hardship status, can prove many returns and reduced income.(struggling own business!!). I have downloaded N244 form and will file again. Is there a formatted letter to accompany the form or just file it as is? Any comments on my chances are/is there anyone out there who has had success? BJ
  6. Papa, DI = Demonstratable interest the stuff they charged you on the charges at the various rates at the various times, and the CI is the recompense interest for having your money and making money with it which you could not. BJ
  7. Cap One have decided to defend my N1 issued Claim!, they now have 28 days from the 5th/12. Did you claim DI and CI (you say CCI) which was it. BJ
  8. Egg still sticking to guns at £180.00 inc 8% interest. I now discover i was paying PPI (thank heavens the account is closed). I'm going to research this a little more, they still haven't send me my CCA. Time for a more formal request, as it was possibly miss sold as I was working for myself from 2004 onwards. Comments anyone. BJ
  9. Ask me after the 5th December they have until then ho ho! BJ
  10. Basi, No not necessarily, however if it goes to Court you need to have your argument in place, there is plenty more reading on the subject here on this web site under various contractural headings. In precis, and how I have gone about it is.... POC from web site amended to any particular issues you have with the CC. I am claiming 1. Charges 2. Interest the credit card company has charged you on those charges (demonstratable Interest - DI) at their applicable current rates, so you need to look at each statement, as this will change over time and is compounded. and 3. either Contractural Compound Interest un/authorised rate (again various thoughts on this) or S69(8%) as an alternative offer for the judge to decide on the POC. you need to give a brief argument for trying to charge them CCI. If you look at my MBNA thread, it's all discussed fairly well there, with some more knowledgeable others. I currently have one in Court awaiting a defence from CAP one, and MBNA and Capital one are going in next week, Egg are capitulating, but no DI or CCI only offering me 8% so I may take them to court as well. Hope this all helps, regards BJ
  11. Basi New POC at this link unless you've already done it. regards BJ http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/capital-one/117741-new-cap-1-poc.html
  12. UK, What other thread, can you link me to it here tried Pap's CP but can't see it DOH! S
  13. PM me and I'll send you Mindzai's it has an APR on the front page. BJ
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