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  1. Agreed. I understand about blind patriotism, but i'm sure you understand what i mean. All you hear youths of England do is mock the Monarchy because they dont understand it because they have no knowledge of it. Quite a few dont want to work because their relatives get everything for nothing from benefits and they intend being the same ( and before anyone says anything, i was on benefits years ago, but lost count of the amount of applications i sent off before i finally got myself out of the rut). I just believe that if the young are brought up correctly then they would have more pride for where they live.
  2. back in the forties you could have said comradeship, strength, power, friendly neighbourhoods etc. Now, errm. I am patriotic through and through. I love our Monarchy, i love my town and my country, but we don't emphasise it enough. My relatives fought in WWII and were proud of this country and so am i, but why isn't this instilled into us as children. In the USA, schoollchildren sing the Star spangled banner in assembly, and then grow up extremely proud of their country. Could you see our children doing this?? England. the place of beauty and wealth (for some).
  3. As a lifelong LFC supporter i spent years explaining to all that asked (or blamed) us about Hillsborough that the Reds fans had no reason to be blamed and that all they did on that fateful day was help their fellow fans. I attend Anfield every April for the memorial and when it finally became public knowledge that all we had said for years was actually the truth, i was so glad. Glad for my fellow fans but more so for the families. Please lets have the justice we deserve.
  4. RIP guys. This site was made special because of commitment from people like them, and there are many thousands of us out here that owe our thanks to them amongst others on here.
  5. I have all the original paperwork (that was given to me anyway), but obviously didn't intend sending it to them. I took photocopies of certain ones clearly showing my name , address car details, price i paid per month, what the ppi was etc, so there is more than enough proof. I can't understand why companies like this were allowed to get away with ripping people off and then years later still manage to fob people off until the very end. Their showroom assistants were very clever and very manipulative (something that i have not fallen for since), and i for one am glad the company has stopped trading. Thanks for your help folks.
  6. Hi dx, No i didn't do a speadsheet. The person replying to my communication asked me to download a questionnaire and complete it and return it to them with as much info as i could which i did. Baz
  7. It's been a long time folks since i've been on here, so hello all its great to be back. Now, down to business.... Through the FOS i got the current address for the company now handling all of Yes Car Credit information and also Direct Auto Finance stuff too. I emailed them and received a reply saying i had to download a questionnaire about my purchase of PPI when i brought the car (years ago). I have downloaded this, completed it and sent it off along with photocopies of paperwork from the day i purchased a car from YCC (back in 2003). I have since received a letter from them to acknowledge receipt of the paperwork i have sent them, but can anyone tell me what i can expect next, and do i actually have a chance of receiving any kind of a repayment from them, or am i just edging my bets and whistling into the wind > Any help would be great and very much appreciated.
  8. If only they got up and went to work. They wouldn't have time to go thieving cus they'd be too bloody knackered in an evening!!
  9. The lyrics that Julie Andrews used when she turned 79 in "these are a few of my favourite things". Couldn't help but laugh!
  10. Thanks Michael. It's not the first time it's happened. every time i start building a decent amount of posts up, i may have to stay off for a while and lose hundreds. I've been a platinum account holder more than once and lose it every time.
  11. From what my days as a security officer learn't me, you can only be accused of shoplifting when you have left the store, it doesn't matter where the the last cashier is. When you was searched, you should have either had a female security officer, or a female member of staff with you when the search was carried out. Was this the case ???
  12. Well, i thought all the stallions on here would have looked after my thread while i havent been on here. tut, tut, tut.
