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  1. Michael Browne, You're a star. Thanks a million. Just what I needed to read. S
  2. Bigem27, Doing N244 and need some help, what have you put for 'because' ? S
  3. Thanks Michael Browne. Not hugely helpful as it's specfic to an amendment but worth a look to check I had other bits OK. I'm going to try this text intend to apply for an order that the stay ordered on the 20th March 2007 before District Judge Singleton be removed. because the Defendant has already had ample opportunity to settle this claim yet has failed to enter into communication with the Claimant. Further, it is my belief that the test case referred to is likely to be settled before it reaches the Court for the reasons detailed in Part C. Comments, suggestions gratefully received. S
  4. Excellent plan Aqua2, anyone?? Also, does anyone know where I can find help completeing the form N244 found Bankfodders part C text which I have adapted to Barclays but am unsure how to complete part B. I'd like to put in the 'because' the reason as its mean but I'm sure I need to put something more legal sounding.
  5. Right behind you bigem27. Gloucester court tried this before last year but as the test case didn't materialise nothing came of it. More expense and more paperwork but we know we'll get there in the end. sob1
  6. Hi Dar3n Just catching up with your progress. My god they can't help themselves can they. What has to happen before they get their act together. I'm no longer their customer, they treated me appalling at the worst time possible so I ditched them as soon as I could. I'm pursuing my charges now as pay back for the misery they caused me when my father inconsiderately died unexpectedly causing me additional expenses and to go overdrawn. When I explained my circumstances they behaved worse not better and I never forgave them, hence now I will go to through to the end. Don't they say revenge is best served cold!! S
  7. Hi dar3n, Found a Bankfodder post on 'Application to have a stay removed' was hoping to do that and that would make it all better. What do you think? S
  8. bigem27, Snap. got mine today exactly the same text. Is it DJ Singleton in Gloucester by any chance? sob1
  9. Help anyone that can. Received court order today that my action is to be stayed until 20th May 2007. I don't think I want it to be delayed this long as I think I've waited long enough but I'm not sure if the judge is trying to help me by doing this. Full text of order below. Any suggestions? As you will see I'm on a tight deadline!! 'Before DISTRICT JUDGE SINGLETON sitting at Gloucester County Court. Upon both parties filing allocation questionnaires IT IS ORDERED THAT The action be stayed until 20th May 2007 or until further order on the basis that there is a possibility of a test case before a Higher Court within the next few months the result of which is likely to reduce the need and/or amount of litigation in these type of cases: the stay will afford the parties an opportunity to try and settle the matter without a court hearing. Liberty to apply to remove stay. Files to be referred back to the District Judge by 21st May 2007 This order was made on the District Judge's own initiative pursuant to CPR Part 23.8. If you object to the terms of the order you must make an application to the court to have it set aside, varied or stayed within 7 days of receiveing it pursuant to CPR Part 23.10. Dated'
  10. Will do! Have already done thread for Barclays will do success stories for other two later. S
  11. Congratulations (4 tomorrrow) just sent my AQ 2day so this day will be a long way off 4 me, but nice to see someone is getting their money back from Barclays.
  12. Just an update, received AQ today and have returned using the new strategy wording with a draft directions order. The Barclays defence seemed to imply they couldn't agree with refund as they don't know what account or who I am so have added schedule and account info to make it a bit easier for them. Time to prepare bundle and wait for court date. S
  13. Thanks Coyotes, you're right I closed my account with them recently not due to the unfair charges but because I was unhappy with their service. In their first offer letter to me they wrote the reference as my roll number and next to it wrote CLOSED and then went onto to say that if I didn't keep my account in good order they would close it. It wasn't much of a threat really! When they came to settlement letter they said they would transfer it into the account and again threatened closure. I've offered another banks details but unfortunately "they are not able to transfer funds into another banks account". Doesn't this seem strange to anyonelse considering they are a bank??
  14. Coyotesj, without searching have you had your pay out from Halifax as I think they're messing me about. I secured a judgement by default against them on the 13th Feb and still haven't received cheque, ......"it's in the post............ cashier lost request...... lost in the post........cancelled and in the post again......"
  15. Thanks Coyotesj I was beginning to think Iit was person because Halifax have been ignoring me as well.
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