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  1. it was credit card, load, overdraft, which they put into one load, can't remember wat they called it, hsbc were excepting payments, but now passed it on, we have two charging orders on property, with these asking for amount in full i think they too are going for charging order, i am sick with worry, i am at the moment trying to get another job in order to buy out my hubby, would i be allowed to do that do you know?
  2. my hubby has a dmp with payplan and has been making regular payments for 2 years, however hsbc have just contacted us to say that link have now taken over this debt, link have contacted us to state they are requesting the full amount, with a bit thrown on, looks like they are going for charging order on property, any help would be greatly appreciated, debt is 14,466.54
  3. seems to me that once thet apply for charging order they get we had dmp with payplan never missed and judge has allowed charging order on our property all we did was delay it by putting forward advice given, judge told us it just safeguard should we sell and leave country, also this was only my husbands debt so makes no difference if it jointly owned. We were told they have right to turn unsecured debt to secure, we have been assured we will not be made to sell property but this means nothing, as in my exprience they move the goalposts to suit themselves:-x
  4. received some correspondence from payplan not all we asked for mind, gonna get onto that today but there is a letter from february this year requesting re-determination, so looks like they have got it, becoming despondent now, looks inevitable they gonna get it,
  5. they seemed pretty sure this doc did exist, we have requested payplan to send all correspondence from A & L court case back to us so will update you when we receive them, either way it all just seemed like a formality to me that the charging order is going to go ahead, if this re-determination is in existence can they do that? how would i know a manufactured copy? would it be difficult for A & L to obtain one if indeed they do not have one now????? sooo many questions, :?
  6. to me it was just that the solicitor did not have the paperwork for the last court appearance nor did we. but they were both saying that it was a ccj requesting the full amount and that's why it is now broken, it all just seemed formality that the charging order is going to be granted, the judge kept reiterating that this is just insurance for the A & L, solicitor told us anybody has the right to turn a unsecured debt into a secure one where there is property concerned and nobody is planning to make us homeless it's just in case we sell, they get paid out, re-determination does not ring a bell, if you could explain to me what that is, maybe it will, (sorry to sound so stupid).... actually the second court hearing in liverpool (our area ) may have been a re-determinination??????
  7. hi everyone, been to court today, not really sure what happened there, i told the judge that i was of the opinion that a charging order could not be made until a ccj had been broken, the way i understood it as he explained it was we have broken the ccj as it was for full payment, he explained that the first court appearance was for monthly payments and that the second court appearance was to demand in full although we have never had a letter demanding full payment. any way the second court appearance docs, the slimy solicitor did not have, the judge was very condescending and kept on reminding us that the charge did not mean that we had to sell the property it was an insurance for the A & L, i told him we understood that but i was still under the impression that no ccj had been broken, the judge and solicitor had a sort of head and head and decided that the docs had to be produced, any way it ended up that it was adjourned for the A & L to produce the last court appearance letters, we have no correspondence as my husband has sent it off to payplan, we are waiting for them to contact us to request a copy. the slimy solicitor said to us as we were walking out that all we are doing is delaying the charging order at more cost to ourselves, hope someone can understand all this as i can't
  8. ahh thanks was beginning to lose hope there !!!!
  9. how can they do this if a ccj has to be broken first?:-?
  10. hsbc not taking him to court they have accepted payments from pay plan, insurance and charges total about £4,000-£5,000 from these, £2,349 in useless ins making debt £15,000
  11. thanks to all for advice i am going to sort out SAR, and will phone the court later on as i am just on dinner hour (not enough hours in day) will keep you posted thank you all once again for all your advice:p
  12. thanks it does but still dont like the idea of anyone having that hold on my home
  13. this all came to a head whe my husbands car broke down on christmas eve 2 years ago, as he is self employed he had no income coming in so fell behind with payments on loans and credit cards with it being holiday time the car was off the road for about three weeks the hsbc battered us for charges even though he phoned and explained situation they were of no help our joint account ended up around £600 in arrears. i knew nothing of this until they phoned me and told me my mortgage was due and there was no money in account to pay it with the help of family we sorted that account out it was then we contacted payplan over the level of debt he was in and entered the dmp. he has insurances on all his loans which to me are of no use to him as he is self employed (he cant sack himself or make himself redundant). eventually the hsbc rolled his loan and credit cards overdraught into one loan with reduced payments and a cost of course. we applied to remortgage the house as we have quite a lot of equity in it but got refused because of missed payments, so realyy we have had no change in circs
  14. does it matter that the date for the objection was the 8th of May, he is in court on 29th of May which is next week
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