  13. Could someone explain why the number of my posts have dropped. I admit i don't get on as much as i would like to, but i do still like to drop in occassionaly, work permitting. At one time i had over 1500 posts, now i seem to only have 600+. WHY ? Baz
  14. If someone is suspended, but is still owed holiday pay, are they entitled to it ? Someone i know has been suspended from work on full pay, and it looks like they may be under suspension until into April, but at the moment they are owed two weeks holiday pay, BUT their holiday year runs from April to April, so what happens to their holiday pay ? Can they still claim it ? Any help appreciated. Baz
  15. Hi, i have put this into this here because i guess its a benefit basically paid into your wages when you're off sick, but if a mod needs to move it, then please feel free, but if you do, could you PM me so i know its been moved and where to. Thanks My partner was informed by our GP last week to rest at home for a week after she had trouble with her back. The GP advised her to fill in a self cert note ( which she got from the doctors surgery ) and hand it in. This she did. A few days later her Manager phoned and said that they do not accept self cert notes from the doctors and that she would have to fill in one of their own, but because of the delay, she had missed her time to " put it in" and therefore will not be getting any wages this friday coming. The company is not operating its own sick scheme ( an occupational one ), it is just the ordinary SSP scheme. what i would like help with if possible ( and i have looked on both Direct.gov and acas ) is........... 1-Isn't a Self cert note from the GP's surgery a legal document that an employer has to accept. 2- If it isn't, then whats the point of having them. 3-if the employer knew they couldnt accept them, why was it first accepted then refused, but why did it take them days to let her know, knowing that she would miss her wages cut off point. I'm not going into exactly what store she works for, but it is a major chain in the uk. I'm not talking about some little corner shop. Anyones help would be appreciated. Baz
  16. Charlies Angels!!!!! Never changes on here does it ? Hi ya folks, hope everyones well and feeling good. Baz
  17. Hi folks, just to join in the conversation.... I have just finished paying an overpayment back over the last three months. I received the initial letter ( overpayment was in 2004 ), last year. I then wrote back asking them why it had taken them five years to contact me, and yet on the letter, i was informed they wanted it repaid in ONE MONTH. I appealed against it ( twice, i believe ), but no dice, i still had to pay it. Shannon, if you do read this, can you please tell me how these mistakes happen. They send you forms every year. At the time ( i dont receive T/C's now ), i filled the forms in completely and sent my and my partners p60's and wage slips. I informed them each and every time i had a raise at work etc, and yet still, they overpay me and for some reason its MY fault. PLUS, why does it take them FIVE years to tell me. Plus after i made the last payment, i wrote to them asking for confirmation in writing that i now owe nothing. That was three weeks ago and guess what....i've heard nothing. This whole system seems to be as gain as the CSA system. I think the whole lot needs renewing. Baz
  18. Thanks for your replies. Sorry i havent been able to get back to you earlier but due to work etc i havent had time. I havent been able to actually pass on your comments regarding my questions, but i will as soon as possible and then as soon as i get any comments i will post them on here. Thanks, Baz
  19. Got a couple of questions on behalf of relatives. Dont know all the info but i'll explain what i know. They live in privately rented accomodation, and have been told that during the next couple of months, the property has got to have a lot of work done to it ie: electrical wiring, plumbing, there will be no heating etc. They have got to endure all of the upheavel while this is going on but once all of the work is complete, they have to move out, ( they have been told April ). Is this within the landlords rights, or is there ANY breach on his part of section 21. As it is, the shower and washing machine ( both owned by the landlord ) havent worked since at least the start of january, so as this is rented furnished accomodation, could they claim back part of their rent as they are obviously not getting a full service. All help will be very appreciated. Baz
  20. Can someone point me in the direction of the landlord section. It used to be on its own but now i can't find it. Baz
  21. I hope everyone had a nice Christmas, and are all looking forward to the New Year. Baz
  22. " MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR " to everyone. I hope you and your relatives all have a good time, and i hope the New Year brings everyone health, fortune and happiness. Have a good time, folks
  23. Excuse me, but why have my number of posts dropped from nearly two thousand to only 598. I know i dont get chance to get on here as often but i do still visit, both on the Bear Garden, ans also on the more important parts of the site. WHATS GOING ON !!!
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