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  1. I happened to be talking to my elderly parents (84 & 82) last week and they told me that Saga had quoted them £800 to renew their insurance. I was gobsmacked to say the least and did an insurance comparison and found them insurance for £350. Which they have now taken. Saga have aimed themselves at the elderly market for years now but has anyone else found them incredibly expensive? A neighbour of mine cancelled her contents insurance with them when her daughter found like for like insurance that was a third of the price. Are Saga deliberately targeting the old and infirm that can't get to a computer or don't understand that you can compare quotes. I think they may be relying on the fact that the elderly just renew their insurance and don't ask questions ...... Well I can tell you I will NEVER go with them and will not recommend them to anyone. Perhaps they should be investigated ........
  2. I don't know if this will help anyone but through having a new boiler installed we have had to call National Grid in to check the gas supply into the house - they recorded the gas coming in at '11' (bars, I think) and it should be 21. Therefore meter working overtime to get the gas into the house and therein lies the extra costs we've had. They replaced some parts on the gas meter. It might be worth spending the extra money have someone in the check the meters are working at their optimum level. I'm not sure if I have a claim against Southern Electric now (probably not!), but I will certainly talk to them about it. Hope this helps Oscark
  3. Hi whatsyourbeef - funnily enough we have just had a large bill from South Electric for our Gas. The house was empty at the time as we were redecorating it, but the bill was £108.13 for 5 weeks and we weren't living in there! And we don't have a gas cooker .... I am going to query it with them and also call British Gas to see what they would have charged me for the same units. When we moved in I called Southern Electric with the meter reading and also the meter was read before we had this bill, so I'm not sure I have a leg to stand on but it will be interesting to see what they say. I think they are ripping us off.
  4. OK, that's interesting, I'll have a look at it. Thank you for all your replies.
  5. Unfortunately we tried that over a year ago and they were prepared to take of £12 - which means that they are not removing any interest charges, which I think is wrong. thank you for replying though.
  6. Hi everyone About 4 years ago we took out a loan from Barclaycard of £12,000 over 5 years. We are now in a position to clear the remainder of this loan early, but when we enquired about the savings in paying it off early, it transpires that all the interest was added at the beginning of the loan - which took it up to £15,000 and that we would gain nothing by clearing it early. I think this is wrong and that Barclays should have been calculating the interest as the loan went along. Can anyone give me some advice on this please as to whether Barclays are allowed to do this or not? Thanks
  7. I'm calling 0845 600 6014 - is that the same as yours?
  8. Has anyone tried to call Abbey today - their phones are either engaged or you hang on forever. I think the lines have crashed!
  9. Dear all I had a court date on Weds 25th July at Kingston Upon Thames CC and on 19th July I came home to a letter from Abbey saying they were settling all of my claim and I would get the money in my account. I AM SOOOOOO HAPPY, I WAS SINGING FROM THE ROOFTOPS. :) :) However, I've still got to wait for the money to come into my account ... In the letter the Abbey asked me to write to the Court when the money was in my account to withdraw the claim. I called the Court today and they have received the letter from the Abbey. The Court were very helpful and suggested I ask the Judge for one month's adjournement to the case to give the Abbey one month to pay the money into my account. I have done this and faxed it to Abbey and to the Court. I must must say that I really could not have done this without the help of CAG. I was so low a couple of days before I got the letter and had burnt the midnight oil getting my papers together and without the support of people on here I might have withdrawn my application and not got my money back. Keep going everyone - it is so joyous when you get the letter - I'm going to frame it and put it in my loo!
  10. Has anyone else been asked to attend the Notice of Allocation Hearing with Other Cases at Kingston County Court on 25th July? I'm feeling as if I'm the only one, and could really do with some support - it's tough on your own. Oscark
  11. Hi Chrissy B I'm glad you got an answer on this because I too have a court date for 25th July and its a Notice of Allocation Hearing with Other Cases - it's not a Kingston County Court is it? I put a message up on my Abbey thread and I'm not sure they are getting up on the site as I hadn't seen them or got any reply. Last night I got really despondant and was about to give it all up as I felt I was on my own I am still going to put my court bundle together and also call Abbey to try and settle before it goes to court - needless to say I've heard nothing from them. Please let me know how you get on Oscark
  12. hi Brif I've got the same thing at Kingston County Court on Weds 25th July - I was told that I had to attend or risk strike out. How did you get on with the Abbey? Did you get your court bundle together or are you not going to bother? Thank you Oscark
  13. This morning, on doing more research I am able to answer this question myself, but thought I would let other people know of my finds. On the BBC Website, on the business pages there are articles regarding the banks now setting up mass hearings, due to the fact that the courts are being swamped. I think this applies to me. So I will continue to prepare my court bundles and will also look at including some of the articles from the BBC website as research and additional information.
  14. Finally and only because of work travel and committments etc I have managed to send off the AQ and received the AQ from the Shabbey. The Abbey have enclosed the basic draft order for Directions - as I did for them. However one point is that they have asked for the claim not to be heard before the 10th August - I have a court date of 25th July. My point and request for help is that I received the following from the Court yesterday .... "To the parties This case has been listed for an allocation hearing on Weds 25th July 2007 at 2pm at this court. This is because District Judge Gold who has considered the papers in the case has decided that such a hearing is necessary before a final decision about allocation of the case can be made. You are ordered to attend the hearing. This case has been listed with other cases on the same occasion because it appears to District Judge Gold that the main issues involved in all of them are the same or similar. District Judge Gold may on 25th July 2007 deal with the cases involving the same financial institution as defendant in one block (where more than one case) or, in the light of other considerations, deal with other cases together. This would be subject to any representations by any of the parties involved in such cases proposed to be dealt with together that he should do otherwise. District Judge Gold will wish to investigate whether any of the cases can be settled. He will also wish to determine (a) whether it is desirable and in the interests of justice for more than one case to be finally heard with other cases, and if so, which cases should be finally heard together; (b) what documents and factual and other evidence should be before the court on the final heargins; and © whether any case or cases should be tried as a 'test' case or cases subject to the interests of both sides and all other relevant matters and, if so, on what terms as to legal costs and otherwise. It is emphasises that there will be no final hearings on 25th July 2007 and so the court will not hear from any witnesses as to the facts of the cases on that occasion. The court will be giving directions for the final hearings which will take place on later dates. Note : if you fail to attend the hearing, the court may order you to pay the costs of the other party that does attend. Failure to pay those costs within the time stated may lead to your statement of case being struck out. The court may also make other orders relating to the case int he absence of a party who fails to attend. ' So - do I continue with my court bundle in preparation for this date. I think I am too late to send the CPR Part 18 Request. Is there anything else I can send to the Abbey to put the pressure on them - perhaps the Revised Particulars of Claim would help? I am sorry to ask this, but I haven't seen this particular Court order and how to respond to this on the forum. Many thanks
  15. I am looking for T & C's dating back to November 1991 from the Abbey. I am going to write to them requesting a copy - a copy will go in the court bundle, I doubt they will be able to supply this to me, but at least I tried, and then I will put in the T & C's that I collected from the Abbey recently. Unless anyone thinks this is not a good idea .........
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